Oertli – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor

Name Origin

Ancestry indicates that the surname Oertli is a Swiss-German variant of Örtel, and that is a variant form of Ertel. Ertel is a South German name from Old Hi German ort, meaning ‘point (of a sword or lance).’ Forebears confirms the name  comes from “point of the sword.”


Forebears indicates there are only about 1,171 people in the world with the Oertli surname. Over half of them, 666, live in Switzerland, and most of the rest live in the United States. In the US, more Oertli’s live in Texas than any other state.

Direct Oertli Ancestors

None of my wife’s direct Oertli ancestors immigrated to the United States. However, her 3rd great-grandmother, Anna Maria Oertli, married Bernhart Trümpi and came to the US as a Trümpi sometime before 1880. There are two lines of Oertli’s in my wife’s ancestors. The second line begins with Barbara Oertli who married Joachim Heinrich Kok (Koch) in 1865 in Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland. Their daughter, Bertha, married Bernhart’s son, Bernhard Trümpi.

    • 3rd Great-Grandmother: Anna Maria Oertli (1823-1896)
    • 4th Great-Grandfather: Fridolin Oertli (1779-1827)
    • 5th Great-Grandfather: Othmar Oertli (1745-1819)
    • 3rd Great-Grandmother: Barbara Oertli (1825-1904)
    • 4th Great-Grandfather: Othmar Oertli (1801-1825)
    • 5th Great-Grandfather: Johannes Oertli (1773-1837)

With two Oertli families both living in Canton Glarus, Switzerland, it is likely the two families are related, but I have not found a relationship between the two families yet.

Direct Oertli Descendants

Othmar Oertli (1745-1819) married Anna Maria Frueler in 1767 in Glarus, Switzerland. Benjamin Darling in 1708.  My records have identified 122 direct-line descendants of Othmar and Anna Marie.

Johannes Oertli married Elizabeth on 21 February 1802 in Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland. My records have identified 88 direct-line descendants of Johannes and Elizabeth.[i]

I have not independently researched any of the Oertli ancestors’ lives.[ii] As such, I consider all Oertli ancestors as “tentative.”

Famous Oertli’s

    • Brigitte Oertli is a Swiss alpine skier born in Egg, Switzerland, in 1962. She won silver medals in Downhill and Alpine Combined during the 1988 Winter Olympics and is a four-time Women’s Alpine combination World Cup winner[iii].
    • Heinz Oertli founded Oertli Switzerland, a manufacturer of surgical instruments used in eye surgery[iv].
    • Minor planet 16167 Oertli was named for the 2002 Intel Science Talent Search finalist, Nichole Anne Oertli.[v]



[i] Internet: Don Taylor Genealogy – “Darling: The Ancestors of the Darling & Huber Family Line” http://dontaylorgenealogy.com/blog-page_3/.

[ii] Most of the tentative Oertli ancestors I have are based upon the work of Patrick A. Wild from Pedigree Chart for Shirley Elizabeth Darling:  Following the Trümpy line in Glarus (2021).

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Becker – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Ancestry indicates that Becker is a Dutch, German, Danish, and Ashkenazic Jewish occupation name for a baker of bread or baker of bricks and tiles, which comes from the German word backen “to bake.” Ancestry mentions a couple of English meanings; however, this is one of those cases where knowing where your ancestors come from helps to understand the surname. In this case, there were nine generations of Beckers who all lived in Glarus, Switzerland, from 1624 to 1801. As such, I am completely ignoring the English origins and staying with the German heritage.


Today, in the Canton of Glarus, there are 71 instances of people with the Becker surname. That is 1 in 548 people.[i]

In Switzerland, there are 1,520 incidents of Becker, making it one in just over 5,000 people in Switzerland who have the surname.

It is most prevalent in Germany and most frequent in Luxembourg, where one in 228 people have the surname.

Direct Becker Ancestors

    • Grandmother – 7. Florence Wilma Huber Darling (1908-1934)
    • 1st great – 15.  Bertha Barbara Trümpi Huber (1884-1968)
    • 2nd great – 30.  Bernhead Trumpi (1844-1913)
    • 3nd great – 360.  Bernhart Trumpi (1817-1879)
    • 4th great – 3120. Bernhard Trümpi (1776-1848)*
    • 5th great – 241. Anne Magdalena Becker (1745-1801)*
    • 6th great – 482. Johannes Becker (1698-1750)*
    • 7th great – 964. Johannes Becker (1665-1743)*
    • 8th great – 1928. Hans Becker (1624-1694)*
    • 9th great – 3856. Fridli Becker (1591-1673)*
    • 10th great – 7712. Hans Becker (1550-1610)*
    • 11th great – 15424. Fridolin Becker (1525-___)*

Note: Ancestors identified with “*” have NOT been confirmed and verified by my independent research. Their names and dates rely upon the work compiled by Patrick A. Wild.[ii]


All of the Becker ancestors in this line were born, lived, and died in Glarus, Switzerland.

