Manning Deep Dive – Part  3

The Mannin/Manning Families in Carter County, Kentucky – 1870 Census 

One Name-One Place Study
Mannin(g)-Carter County, KY
Brown-Mannin(g) Line
Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.In Part 1 of this “ Manning Deep Dive” into my great-grandmother’s ancestors, I created a Kentucky Research Toolkit and verified what I think I know.

In Part 2 of my look at the Mannin(g)s of Carter County, I found five Mannin families of interest during the 1880 Census.

In Part 3, I’m looking at Mannin(g) families during the 1870 Census in Carter County, Kentucky.

1870 Census – Carter County – Mannin(g)

Carter County was created in 1838.

My third great-grandfather was enumerated as Enock Mannon rather than Enoch Mannin. So, I need to expand my research of the Mannin(g)s to include all of the alternate spellings – Mannan, Mannen, Mannin, Mannon, and Manning.

There were 6 Mannin families, which included 38 entries. They are as follows:

Family 1 – Precinct 4, Post Office: Grayson, Page 10 – Mannon – Lines 34-39

Mannon Family Age Relationship
Enock (Enoch) 48 Head
Manuroa (Minerva) 48 Known Wife
Meridith 19 Known Son
Mary 16 Known Daughter
Gazzeller (Gresella) 13 Known Daughter
Prudence 10 Known Daughter

Other Children:

    • Charlie died in 1850.
    • John William’s location in 1870 is unknown.
    • Isaac’s location in 1870 is unknown.
    • Nancy married Jessie Monroe Barnett in 1867.
    • Sarah Jane married Joseph Hatfield Bryant in 1869.

Enoch and Minerva are my 3rd great-grandparents—John William is my 2nd great-grandfather. 

Family 2 – Precinct 4, Post Office: Grayson, Page 11 – Tubil Mannan – Lines 1 to 9.

Mannan Family Age Relationship
Tubal 39 Head
Elizabeth 36 Known wife*
Mary 16 Inferred daughter
Martha 14 Inferred daughter
John 12 Known son
Vallandingham 8 Known son
James 6 Known son
Sarah 2 Known daughter

*  “Known” Relationships are based upon 1880 Census relationships.

Tubal was my 4th great uncle. He is the brother of Enoch Mannin.

Family 3 – Precinct 4, Post Office: Grayson, Page 14 – Martha Mannon – Lines 9-13

Mannon Family Age Relationship
Martha (née McGlothin) 33 Head
Artemisia (Artisma) 8 Apparent Daughter
Martin 7 Apparent Son
Lewis 4 Apparent Son
Rachel 2 Apparent Daughter

Martha’s husband, John, died on 20 June 1870. John is my 4th great uncle (brother of Enoch).

Family 4 – Precinct 4, Post Office: Grayson, Page 14 – James Mannon – Lines 14-19

Mannon Family Age Relationship
James 32 Head
Clarinda 28 Apparent wife
Rose 6 Apparent daughter
Elmus 4 Apparent son
Josephine 3 Apparent daughter
Lina 9/12 Apparent daughter

James Mannon (Mannin) is (probably) my half 1st cousin 5x removed. I believe his father is Tubal Mannin (b. 1800) and his grandmother Catherine Barnett (1782-1840). It appears that Catherine Barnett married two brothers, Meredith and John Bosel Mannin, Sr. (See follow-up below.)

Family 5 – Precinct 4, Post Office: Grayson, Page 14 – Meridith Mannon – Lines 20 to 24.

Mannon Family Age Relationship
Meridith 68 Head
Rhoda 14 Apparent granddaughter
Reuben 12 Apparent grandson
Elvina 10 Apparent granddaughter

This family entry is particularly confusing to me. I believe this is my 4th great-grandfather Meridith Mannin. Meridith’s wife, Rachel, died on 7 May 1870, so his being sans wife fits. The three children are the proper ages to be Meridith’s grandchildren.

