Greetings and welcome to Don Taylor Genealogy.


I am available in the Greater Portland (Maine) area for genealogical presentations.

  • “Getting to Know You” was updated in March of 2017. It provides introductory level information about how to organize your family history research in software and paper environments. It approaches family history and genealogy as a means to get to know your ancestors. The presentation runs about 45 minutes to an hour including questions & answers.
  • Another presentation I do is “Social Networking for Genealogists.” and also runs about 45 minutes to an hour with questions & answers.

My standard fee of $50 is negotiable depending upon distance and venue.

Genealogical Support

I am available to support your genealogical research or provide genetic genealogical assistance. I charge $50.00 for the first three hours. The first hour is usually spent understanding your project goals (requirements).

Website moved:

I recently moved D Taylor Genealogy from a Blogger developed site to a WordPress site. Please bear with me as I clean up any problems that may have arisen.  If you encounter any problems, please let me know and I’ll try to fix them as quickly as possible.

On this site, I write about:

  • The family history of my ancestors — Roberts and Browns.
  • The family history of my wife’s ancestors — Howell and Darling
  • My grandmother’s incredible vaudeville career during the 1910s and 20s.
  • DNA testing helped me determine paternal ancestry. Because of that and other experiences with DNA testing, I have become knowledgeable in genetic genealogy. I volunteer with the Maine Genealogical DNA Interest Group (Maine Genealogical DIG). I maintain their web page and write about my activities and experiences with genetic genealogy.
  • I volunteer at the Scarborough (Maine) Historical Society and often write about what I find there. I also post directly there
  • I, like so many other people, had ancestors in the Great War.  I enjoy writing about it.
  • I also write about other topics, including reviews and the trees of friends and extended family.

Other activities


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