Six Photos – Four Women

Photo Friday
By Don Taylor

Six Photos – Four Women

A good week for my Photo Identification Project. Three individuals were identified but one person had a common name and couldn’t be distinguished from eight different people.

Family Search

Harriett (Reed) Shaw - 164 Oak Street, Bath, ME - Crop“Harriett (Reed) Shaw, 164 Oak Street, Bath, ME” – A quick check on Ancestry found that Harriet E Reed married John Shaw on 5 October 1898. She is person ID G3VG-WH7 on Family Search. The 1900 Census shows them living at 143 Oak Street, Bath. Also, the 1900 Census indicates that Harriet was born in August 1875. Finally, the 1910 Census indicates that John and Harriet are living at 164 Oak Street. So, I identify this photo as “Harriett (Reed) Shaw, taken by Holmes Studio in Bath, Maine sometime after 1900.” Her Family Search ID is G3VG-WH7.

“Etta Crowley” – There are were three photos of Etta Crowley.

Etta Crowley - Mother Later Married Mr. Spear 1 - Crop

Etta Crowley - Mother Later Married Mr. Spear - Crop

“Etta Crowley – Mother later married Mr. Spear” – There are two photos done by E.  J. Poisson, Leading Photographer, Westbrook, Maine, of Etta as a young girl.



Etta Crowley - Crop

The third photo in this group is “Etta Crowley” which was taken at Marshall Studio in Westbrook, Maine, when Etta was a young woman.  The 1900 Census finds Etta Crowley living with her mother, Helen Crowley, at the home of Lester Hoss on Cottage Avenue in Westbrook. Etta was born in 11 Feb 1892. I judge the two photos are of an eight or nine year old girl, so I date the two photos circa 1898.

Helen (Reynolds) Crowley (Etta’s mother)  married Benjamin F. Spear on 25 Jan 1902 in Portland, Maine which helps establish for a certainty that the photo is of Etta Crowley, the daughter of Helen Crowley. A further review of Etta Crowley on Family Search indicates her ID is LRMS-YB8​​

Mrs Effie Griffiths - Durham, N. H. - Crop“Mrs. Effie Griffiths – Durham, N. H.” – The photo is of a woman in her mid-30s to mid 40s. An Google search for “Effie Griffiths” and Durham, N.H. resulted in 10 results. The top one was M. Effie Griffiths born 2 Dec 1860 and died 21 Sep 1945. She is buried in the Griffith’s Cemetery in Durham, Strafford County, New Hampshire. It appears she was the only Effie Griffiths in Durham during the 1900 Census. On Family Search she is Mary Effie Furber – LZXB-MG1.

Dead Fred

Annie Williams - Crop“Annie Williams of Bath” – The photo is of a woman probably in her 30s taken at the Longfellow Gallery in Portland, ME. My review of the Portland City Directories indicate that the Longfellow Gallery existed in Portland between 1900 and 1912 (No entries for the Gallery in the 1898 or earlier nor in the 1914 City Directories or later), so I’ll date the photo circa 1906.

 Possible Candidates:

  • Annie M Williams, born ca. 1853, living in Bath Ward 3, during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Williams, born ca. 1870, wife of Harry Williams, living in Bath, Ward 1 during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Williams, born ca. 1871, wife of Edward Williams, living in South Portland during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Williams, born September 1872, daughter of William A Williams, living in Portland during the 1900 Census.
  • Annie A Williams (born ca. 1873) who married James Sawyer on 24 Dec 1903. She was 18.
  • Annie K Williams, born ca. 1873 living in Portland, Ward 2, during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Laura Williams (born ca. 1873) who married Fred Everett Walker on 22 October 1902. She was 29.
  • Annie N Williams, born ca. 1873, wife of Robert Williams, living in Portland, Ward 3 during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie E Williams, born Nov 1879 who lived in Bath, Ward 1 during the 1900 Census.
  • Annie M Williams, born May 1897, daughter of Daniel F Williams living in Portland, Ward 1

The woman looks younger than 47 to me, so I’m confident it is not Annie M. Williams born, ca. 1853. And the woman appears to me to be older than 15, so it couldn’t be Annie M Williams, born May 1897.  That leaves eight candidates who were born between 1870 and 1879, any of whom could be this Annie Williams.