Meredith & Rachel had 12 children. Their son, Rueben Calloway (1831-1859), died in 1870. In the 1870 Census, Precinct 3, Page 1, 67-year-old Meridith lives in the same household with Jane Richardson, her apparent husband, James, and three children, Rachel, James, and William. Also in the same family are 15-year-old Rubin and 13-year-old Evaline Tapp.

In Precinct 4, Page 14 is Meridith Mannin with 14-year-old Rhoda, 12-year-old Reubin, and ten-year-old Evaline. James and Sarah Richardson live next door with their three children, Rachel, James, & Willie. I have no doubt this is the same household enumerated twice – one with the surname Mannon and one with the surname Tapp for Meridith’s grandchildren, Rhoda, Reuben, and Evaline.

It isn’t clear to me who the mother of Reuben’s three children was. My records suggest Evaline Tapp was their mother. However, Reuben also (probably) had a wife named Sarah Shuts and may have had another wife, Louisa. See the follow-up below.

Family 6 – Precinct 4, Post Office: Grayson, Page 14 – James Mannon – Lines 14-19

Mannen Family Age Relationship
Thomas 43 Head
Rachel 31 Known wife*
Merideth 16
Sarah 13
John 11 Known son*
Samuel 9 Known son*
Mary 7 Known daughter*
Zackaria 5 Known son*

*  “Known” Relationships are based upon 1880 Census relationships.

Thomas is my 4th great uncle. He is the brother of Enoch Mannin.

Not found during the 1870 Census in Carter County.

During the 1880 Census, William C. and Martha E. Manning lived in Carter County. During the 1870 Census, they are found, with their son Alvin, in Callensville(?), Pendleton County, Kentucky, about 100 miles west of Grayson.

During the 1880 Census, Merideth A. Mannin was enumerated in Carter County. He would have been about 14 during the 1870 Census. I have not found him in any of the other Mannin families in Carter County.

My relationships with William C Mannin and Merideth A Mannin are unknown.

Further Research

    1. In Part 4, I’ll look at Mannan/Mannen/Mannin(g)s in the 1860 Census in Carter County, Kentucky.
    2. In Part 5, I’ll look at Mannan/Mannen/Mannin(g)s in the 1850 Census in Carter County
    3. It appears that Catherine Barnett married two brothers, Meredith and John Bosel Mannin, Sr. In Part 6, I research that connection closer.
    4. It appears that Reuben Calloway Mannin was married twice and had three children. Marriage information for him and Sarah Shuts, Evaline Tapp, and Louisa (LNU) isn’t clear. Also, the ages and surnames of the three children aren’t apparent either. Who is the mother of Reuben’s three children, Rhoda, Reuben, and Evaline? In Part 7, I’ll try to clarify these relationships and surnames.


Walter’s in the 1820 Census – Part 2

Census Sunday
Darling Research
Darling-Swayze-Walter Line
By Don Taylor

(See: Walter’s in the 1820 Census – Part 1)

Following families in the early census records is always tricky and following a woman through census records before 1840 is especially difficult. Margaret Ann (Swann) Walter is challenging.

Margaret died in New Salem, Fairfield County, Ohio, in 1826. The date she and her husband, James Walter, came to Ohio is still unknown, but I would presume it to have been before 1826. Several records suggest James and Margaret lived in Frederick County, Virginia, before they came to Ohio. So, I decided to try to find James, Margaret, or their children in Frederick County during the 1820 Census.

In 1820 I would expect the James Walter family to consist of:

    • James Walter Age 68
    • Wife: Margaret Age 60
    • Son: John > 16
    • Son: James C. Age 20
    • Son: Elkanah S. Age 31
    • Son: Martin Age 41
    • Elizabeth Age 23 – Married to Charles Stockard[i]
    • Catherine Age 26 – Married to David Swayze[ii]
    • Nancy Age 32 – Probably married to FNU Lewis

Walter – Frederick County, VA, in 1820

The 1820 Census for Frederick County, Virginia, lists one Walter as head of household. That was John Walter of Stephensburg.

I believe I found John Walter, the son of John Walter, in the 1830 Census in Fairfield County, Ohio. If so, he was 20 to 29 years old then and would have been 10 to 19 years old in 1820. The John Walters of Frederick County, Virginia, is unlikely to be the same person.

