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Where my Ancestors were 100 years ago.

Mappy Monday By Don Taylor Randy Seaver in his blog, Genea-Musings suggested that we look at where our ancestors were 100 years ago. I thought I’d take a stab at it more from a location perspective. In October 1917, my … Continue reading

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Website Review – Lost Cousins

Tech Tuesday – Lost Cousin Review by Don Taylor I recently was listening to a podcast about the UK based service Lost Cousins. I had heard of it before, but I hadn’t given it a try nor had I looked … Continue reading

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Don’t avoid those Bright Shiny Objects.

Brown Research I’ll admit it; I get diverted from my goals by Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs).  I was working on a problem ancestor of mine, my third great-grandmother, Mary C. LNU (Last Name Unknown), about whom I know very little. Bio … Continue reading

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A brief look at my wife’s aunt’s grandfather – Nicholas Edward Drexl

 Darling/Drexl Line In May, I was visiting family in Michigan and had the opportunity to get to know my wife’s aunt much better. While I was there, we chatted about genealogy (surprise, surprise) and I learned she didn’t know much … Continue reading

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Determining Cousins – My Formula/Process

Determining Cousins I was recently asked by a family member how to figure out cousins, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so forth and what “removed” means.  What makes someone a first cousin once removed, and so forth. First, there are many … Continue reading

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Back to Heredis & Marion Reed Roos

Back to Heredis…. As many of you know who have been following my frustrations with software, trying to find the perfect tool to manage my genealogical research, I’ve tried many different products (Roots Magic, Mac Family Tree, Heredis, Reunion, and … Continue reading

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Transcription of Will: Annie D. (Long) Hobbs

There have been many articles and blogs regarding the newly available Ancestry.Com Wills and Probate Records. I thought I would give it a try. My goal was to find wills for my Howell/Hobbs project. The Hobbs family lived in Martin … Continue reading

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W. Henry Brown (1843-c.1895)

BM-24 – W. Henry Brown (1843-c.1895) Name and birthdate correction, I don’t typically use other people trees for facts or relationships. Rather, I like to use other trees as a sort of reality check. If I see that other researchers … Continue reading

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RH-06 – Clyde Raymond Hatfield (1894-1959)

52 Ancestors – Week 99 [I was asked to investigate Clyde Raymond Hatfield as part of a larger Rehfeld-Hatfield project I am working on. Family oral history says that Clyde was related to the infamous Hatfield family. The Hatfields and … Continue reading

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Is it enough? (To not use the names of living individuals)

Is it enough?  (To not use the names of living individuals) The stepson of a grand uncle of mine recently contacted me. I had written about his mother and stepfather a few years ago and he found my blog posting … Continue reading

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