The Alemanni (German) settled this area in the 8th century.

In 1531, following the Second War of Kappel, both Catholic and Protestant residents gained the right to worship. Both religious groups used the same town church, which created many problems over the centuries.[iii]

It is an area where the predominant language is the “Highest” dialect of Alemannic German (Swiss German).


Glarus (town) is the picturesque capital of the Canton of Glarus. It is a small town of about 12,500 people nestled in a valley of the Linth River amongst the Glarus Alps, which rise 10,000 feet above the valley.[iv]

Glarus, [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons – Photo Credits: Samuel Trümpy Photography[v]

Direct Becker Descendants

Anna Magdalena Becker (1745-1801) married Fridolin Trümpy on 30 October 1767. I have not researched Anna and Fridolin in-depth to determine their children, other than Bernhard (see above).



[i] Forebears – 2014 data for surname Becker in Switzerland.

[ii] Patrick A. Wild, Descent of Mary-Alice Darling Howell from Charlemangne (Zurich, Switzerland, , 2021) and Patrick A. Wild, Pedigree Chart for Shirley Elizabeth Darling:  Following the Trümpy line in Glarus (2021). Contact Glarnus Families Worldwide (https://www.glarusfamilytree.com/).

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[v] Because I know there were at least four generations of Trümpy’s in Glarus related to my wife, and the photographer of this photo is a Trümpy, I suspect this photographer might be a cousin. It would be fun to make the connection.

The Lamb’s in the 1871 Census

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Note: I intended to post this research before I posted the Sketch about Edward Lamb. I does, however, provide information about how I got to the Edward Lame sketch.


Sorting out what happened to Isabella (Atkinson) Lamb has been difficult. I know she married Edward Lamb on 27 November 1853. I believe she had five children with Edward:

    • Jane Born about 1854
    • Ann Born before March 1859[i]
    • Margaret Mary Born 28 April 1860[ii]
    • James Cooper Born between 2 April and 17 May 1862[iii]
    • Edward Born between April and May 1864[iv]

The 1861 Census found the Edward Lamb family living in Warcop at the Fox & Hounds. The census shows:

    • Edward Lamb Head, Age 29 – Victualler[v] – Born in Warcop
    • Isabella Lamb Wife, Age 26  – Born in Long Marton
    • Margaret Lamb Daughter, Age 11 Months – Born in Warcop
    • Dorothy Bradley Visitor (widow) age 77 – Landed Proprietor – born in Warcop.

So, the 1861 Census suggests the following:

    1. Jane and Ann died before 7 April 1861, or I erroneously associated as children of Edward and Isabella.
    2. Dorothy Bradley is likely a person for me to further research, looking for a relationship.

This made me wonder about Jane and Ann.  What were my sources for them? When I reviewed them, the sources I had did not correctly associate Jane as the daughter of Edward and Isabella. I will reapply that association if I find something that fits the association.

So, where were the Lamb’s during the 1871 Census?


Edward Lamb

I believe I found Edward Lamb previously in the 1871 Census[vi]. He lived with his widowed mother, Ann Lamb, and his two spinster sisters, Isabella and Mary. Ann is the owner of the House and Land, and Edward is a Labourer. All had been born in West Sandford. Next door to them is John Atkinson (Age 44) and his sister Mary (Age 38).

James Cooper Lamb

James Cooper Lamb has a unique enough name to be easily found. Nine-year-old James is located in the household of his grandfather, John Atkinson, along with his aunt, Ann, and uncle, John. James is attending school (Scholar). John Senior is 70 and a farmer of 73 acres. John (senior) and James were born in Warcop, while John (junior) and Ann were born in Knock.

They are living in Soulby.


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[v] A Victualler is a person licensed to sell alcoholic liquor.

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Will & Probate for Edward Lamb of Sanford, England – 1894

Amanuensis[i] Monday
Darling, McAllister, Lamb
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.