His household consisted of 10 individuals:

    • Male 26-44 1   John Walter
    • Male 10-15 1
    • Male < 10 2
    • Female 26-44 1
    • Female 10-15 1
    • Female < 10 4

I believe that John Walter, son of James and Margaret, would have been 16 in 1820, so this John can’t be him. The female 26-44 is most likely John Walter’s wife. Margaret Ann (Swann) Walter would have been 60 in 1820, so this record can’t include her.

Walters – Frederick County, VA, in 1820

I have found that occasionally a “Walter” is enumerated as a “Walters” in the Census. There were two Walters in the 1820 Census for Frederick County, Virginia.

John Walters, Age 26-44. Again the Wrong age.

Lawrence Walters is a male over 45, with a female in the household over 45. My records show a Lawrence Walter, born about 1755, the son of John and Ann (Parker) Walter. He died about 1833, so this could be him. This could be the brother of my James Walter. Learning more about this person may be helpful.


I have not found James and Margaret Walter in Frederick County, Virginia, during the 1820 Census.


[i] Charles Stockard died in November 1820 in Fairfield County, Ohio. He and Elizabeth were married in Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1815, so I’d expect them to be either in Fairfield County, Ohio, or Rockingham County, Virginia.

[ii] David Swayze and his wife Catherine have located to Fairfield County, Ohio, by the 1820 Census.

Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mayberry  in the Censuses

Census Sunday
Blanchard Project
Blanchard-Bodge-Mayberry Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mayberry Bodge died October 10, 1882, at 45, suggesting she was born in 1837 or 1838. Her marker indicates she was the “Dau. of Edward & Frances Mayberry.”[i] She married Albert Bodge in March 1867[ii] and divorced in 1880.

With that in mind, I expect to find Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie (Mayberry) Bodge in the census records between 1840 and 1880.


1880 Census[iii]

Lizzie and Albert divorced in January 1880. In the 1880 Census, I would expect Lizzie to be living with her children Albertha (aka Bertha or Berta) and Minnie Mabel.

The Frances Mayberry household in 1880 consisted of the following:

Name Age Relationship Occupation
Frances Mayberry 69   Widowed
Lizzie M Body [Bodge] 40 Daughter Divorced
Albertha A J Body [Bodge] 11 G-Daughter Attended School
Minnie M. Body [Bodge] 8 G-Daughter Attended School

All were born in Maine.

1870 Census[iv]

1870 – Windham, Cumberland, Maine.

The Albert S Bodge household in 1870 consisted of the following:

Name Age Occupation
Albert S 31 Teamster
Lizzie M 32  
Berta A 1  

Of note, Charles W Lane & family are reported as in dwelling 343 (family 439), and Albert & family is family 440 in the same dwelling. Albert has no real estate in this census.

1860 Census

I cannot find Edward, Frances, Mary, or George Mayberry in the 1860 Census. I will need to do a neighbor study to try to find them that way. 

1850 Census – Windham, Cumberland, Maine.[v]

The Edward Mayberry household in 1850 consisted of the following:

Name Age Occupation Real Estate Value
Edward 42 Farmer 1400
Francis 39    
Mary E 13 Attended School  
George K 7 Attended School  

All were born in Maine.

1840 Census

In 1840, I would expect Lizzie’s Family to consist of Edward Mayberry, Age 32, his wife Frances, age 29, and Lizzie, age 2. Lizzie was born in Windham, so I’d expect the family might be there. I found:

Edward Mayberry – Windham, Cumberland[vi]

  • Males 15 to 19            1          Unknown.
  • Males 30 to 39            1          Clearly Edward
  • Females < 5                 2          Probably Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie”, & an unknown
  • Females 20 to 29        1          Probably Frances

Employed in Agriculture         2

This family unit fulfills all my expectations; however, it includes two unknown people. The male 15 to 19 is too old to be a child of Edward or Frances. The second female under 5 is possibly a second daughter of Frances, that is otherwise unknown and who died before 1850.


  • Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” lived with her parents during the 1840 and 1850 Censuses.
  • I have not found her in the 1860 Census. She would have been about 22 years old and single.
  • She was with her husband, Albert S Bodge, during the 1870 Census.
  • She lived with her widowed mother during the 1880 Census. 


  1. Perform a review of the neighbors of Edward Mayberry in the 1850 and 1870 Censuses and try to find Edward, Frances, Mary, and George Mayberry in the 1860 Census.
  2. Review the Bodge family in the 1870 Census. Are they related to the Charles W Lane family?


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James Dallas Howell in the 1950 Census

Census Sunday
Howell Research
Howell Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.I’ve been finding it quite fun to find family members during the 1950 Census. Often, it contains information I knew part of but not all of the story.

For example, I knew grandparents, James Dallas & Mary (Hobbs) Howell, lived in Maryland in the 1950s. I didn’t realize that they were living with their daughter, Mary, and her husband, Don Wright, in what must have been a new home.

1950 Census[i]

The household lived at 1617 Belvedere Blvd. Silver Spring, Maryland, the 1,280 sq ft house was built in 1948.[ii]

The house has no alley, no garage, and no parking.

Name                   Age  Role             Born         Employed

Don O Wright       32      Head            Ohio         Manager, Standard Oil St.
Mary H Wright      24      Wife              NC
Helen E Wright     2       Daughter       Wash. DC
James D Howell    70      Father-in-law NC           Clerk, Reconstruction Fin
Mary H Howell      65      Mother-in-law   NC
Frank A Howell     34      Brother-in-law  NC         Electrician, Inter-office Com.

Mary was entered on Line 4, so additional sample data was collected from her that included:

    • In 1949 she lived in Washington D.C.
    • For education, she completed the 12th
    • She also served in the military during World War II and either before or after the war.[iii]


[i] 1950 Census for Wheaton, Montgomery, Maryland – ED 16-144, Sheet 2, Lines 3 thru 8. – Don Wright Head. Via Ancestry.Com.

[ii] Internet – Zillow entry for 1617 Belvedere.

[iii] This Census question was intended to be asked only of males over the age of 14. However, its answers are entered for Mary. I need to research further to learn if Mary served, or if Don served and Mary’s answers pertained to her husband.

Thomas Pankey & the Early Censuses

Howell Research
Howell-Pankey Line
Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Following families in the early census records is always tricky. Today, I am looking at the 1810 Census and Thomas (and Martha) Pankey of Cumberland County, Virginia.

From my other research, I believe the Thomas Armstrong Pankey household of 1810 should consist of the following:

    • Males
      • Thomas Age 46
      • FNU Male Age 20
      • Thomas Age 9 to 11
      • Francis Age 3
    • Females
      • Martha Age 46
      • FNU girl Age 22
      • Mary Age 15 to 18
      • Nancy Age 14 to 15
      • Elizabeth Age 5

1810 Census[i]

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10: 2            Francis & Thomas
  • Free White Persons – Males – 16 thru 25: 1          FNU
  • Free White Persons – Males – 45 and over: 1       Thomas
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10: 3        Elizabeth
    • Possibly Henrietta and a new FNU
  • Free White Persons – Females – 16 thru 25: 2       Nancy & Mary
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over: 1     Martha

It would appear that the 22-year-old female had married and was gone from the household.

It would also appear that the FNU girl under 10 is a heretofore unknown girl or is the same girl that I thought might be 22 years old, and I have her age entirely wrong.

Earlier Censuses

The 1790 Population Schedule for Virginia is lost.[ii]

The 1800 Population Schedule only includes Accomack and Louisa counties.[iii]


I believe this Census reflects the Thomas Armstrong House of Cumberland County, Virginia, in 1810.


[i] 1810 Census, NARA, 1810 Census – Thomas  Pankey. Year: 1810; Census Place: Cumberland, Cumberland, Virginia; Roll: 68; Page: 143; Image: 00282; Family History Library Film: 0181428.

[ii] FamilySearch – Virginia Censuses Existing and Lost.

[iii] ibid.