Final Note

If you are related to any of these individuals or can help confirm the identities of them, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the form below.

Ancestor Biography – Daniel Whitten (1859-1950)

Whitten-Bickford-2016 Project
#8 – Whitten Line
By Don Taylor

It is often best and usually easiest to look at a person’s life backwards.  That is to begin with their death records then follow them through all of the census records and finish with their birth record. Each record can build upon the next to provide a view of the life of the individual.

Marker of Daniel Whitten
Marker – Daniel Whitten
Photo by “Airborne Steve”
via Find a Grave #172317650

Daniel Whitten was buried with his wife, Martha Angelina Libby at Highland Grove Cemetery at North Shapleigh, York County, Maine in 1950.[1]

In 1942, Daniel was living in Kennebunk, Maine when he filed a delayed birth certificate for his son, Herbert Winfield Whitten. The certificate showed Herbert was too old (58) to be drafted.[2]

Then we find Daniel in the census records.

  • 1940 – Age 80, widower, Kennebunk, ME.[3]
  • 1935 – Kennebunk, ME – Same House as 1940.[4]
  • 1930 – Age 70, with wife (Martha), Kennebunk, Maine.[5]
  • 1920 – Age 60, with wife (Martha), Kennebunk, Maine.[6]
  • 1910 – Age 50, with wife (Martha), Kennebunkport, Maine.[7]
  • 1900 – Age 41, with wife (Angie M), Shapleigh, Maine.[8] [Martha Angelina][9]
  • 1890 – (The 1890 Census was lost.)
  • 1883 – Age 24, Living in Limerick, Maine when his son Herbert was born.[10]
  • 1882 – 1900 Census says they were married for 18 years; the 1910 Census indicates they had been married for 28 years.

Here is where things get sketchy.  I can’t find Daniel in the 1880 census. Try as I might, I’m just not finding him.

I think I’ve found him in the 1870 Census.[11] If so, he is a 10 year old, attending school, and living with an extended group of Whittens. Unfortunately, the 1870 Census doesn’t indicate relationships between people in the household.

Household            Gender        Age   Birthplace

Jane Whitten                 F       83      Maine, – Keeping House
Hiram L Whitten          M      39      Maine, – Laborer
Sarah Whittn                 F       28      Maine, – Without Occupation
Lizzie A Whitten            F       17      Maine, – Works in Woolen Mill
Hiram A Whitten          M      14      Maine, – Works in Woolen Mill
Charles F Whitten         M      12      Maine, – Works in Woolen Mill
Daniel Whitten          M     10    Maine, – Attending School
Susan E Whitten            F       9       Maine, – Attending School
George M Whitten         M      6       Maine, – Attending School

Clearly, Daniel cannot be the son of the 83-year-old Jane.  Also, although the 28-year-old Sarah could be his mother, the 17-year-old Lizzie could not be the daughter of Sarah. The bottom line is that the 1870 census, by itself, begs more questions than provides answers.

The 1860 Census appears to clear up some of the questions.[12]

Household            Gender        Age   Birthplace

Hiram Whitten              M      29      Me – Day Laborer, Personal Property worth $50.00
Julia A Whitten              F       24      Me
Elizabeth A Whitten      F       7       Me – Attended School
Hiram A Whitten           M      5       Me – Attended School
Charles F Whitten          M      3       Me
Daniel Whitten               M      1       Me

It appears that Hiram is the head of the household and has a wife, Julia, and four children including Daniel. It appears to be a pretty typical family unit.