The 1894 Last Will and Testament of Edward Lamb shows the rift that occurred in the Lamb family. Sometime between 1861 and 1871, the Lamb family blew apart. During the 1871 Census, Edward was enumerated living with his mother and two sisters. His wife, Isabella, and son, Edward, went off to parts unknown, to be found in 1881 in Lancashire. His daughter Margaret left Westmorland and headed to Workington, Cumberland, England, where she married. She then emigrated to the United States in 1884. His son, James Cooper Lamb, appears to have had a stint in jail, cleaned his act up, and joined the military, where he was when Edward completed his will.  So, although his wife, daughter, and two sons were living, he gave everything he had to James.

Edward Lamb’s Probate Document*

BE IT KNOWN that at the date hereunder written the last Will and Testament of Edward Lamb of Sanford in the parish of Warcop in the county of Westmorland, farmer, deceased, who died on the first day of November 1893 at Sanford aforesaid and who at the time of his death had a fixed place of abode at Sanford aforesaid within the District of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland was proved and registered in the District Probate Registry of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice at Carlisle and that Administration of the personal estate of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to James Cooper Lamb of Linen Hall Barracks in the city of Dublin Sergeant in the 4th Royal Dublin Fusiliers, son of the said deceased, the sole executor. Named in the said will he having been first sworn well and faithfully to administer the same.

Dated the 10th day of July 1894

Gross value of Personal Estate £22.10.0
33rd Section

Extracted by John Bell
Solicitor Appleby.

Edward Lamb’s Will*


This is the Last Will and Testament of me, Edward Lamb of Sanford in the parish of Warcop in the county of Westmorland, Farmer. I appoint my son, James Cooper Lamb sole executor of this my will I give and bequeath all my money, securities for money nd all my household stores and articles of consumption, linen, furniture and other effects of household use or ornament articles and implements of every kind and description and all other goods and chattels of which I may be entitled to dispose by this my will to the said James Cooper Lamb for his own use absolutely I give and devise my to freehold messuages or dwelling houses situate at Sanford in the township of Sanford in the parish of Warcop in the said County of Westmorland with the yards, gardens and appurtenances hereunto belonging and the field thereunto adjoining commonly call or known by the name of Mosey Dale and also all that my open and unenclosed Dale situate in Sanford Mise in the said township of Sanford and Parish of Warcop to the said James Cooper Lamb absolutely and I give devise appoint and bequeath all other my real and personal estate whatsoever and wherever and whether in possession reversion remainder of expectancy unto my said son James Cooper Lamb for his own use absolutely and I declare this only to be my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I the said Edward Lamb have herein to set my hand this eighteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and ninety three.

Signed and declared by the said Edward Lamb the         {
testator as and for his last will and testament in the      {
presence of us, present at the same time, who at his      {
request, in his presence and the presence of each other{
have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses         {
the works “all my having first been inserted between   {  the third and fourth lines from the top hereof.                 {

            Est. Lonsdale Nankon of Appleby Solicitor
            Mary Lamb, Sanford

            On the tenth day of July 1894 Probate of this will was granted at Carlisle to James Cooper Lamb, the Executor.


James Cooper Lamb owned a house and land freehold in Sanford from 1895 until he died in 1898, even though he was in the military and stationed in Ireland.


Determine exactly what property was Edward Lamb’s that transferred to his son in 1894.


[i] John Newmark started the “Amanuensis Monday” category in 2009 on his Blog,  Transylvanian Dutch  and many bloggers have followed suit using the tag. Google provides the following meaning for amanuensis: “A literary or artistic assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts.”

* Images available through GOV.UK — Probate Search — Service — “Find a will”  — https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/#wills

Sketch – Edward Lamb (b. 1864)

Edward Lamb (1864-___) – son of 2nd great-grandparents Edward and Isabella (Atkinson) Lamb

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.During my Isabella (Atkinson) Lamb research, I found I needed to look more closely at her children in hopes to understand her life better. Following her son Edward, I was able to add more information about Isabella’s life.


What I Know

Birth – Edward was born between 1 April and 22 May 1864 (Christening date) in Kendal, Westmorland, England.[ii]

Christening – Edward was Christened on 22 May 1864 in Kendal, Westmorland, England. His father is Edward Lamb, who was an innkeeper and whose abode was Exchange Inn. Vicar John Cooper performed the ceremony. His mother was Isabella [Lamb].[iii]

Military Service – Family tradition indicated that Margaret Lamb had a brother who was an officer in the Indian Army, British Service. Subsequent research showed the brother mentioned was likely James Cooper Lamb and not Edward.

What Others Think They Know

Family Search ID is 9KKX-M2Q.

