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Carlisle Opera House, 23 April 1920

Donna Montran and “Chin Chin” play the Carlisle Opera House on 23 April 1920  Finishing their one-night show On April 22nd at the Frederick City Opera House, the cast and crew of “Chin Chin” packed up and rolled the 65 … Continue reading

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William Freeman – Patriot

Sometimes I’m reminded that when I’m away from home, I need to be extra careful to document my work so as to be able to cite my sources properly.  Sadly I can’t do that with today’s treasure. Back in March … Continue reading

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Virginia Memory Chancery Records Index

John P. Williams vs Admr of John P. Price – Case: 1836-011 Peter Howell Deposition Amanuensis Monday Finding records for ancestors in antebellum Virginia are always a treasure.  One of my favorite record sets is the Chancery Records Index available through Virginia … Continue reading

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Possible Relatives – Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Blake Lively

We’re Related – Third Look Famous Friday by Don Taylor My third look at possible relatives using “We’re Related” showed many potential new cousins.  I decided I would look at the three of the closest “famous relatives” that “We’re Related” … Continue reading

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A Genealogist’s Nightmare or a Census Taker’s Confusion?

Four Mary Stoeger’s in the 1900 Census. It was hard for me to tell if I was looking at an ‘80s sitcom or if the 1900 Census was true. I kept thinking, “Hi, I’m John Stoeger, and this is my … Continue reading

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Donna Darling and Earle

Donna Darling Collection – Part 3 We know that Donna had a show advertised as “Donna Darling and Earle in a Song and Dance Romance” in 1924. The Standiford Studio in Louisville, Kentucky took this photo entitled, “Donna Darling and Earle.” … Continue reading

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Ancestor Biography – Nelson Barnes (1816-1884)

Roberts/Barnes Line By Don Taylor It is usually the birth record, and how comfortable I am with that record, that defines how comfortable I am with my feeling that I know an ancestor.  Nelson Barnes’ birth records, parents, and childhood … Continue reading

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Nelson Barnes – Veteran?

Roberts/Barnes Line By Don Taylor As I researched Nelson Barnes I realized that many people are ascribing many Civil War records to Nelson indicating his service. Ancestry hints were indicating many different potential records that were all being ascribed to … Continue reading

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The Donna Darling Collection – Part 2

  Donna Montran Vaudeville By Don Taylor The first newspaper clipping in the collection is one that screams in big print, “DONNA MONTRAN.” It then speaks of her as “BROADWAY’S NEWEST FIND – Under Personal Direction of Tom Rooney.” The … Continue reading

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OMG – Another Half-Sibling

Half-Siblings provide the proof Brown, DNA By Don Taylor Thanks to autosomal DNA testing, I’ve learned who my biological father is. I have discovered and met some of my “new” half-siblings on my biological father’s side. I have also discovered that … Continue reading

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