MM06 – Elmer Stevens Mapes (1898-1974)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 89

Elmer Stephens Mapes

1920 – Kanakadea

Elmer Stephens Mapes was born in New York on 24 Aug 1898. He was the third of four children born to James and Myrtle (Myrtie) E Mapes.

The 1900 Census finds little Elmer living with his parents and siblings and his paternal grandfather, Martin Mapes. Martin was 82 year, born in New York, a widower, and farmer who owned his farm without a mortgage. His father was also a farmer and his mother had four children, only three of whom were still living at the time.[i]
By 1905, Martin and family were living on North Church Street in Burns, Allegany County, New York. His father was a produce dealer.[ii]
The 1910 Census indicates the Mapes family still in Burns, but now on Mill Street. Elmer is attending school. The 1910 Census indicates that his mother had four children, all of whom were alive. [iii]This conflicts with the 1900 census, which indicated that one child of Myrtie, had died.
In 1915, the Mapes family is still in Burns, but now on Bennett Street. His father was postmaster and Elmer attended school. [iv]
Advertising Photo of the Alfred Cafe from the 1921 Kanakadea yearbook.
The Alfred Cafe – A sure Alfred College hangout.
Note: They have electric lights!
Advertisement in the 1921 Kanakadea – Via
In 1918, Elmer headed off to attend Alfred College, sixteen miles away, in Alfred, New York. Elmer enlisted in the Army and served two months in the Alfred training company[v][vi]. He was a member of many groups.
The 1920 Census indicates that he was living on West Main in Burns. His older sister, Rena, was a high school teacher.[vii] Elmer was continuing in college, where he was the Assistant Business Manager for “Fiat Lux,” the school yearbook. His future wife, Marion Roos was the editor-in-chief of the “Fiat Lux” that same year. It is my suspicion that they met there. In any event, Elmer and Marion married in 1923.[viii]
By 1930, Elmer had moved to Bristol, Rhode Island, where he was the superintendent of schools.[ix] He must have been really good as a superintendent because, in 1933, the governor appointed Superintendent Mapes to a select committee.[x] Elmer was involved in civic organizations including the Rotary.[xi]

In 1935, Elmer, Marion, and their two daughters lived in Bristol, at 997 Hope.[xii]  

Photo of the devastation on Hope Street, Bristol, Rhode Island from the 1938 Hurricane.
Hurricane of 1938 aftermath in Bristol, RI

Photo: Hope Street, abt 10 blocks from Mapes home. 

On 21 September 1938, a hurricane & tidal wave hit Bristol, RI. Elmer S. Mapes stated that the schools would resume Monday (Sept 26th) contingent on the water service being restored by that time. According to a newspaper article, “Mr. Mapes took a leading part in the rehabilitation work.”[xiii]
Between 1940 and 1942, the Mapes family moved to 16 Union, still in Bristol.[xiv]
Elmer S. Mapes
PhotoL 1946 Reflector (Weymouth HS)
About 1946, Mr. Mapes took a position as the superintendent of schools in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The school dedicated their yearbook to him that year.
Elmer S. Mapes showed his continuing leadership when he was elected as 2nd Vice President for the Massachusetts School Superintendents Association in 1958.[xv] In 1963, he was a panelist at a P-TA conference[xvi] and in 1965, tentatively supported school busing to correct racial imbalances in education.[xvii]
Elmer Mapes died on 17 Nov 1974 in Weymouth, Mass. [xviii]

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Vacation – Dora Spalding Faulkner Mowbray (1898-1960)


It has been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to blog. I’ve been in Minnesota visiting friends and relatives. During my trip, I visited a relative with Alzheimer’s disease. I had hoped to be able to interview the individual and gain some more family stories. Sadly, to say, I wasn’t able to do so. The individual’s memory was just not reliable and I’m afraid that the stories I was hoping to get just aren’t available any longer. Certainly, there were times she was lucid, like when she remembered going to her grandmother’s cabin on Walled Lake, MI and going to the amusement park there when she was a child. But, my heart broke when she asked who her oldest child was. Other memories confused individuals and places; even the name of her brother was lost in her memory.

There is probably nothing that impedes our learning important genealogical information than Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. If you can support Alzheimer’s research please do so, our family histories depend upon it. For more information on how you can help, please see the Alzheimer’s Association ( or the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (

Bio – Dora Spalding Faulkner Mowbray (1898-1960) – Ancestor MM-05

By – Don Taylor

Dora Spalding Faulkner was the born on 3 August 1898 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire. She was the 4th child of Francis Child and Martha Barrett (Ripley) Faulkner.

The 1900 Census finds one-year-old Dora living with her father, mother, two older brothers, and an older sister, Katherine in a beautiful home at 61 Summer Street, in Keene[i]. Her father was an attorney and her mother was keeping house. Her brothers, 17-year-old Phillip & 13-year-old Francis, as well as her eleven-year-old sister, Katherine, were all attending school. There is a gap of ten years between the birth of Katherine and of Dora, so I bet that Dora was a bit of a surprise.

In 1903, when Dora was only four years old, her father died.

We know the family stayed in Keene through the 1910 Census, which shows the widow Martha still living at 61 Summer Street with her four children plus Martha’s mother, Mary C Ripley, and two sisters, Mary and Harriett Ripley[ii]. The census also indicates that Martha only had four children, all of whom were still alive.

We know that Martha, Katherine, and Dora returned from Europe aboard the SS Rotterdam, which departed Rotterdam, Holland, and arrived at Ellis Island, NY, on 18 May 1914. The manifest indicates they were still living on Summer Street.

The 1920 Census finds Martha and Dora as lodgers at 138 Newbury St, Boston. It was in a lovely location about a block from Copley Square and a Trinity Church[iii].

Dora married Boston resident, George Siddons Mowbray on 4 November 1922, in Dora’s hometown of Keene[iv]. They would go on to have three children.
Dora was somewhat conservative as is evidenced by her supporting the Mayor of Boston’s banning of Eugene O’Neill‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Strange Interlude.”[v] Productions which may have been suitable in New York were not suitable in many other parts of the country, including Boston in 1929.

49 Elm Street Today
Courtesy: Google Maps

The 1930 Census finds Dora, her husband (a treasurer in the insurance industry), their three children, and two servants, living at 49 Elm Street, Wellesley, MA[vi]. The family continued living there through the 1940 Census.[vii] The home, built in 1919, still stands and is valued at 1.3 million today.[viii] 

One researcher suggests that Dora died on 17 November 1960, although I have been unable to confirm that.

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List of Greats

1.     Francis Child Faulkner

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