People Projects

People Projects

Adair Project

This project documents my findings regarding the Adair, Scoggins, Hansen, and Glazier ancestors of Paulding and Cobb counties, Georgia.

Blanchard-Utterstrom Project

This project documents my findings regarding the Blanchard, Newcomb, Utterstrom, and Chase families of Maine.

Bradley-Hingston Project

This project documents my findings regarding the Bradley, Taylor, Hingston, and Reid families of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Butterfield Bible Project

The “Butterfield Bible” was originally owned by Daisy E. Butterfield of Marseilles, Illinois, Between the Old and New Testaments are “Family Record” sheets for Marriages, Births, and Deaths. Marriages, Births, and Deaths.

Crutchfield-Galella Project 2017

CG-02 – Ralph Crutchfield (1913-1997)
CG-03 – Emily C Galella

Darling-Drexl Project

This project documents my wife’s half-aunt’s maternal ancestors.

Dion-Spry Project

This project documents two of my half-sibling’s maternal ancestors.

DS-12 – Edward Dion
DS-13 – Ida Pepeneau
DS-14 – Thomas Frederick Spry (1875-1974)
DS-15 – Ottie Saleske (1883-19??)

Durand-Wilhelm Project

This project documents my Aunt Barbara’s maternal ancestors.

Hopfe-Bauer Project

See Hopfe-Bauer Project

Matson Project Page

This project documents my step-father, Edgar Jerome Matson, and his ancestors on behalf of my 2 half-siblings and their children.

Montran Project (Descendents of John Foster Montran)

See John Foster Montran Descendents Project

Mowbray-Mapes Project (MM)

MM-04 – George Siddons Mowbray (1897-1981) (Wikipedia Article)
MM-05 – Dora Spalding Faulkner Mowbray (1898-1960)
MM-06 – Elmer Stephens Mapes (1898-1974)
MM-07 – Marion Josephine Reed Roos (1898-1977)

Rittenberry Project

This project documents my findings regarding my youngest son’s maternal ancestors, the Chism, Rittenberry, Shoemake, and Wilmoth families of Putnam and Overton counties in Tennessee.

Welch Project

See Welch-Harris Project Page.

Whitten Project

See Whitten Project Page.

Archived Projects

The following projects are on my Archived Projects Page

  • Angley Project
  • Burleson Project
  • Jenne M.’s Story
  • Morrill Project
  • Pettus Stories
  • Rehfeld/Hatfield Project
  • Rode/Arvis Project
  • Smith-Godlove Project