The problem with this assessment is that the Daniel Whitten post marriage is a clear family being followed for fifty plus years. The Daniel Whitten family of 1870 and before is likewise clear.  However, the linkage of two Daniel Whittens is dubious at best. The only thing that links the two families is the name Daniel Whitten, the birth date/year and place of Daniel (Maine), and the birth location of Daniel’s parents (Maine). Not quite enough to make me comfortable that I have followed Daniel throughout his life and haven’t possibly crossed Daniels somehow. I definitely need to do more research to shore up my assertation that the Daniel Whitten of Dover, NH in the 1860s and 1870s is the same Daniel Whitten of Limerick, Shapleigh, Kennebunkport, and Kennebunk in later years.

List of Grandparents

  • Grand Parent: Herbert Winfield Whitten
  • 1st Great: Daniel Winfield Whitten
  • 2nd Great: Hiram L Whitten?

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Find Daniel Whitten in 1880 Census.
  • Find Daniel in a birth, marriage, or military record (Fold 3 might be a help with that) which would show relationships.
  • Follow Hiram Whitten, his wife, and children after 1870.




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Bio – Barney Brown (c. 1813-c 1865)


By – Don Taylor

Barney/Daney Brown is my third great-grandfather on my mother’s paternal line. I have not found much Barney or his life. In fact, I have only found him in two census records, which is barely enough to prove even his existence. But, this is what I think I know.

c. 1813 – Born in New Hampshire.
c. 1840 – Married Mary C. (Unknown).
c. 1842 – Son, William Henry born in Michigan.
c. 1845 – Son, Myron O. born in Michigan.
    1850 – Lived near Seline, Washtenaw County, Michigan
c. 1852 – Daughter, Alice C. born in Michigan.
c. 1855 – Don, David V. born in Michigan.
    1860 – Lived near Seline, Washtenaw County, Michigan
c. 1865 – Died (Probably near Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan


According to the 1850 and the 1860 Censuses, Barney was 36 and 46 years-old respectively which indicates he was born in 1813 or 1814. Both censuses show that he was born in New Hampshire. Several other researchers suggest that his father was Odell Brown, and his mother’s name was Jane, however, I have not managed to confirm those names. Also, some researchers indicate that he had a brother, David, who was born about 1810.

In the 1850 Census he is named Barney; in the 1860 Census, he is called Daney. This name change leads to some confusion, which is why I call him Barney/Daney. When I find additional documentation, I will correct the name as appropriate.

I know nothing of his childhood, other than he apparently had an older brother.

I have been unsuccessful finding Barney in the 1840 Census. It is likely he was living with his family in New Hampshire, Michigan, or somewhere in between. The 1840 Census only names the heads of households, so if Barney/Daney was living with his father or another person, the 26-year-old would not be listed.

He appears to have left New Hampshire and located in Michigan sometime before 1842 because his oldest son was born in Michigan.

He appears to have married Mary C. (Unknown) about 1840. This marriage is based solely on my knowing his oldest known son, William Henry Brown, being born in 1842. It is not clear if he married Mary C. before he located to Michigan after he settled in Saline, Michigan, or elsewhere.

Barney/Daney and Jane appear to have had four children.[1]

They are:

William Henry Brown (1842-?)
Myron O. Brown (1845-?)
Alice C. Brown (1852-?)
David V. Brown (1855)

In 1850, Barney was living with his wife, Mary, and two children, William Henry and Myron O. Brown in Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan as a farmer[2].

In 1860, Barney was living with his wife, Mary, and four children, Henry W., Myron O., Alice C., and David V. Brown in Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan as a farmer.[3] Living with the Browns was a Melvina Miller, age 17 who was a domestic and also attended school.[4]

I have been unsuccessful finding Barney in the 1870 Census. I did find his wife in the 1870 census living as a widow with Henry & Ann Davidson in Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Because of that, I believe that Barney/Daney died sometime between 1860 and 1870.

I have been unsuccessful finding Barney’s burial location.

Further Actions:

Determine Barney/Daney’s preferred name, also the date and place of his birth.
Determine Barney/Daney’s date and place of death.
Determine Barney/Daney’s location during the 1820, 1830, and 1840 Censuses.
Follow the other children through the censuses.
Confirm that Odell and Jane Brown were his parents.
Determine Barney/Daney’s wife maiden name.

