Ancestor Biography – Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976)

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Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976)


Annie Evelyn Chase was born 24 May 1908 in Patten, Penobscot, Maine.[i] She was the second of six children of Albert and Sadie (Waters) Chase.  Annie was born a “blue” baby and was, according to oral family history, put into the warming oven above the wood stove to keep her warm in the winter.


Certainly, her two sisters, Hilda, two years older, and Leita, one year younger, would have been important influences in her childhood.  After Leita, Albert and Sadie had three sons, Fred, Floyd, and Franklin, four, six, and seven years younger respectively.

All six children were born in Patten, and the children grew up there on Happy Corner Road.[ii] Albert was a farmer and owned the farm.[iii]

Annie completed three years of college.[iv]  By the 1930 Census, Annie was working as a nurse in Portland, Maine, and was living at 18 Casco Street. Rent was $32 per month.[v]


On 1 October 1930, Annie Evelyn Chase married Albert Thomas Utterstrom in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Maxwell Ganter, a clergyman in Portsmouth, performed tThe ceremony.[vi]


Albert and Annie had two children, both of whom are living.

They established their home at 52 Wellwood Road in Portland, ME, by 1935 as they lived in the same house during the 1940 Census. Annie was keeping house.[vii]

During the 1940s, Annie’s husband Albert was deeply involved in various Masonic organizations including the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine.  Annie was involved with St. Gabriel’s Guild of the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and was a regular bridge player.[viii]

Annie’s final residence before her death was in Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine.[ix]


Annie died in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine on 12 January 1976 following her husband Albert, who died two and a half years earlier.[x] She is buried with Albert in Pine Grove Cemetery, Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine.[xi]

List of Grandparents

  • Grand Parent: Annie Evelyn Chase
  • 1st Great: Albert Chase



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Half Baked or Fully Baked – A Morrill Connection?

Morrill Project

By Don Taylor

I was recently asked to take a look at a friend’s family history.  Her grandfather was a Morrill from Portland, Maine, and the question arose if she related to Charles Morrill (the “M” in B & M Baked Beans).
1953 ad for B&M Baked Beans
1953 Ad for B&M Baked Beans
 (CC BY-NC 2.0)
I’ll admit I didn’t know much about B & M Baked Beans, ‘cept I like eating them.  But the Internet an excellent place and it took about 2 minutes to learn that Charles Sumner Morrill, Jr. (1833-1901) was a partner and founder of B&M Baked Beans in 1867.[i] Another Google search found a short genealogical tree for Charles Sumner Morrill, Jr. within an article regarding Morrill’s Corner[ii], a well-known area within Portland. Armed with those two bits of information and an abbreviated family tree that showed the names of my friend, her parents, and her grandparents, but little else.
Luckily, the process was straightforward. Using only Ancestry.Com, I was able to trace her ancestry back quickly.
Her Great grandfather was,
Edwin Jackson Morrill (1882-1943). His father was,
            Theodore J Morrill (1850-1911). His father was,
                        Edwin Morrell (1828-1897).  His father was,
                                    Peter W. Morrell (c. 1797-1881).  Connected to Morrill’s Corner history.  
                                                Peter Morrill, Esq. (1753-1819)
                                                            Peter Morrill (1709-1801)
                                                Steven Morrell (1739-1816)
                                    Asa Morrell (c. 1776, – c. 1830
Charles Morrill, (Sr.) (1811-1849)
            Charles Morrill, (Jr.) (1833-1901)
Peter was Charles’ 2nd Great grandfather.
Peter was my friend’s 6th  Great grandfather.
So yes, my friend is a third cousin, four times removed, of Charles Morrill of the B&M Baked Bean company fame.  
Note: I added a caveat that I did not double check and confirm every document and I did not have genealogical proof for the pedigree, but I was fairly certain of the various connections. I also did not extract all of the information I could from the records I did find.[iii]


[iii] Sources for all individuals are available on request but are quite involved, consisting of 5-10 sources for each individual.
———- DISCLAIMER ———-