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DNA – Glennis’ Paternal Search – Part 8

Following Morgan/Morgan/May By Don Taylor My half-sister Glennis is a DNA match on Ancestry.Com with several individuals who have common ancestors with Francis and Fannie (McGregor) Morgan. In the search to determine Glennis’ biological father, I am continuing to develop … Continue reading

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DNA – Glennis’ Paternal Search – Part 7

Following Morgan/Morgan/Morgan/Davis By Don Taylor In the search to find the biological father of my sister Glennis, I am continuing to develop a tree of the descendants of Francis and Fannie (McGregor) Morgan of Pleasants County, West Virginia. Francis and … Continue reading

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Schools I’ve Attended – 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

My Life Those Places Thursday By Don Taylor Parkview Elementary, Fridley, Anoka County, Minnesota In August 1958, we moved from Anoka to Fridley into a tiny little house on NE 2nd Street. At the time the address was 5853, however, … Continue reading

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Ancestor Bio – Thelma M. Montran Babcock – Poet

Montran Project 52 Ancestors – Week 192 By Don Taylor Now, I go off on a speculative tangent. It is my assertion that my great grandfather, John Montran who married Ida Mae Barber is the same individual as John Foster … Continue reading

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Darling – Surname Saturday

Darling Surname Saturday By Don Taylor According to Forebears, dyrling was an “Old English term used to denote the young noble of a house, perhaps exclusively the eldest son, on whom all expectations rested.” Later it became a family name[i].  … Continue reading

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Crutchfield Project – It’s a Start

Ancestor Biography – Crutchfield Project 52 Ancestors – Week 137 By Don Taylor I was recently asked to help someone learn more about his ancestry. He knew he was Italian, but didn’t know how much. He also knew his parent’s … Continue reading

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DNA Match leads to 3rd Great’s

Autosomal DNA Brown/Manning/Fannin Line By Don Taylor On 23 and Me, I contacted a cousin I’ll call “JK.” The individual shared 1.34% of his DNA with my mother and .77% of his DNA with me. He also shared .91% of … Continue reading

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Fannin – Surname Saturday

Name Origin Fannin is an Irish surname. It is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name “O Fionnáin” meaning   ‘descendant of Fionnán’, a diminutive of Finn.[i] Forebears suggests it means “Descendant of the little, blond man; grandson of little Fionn … Continue reading

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Donna Darling Collection – Part 12

Family Photos #1 – Russell, Donna, & Sammy Treasure Chest Thursday by Don Taylor This week I took a look at ten photos from the Donna Darling Collection. Unfortunately, three of the photos were blurry or otherwise unusable. Of the … Continue reading

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We’re Related – Fanning, Roosevelt, & Clemmens

We’re Related – A Third Look for my Wife Famous Friday by Don Taylor It had been a while since I tried using “We’re Related,” so I thought I’d take another quick look at my wife’s closest matches. Among the latest … Continue reading

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