Schools I’ve Attended

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My History

By Don Taylor

I often see articles and blogs that remind readers to write about their own life. Something that several suggest is to write about schools that you have attended. Most people have a few schools, but I have 15 schools that I have attended.  It is more of a book rather than an article or two. Looking back, I have attended seven elementary schools, one junior high school, two high schools, and four colleges. Add over a year of Navy training and work-focused training, I have had quite a varied education.  In the following articles, I examine schools attended, what I can remember about them, and in some cases what happened to the school.

1987-2011 – Schools I’ve Attended – Work Schools


[1] Scheffer – If you had asked me before I drafted this page, I would have said I attended Schaeffer Elementary. Researching for this series of articles I learned I attended Scheffer Elementary. I double checked my DD Form 398 – Statement of Personal History, which indicated Schaeffer when I filled it out back in 1968. Also, the form only included spaces for five schools; I had to continue on another page.