Project Blanchard-Utterstrom

The snapshot family tree for my Blanchard Project is available on Ancestry.Com.
Blanchard Project Photos – Part 1 of 2 – Alfred Halverson, Jr., Clarence Halverson, Clifford Halverson, Hanna Halverson, Harold Halverson, & Mary Halverson.
Blanchard Project Photos – Part 2 of 2  – Olaf & Hannah (Halverson) Utterstrom, Anders Utterstrom, Oscar Utterstrom, Dorothea Utterstrom, Annette Cassidy, Etta Utterstrom, Cassidy Family & Beth Utterstrom, William and Dolly Cassidy.



2nd Great-grandparents

BU-30 – William G. Waters
– – – The Waters Family of 1880 Patten, Maine
– – – The Waters Family of 1870 Patten, Maine.
BU-31 – Laura M. Swett

3nd Great-grandparents

BU-52 – Halver Halvorson