Ancestry: Edward is not in any trees except for mine.

My New Research – Ancestry

1901 Census

The 1901 Census record appears to be a key document in understanding much of Edward and his mother’s life. It shows that both Edward and his mother were mobile, as the 1901 Census finds them 40 miles from Appleby-in-Westmorland in Broughton, Lancashire, living at 6 Kenneth Street. The household consists of:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Born
Edward Lamb Head 34 <unreadable> Westmorland, Kendal
Isabella Lamb Mother-Wid. 64 Housekeeper (Domestic) Westmorland, Knock
Isabella Jeffrey g. Daur 21 Paper Bag Maker Lanca[shire], Manchester
Lily Jeffrey g. Daur 14 Llandaff, Wales
William Carruthers Border 63 Joiner Cumberland, Carlisle

Clearly, 34-year-old Edward is not old enough to have two granddaughters, so it appears that the relationship must not be with the “head;” instead, it must be with his mother, Isabella.

Isabella had three known daughters. Margaret married Peter McAllister in 1878, so 14-year-old Lily can’t be her daughter. So, Isabella and Lily Jeffrey must be the daughters of either Jane, Ann, or a heretofore unknown daughter.[iv]

1891 Census

Finding Edward and his mother, Isabella, made it easy to find them in the 1891 England Census. Again, they live at 6 Kenneth Street, Broughton (Near Salford), Lancashire, England. However, this time William Carruthers is both the husband of Isabella and the “father” of Edward. Eleven-year-old Isabella Jeffrey is listed as the daughter.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Born
William Carruthers Head 55 Joiner C Cumberland, Upper Down
Isabella Lamb Wife 55 Westmorland, Knock
Edward Lamb Son 27 Builders Labourer Westmorland, Kendal
Isabella Jeffrey Daur 11 Scholar Lanca[shire], Manchester

Of course, this Census makes me wonder where Lily Jeffrey is. I also wonder if this family unit was ever “legal” or was it an “apparent relationship.” With so many relationships inconsistent between the 1891 and 1901 censuses, the data is suspect. Further clarification is needed.

I believe William and Isabella were living together and just said they were married. This is particularly interesting because Edward’s actual father (Edward Lamb Sr.) was still living.

1881 Census

The 1881 Census is again a confusing set of relationships. It indicates that Edward the head of the household, even though he is only 17-years-old. They live at 109 Charlotte Street, Broughton in Salford, Lancashire.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Born
Edward Lamb Head 17 Brewery Man Westmorland
William Carruthers Border (Mar. 45 Joiner Cumberland
Annie Jeffey Dau. (Mar.) 22 Laundress Westmorland
Isabell Jeffey GrandDau 2 Lancaster

 Although some of the relationships don’t make sense, it is clear that little two-year-old Isabel is the daughter of Ann, and Ann was likely married a [FNU] Jeffey. It also keeps the question alive, where was Isabella, the wife of Edward Lamb, in 1881 if not with her husband and not with her son Edward?

1871 Census

A further search for Edward Lamb, born in Westmorland, failed to yield any results. There was an 8-year-old Edward Lamb, the son of Joseph and Ellen Lamb, living in Lancashire. However, this is an unlikely match.

Conflicts / Do not confuse with

Do Not Confuse with:

    • Edward Lamb, born Oct 1864, Chorlton, Lancashire.
    • Edward Lamb, born Jan 1864, Salford, Lancashire.
    • Edward Lamb, born Oct 1863, Bolton, Lancashire.

I find many of the relationships reported in the census records confusing and conflicting. I do discuss some of the relationships in the above texts.


Thanks to my tracing Edward, the son, I found Isabella in the 1901 and 1891 censuses.

Follow-up – Plans

Perform a similar search of Isabella (Atkinson) Lamb’s other children.


[i] Some would say Edward is a Third-Great Uncle. I prefer 2nd great-granduncle. To me the brother of a parent is an uncle. The brother of a grandparent is then a grand uncle and the brother of a great-grand parent would be a great-grand uncle.

[ii] England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008, Family Search, Edward Lamb – 1864 – Keldal, Westmorland, England. “England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008,” database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:2XM7-1M6 : 1 October 2014), Edward Lamb, 1864; from “England & Wales Births, 1837-2006,” database, findmypast (http://www.findmypast.com : 2012); citing Birth Registration, Kendal, Westmorland, England, citing General Register Office, Southport, England. https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:2XM7-1M6.

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[iv] The 1881 Census helped provide clarification regarding the Jeffey girls.