List of Greats

Arthur Durwood Brown
William Henry Brown
Barney/Daney Brown
Odell Brown?????


[1] The 1860 Census, Population Schedule, does not include family relationships. Consequently, identifying the relationships as parents/children from those records is speculative. William H and Myron O lived with Barney & Mary during the 1850 Census. “Henry W.” and the other children lived with Daney & Mary during the 1860 Census.
[2] 1850 Census; Barney Brown – Saline, Washtenaw, Michigan, Family Search;
[3] 1860 Census; Daney (Barney) Brown – Saline, Washtenaw, Michigan; Family Search; Saline, Washtenaw, Michigan, Family 644;
[4] Ibid.
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Search Military Records - Fold3 Search Military Records - Fold3

Vacation – Dora Spalding Faulkner Mowbray (1898-1960)


It has been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to blog. I’ve been in Minnesota visiting friends and relatives. During my trip, I visited a relative with Alzheimer’s disease. I had hoped to be able to interview the individual and gain some more family stories. Sadly, to say, I wasn’t able to do so. The individual’s memory was just not reliable and I’m afraid that the stories I was hoping to get just aren’t available any longer. Certainly, there were times she was lucid, like when she remembered going to her grandmother’s cabin on Walled Lake, MI and going to the amusement park there when she was a child. But, my heart broke when she asked who her oldest child was. Other memories confused individuals and places; even the name of her brother was lost in her memory.

There is probably nothing that impedes our learning important genealogical information than Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. If you can support Alzheimer’s research please do so, our family histories depend upon it. For more information on how you can help, please see the Alzheimer’s Association ( or the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (

Bio – Dora Spalding Faulkner Mowbray (1898-1960) – Ancestor MM-05

By – Don Taylor

Dora Spalding Faulkner was the born on 3 August 1898 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire. She was the 4th child of Francis Child and Martha Barrett (Ripley) Faulkner.

The 1900 Census finds one-year-old Dora living with her father, mother, two older brothers, and an older sister, Katherine in a beautiful home at 61 Summer Street, in Keene[i]. Her father was an attorney and her mother was keeping house. Her brothers, 17-year-old Phillip & 13-year-old Francis, as well as her eleven-year-old sister, Katherine, were all attending school. There is a gap of ten years between the birth of Katherine and of Dora, so I bet that Dora was a bit of a surprise.

In 1903, when Dora was only four years old, her father died.

We know the family stayed in Keene through the 1910 Census, which shows the widow Martha still living at 61 Summer Street with her four children plus Martha’s mother, Mary C Ripley, and two sisters, Mary and Harriett Ripley[ii]. The census also indicates that Martha only had four children, all of whom were still alive.

We know that Martha, Katherine, and Dora returned from Europe aboard the SS Rotterdam, which departed Rotterdam, Holland, and arrived at Ellis Island, NY, on 18 May 1914. The manifest indicates they were still living on Summer Street.

The 1920 Census finds Martha and Dora as lodgers at 138 Newbury St, Boston. It was in a lovely location about a block from Copley Square and a Trinity Church[iii].

Dora married Boston resident, George Siddons Mowbray on 4 November 1922, in Dora’s hometown of Keene[iv]. They would go on to have three children.
Dora was somewhat conservative as is evidenced by her supporting the Mayor of Boston’s banning of Eugene O’Neill‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Strange Interlude.”[v] Productions which may have been suitable in New York were not suitable in many other parts of the country, including Boston in 1929.

49 Elm Street Today
Courtesy: Google Maps

The 1930 Census finds Dora, her husband (a treasurer in the insurance industry), their three children, and two servants, living at 49 Elm Street, Wellesley, MA[vi]. The family continued living there through the 1940 Census.[vii] The home, built in 1919, still stands and is valued at 1.3 million today.[viii] 

One researcher suggests that Dora died on 17 November 1960, although I have been unable to confirm that.

Further Actions:

Confirm death date, death location, and burial location for Dora. 
Find a Photo of Dora

List of Greats

1.     Francis Child Faulkner

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