Ethel Wight Collection – Part 45

Gardner (2), Garnett, Gass, & Giardino

Photo Friday
Ethel Wight Collection
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.This week, for Photo Friday, I identify the people in five more envelopes from the Ethel Wight Studio Collection[i]. The envelopes contain the names who paid for the photos, not necessarily of the individual portrayed in the image. As such, it is vital to analyze the pictures and information to identify the individual therein.[ii] Ultimately, my goal is to reunite the photos with family members who may have never seen the image.

Marietta Rachela Giardino, circa 1936

The envelope this negative was in says, “Miss Marrietta Gardner, 80 Moreland St., Roxbury, Mass #851.

Why I believe this to be the individual.

Marietta Rachela Giardino, circa 1936
  • I was unsuccessful in finding a Marrietta Gardner, of the appropriate age, in any records from 1930 to 1940.
  • I did find a Marietta R Giardino, a hairdresser who lived at 80 Moreland, Roxberry, in the 1936 Boston City Directory. The directory indicates that Nicola G. Deluca, Frank L Giardino, and Lilian Saia lived at the address.
  • Marietta R Giardino was born on 25 April 1913 in Boston. She lived in Portland, Maine in 1932, and married Melville Benjamin Young ib 12 May 1936,
  • Ancestry Trees include a 1939 photo of Marietta and her daughter. That photo appears to be of the same woman here. I am convinced this is a photo of Marietta Richela Giardino before she married Melville Young in 1936.
  • I believe the surname written on the envelope was incorrect.

Family Search identifies Marietta Rachela Giardino, daughter of Frank Louis and Concettina (Maggio) Giardino as ID GSRF-LCS. There are eight family trees at Ancestry.Com that refer to Marietta.

I have uploaded two photos of Marietta to her Family Search Memories.

This photo identity was confirmed by a niece of Marietta.

Sallie Gardner, R.N., circa 1937

The envelope this negative was in says, “Miss Sally Gardner, ME. Gen. Hospital #922.

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • Sallie Gardner, R.N., circa 1937

    The 1937 Portland City Directory lists Sallie Gardner, a student nurse at 22 Arsenal (Maine General Hospital).

  • The 1938 Portland City Directory lists Sallie O Gardner, a student nurse who married Samuel J. Oppedisano.
  • The Maine, U.S., Marriage Index, 1892-1996, shows Sallie and Samuel married on 25 December 1937.
  • The 1940 US Census shows Samuel and the 23-year-old Sally Oppedisano living at 95b Moody Street.

Family Search identifies Sallie Gardner, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Osgood) Gardner, as ID L14G-GT6. I am pretty sure this is Sallie about 1937 before she married Samuel. There are nine trees at Ancestry.Com that refer to Sally Gardner, born 23 February 1917 in Calais, Washington County, Maine.

I have uploaded two photos of Sallie to her Family Search Memories. I also uploaded one additional photo of her to my Flickr photostream.

Ralph Gardner, circa 1934

The envelope this negative was in says, “Mr. Ralph Gardiner, Woodfords, Portland, #45.

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • Woodfords is a neighborhood in Portland, Maine.
  • The 1930 US Census lists 47-year-old Ralph Gardiner living at 66 Glenwood Ave with his wife Florence and son, Donald. That address is in the area that would be called Oakdale/Woodfords.
  • The 1935 Portland City Directory lists Ralph S Gardner as an accountant at 45 Forest Ave. and living at 104 Coyle. Again, 104 Coyle is in the Woodfords neighborhood.
  • Ralph Sidney Gardner died 30 June 1937 at the age of 55.
  • Based on the photo ID number (#45), I believe this to be Ralph Gardner about 1934.

Alternative individuals?

The 1930 US Census lists a Ralph Gardiner, age 28, living with his brother-in-law Ralph Bragdon in Westbrook. This Ralph Gardiner would be too young to be the subject of this photograph.

Family Search identifies Ralph S Gardner, husband of Florence Scott, as ID LBPR-BX4. There are 24 trees at Ancestry.Com refer to Ralph Sidney Gardner (1882-1937)

I have uploaded two photos of Ralph to his Family Search Memories.

Carol Garnett, circa 1936 (age 3 or 4)

The envelope this negative was in says, “Mrs. Carroll Garnett, 301 Cumberland Ave, Portland #326.

Why I believe this to be the individual.

Carol Garnett, circa 1936 (age 3 or 4)
  • The only Carroll Garnett listed in the 1935 Portland worked at a barbershop at 1206 Forest Ave and lived at 111 Woodlawn Ave. His wife is Clarissa.
  • The 1936 Portland city directory is missing the page, which would include Carroll Garnett. However, in the address to name section of the directory, at 301 Cumberland Ave. lives Mrs. Lena Frost
  • The 1937 Portland City Directory lists Carroll L (and Clarissa M.) Garnett living at 17 Warren ave.
  • Likewise, the 1938 Portland City Directory lists Carroll and Clarissa still at 17 Warren Ave.
  • The 1940 Census finds Carroll and Clarissa Garnett living with their two children, 14-year-old Harry and seven-year-old Carol.
  • This photo was taken about 1936 when Carol was about three years old. The child in the photograph appears to be about three or four years old. Consequently, I believe this to be a photo of Carol

Family Search identifies Carol Garnett, born 3 August 1932 to Carroll and Clarissa (Whitney) Garnett, as ID LRQ9-7D1. I am pretty sure this is Carol about 1936. There are seven trees at Ancestry.Com refer to Carol M. Garnett (Rutter).

I uploaded one photo of Carol to her Family Search Memories.

Betty L. Gass, circa 1937 (age 7).

The envelope this negative was in says, “Mrs. G. E. Gass, 25 Bolton St., Portland #842.

Why I believe this to be the individual.

Betty L. Gass, circa 1937 (age 7)
  • The 1937 Portland City Directory lists Garland E (and Bertha L) Gass living at 25 Bolton.
  • The 1940 US Census lists Garland and Bertha Gass living at 71a Whitney Ave. Living with them is their 10-year-old daughter Betty.
  • Based upon the Photo Number (#842), I estimate this photo was taken about 1937.
  • Betty L. Gass was born on 19 February 1930; I believe this is a photo of her when she was about seven years old.

Sadly, one of the two negatives I have of Betty is out of focus, and the second negative is a profile.

Family Search does not appear to have a profile for Betty L Gass; however, her father is Garland E. Gass, ID: L21Q-6MH. However, Betty L. Gass is found in six public trees at Ancestry.Com

Because Betty does not have a Family Search profile, I have added her photo to Dead Fred. I also uploaded the out-of-focus photo of her to my Flickr photostream.


  • I identified four individuals with Family Search profiles, so I posted their photos to their Family Search
  • I identified one individual who did not have a profile on Family Search, so I uploaded her photo to Dead Fred.

Final Note

If any of these photos are of your family member, I would love to hear your reaction. Especially if this photo is of a loved one for whom you hadn’t seen this particular photograph before.


[i] The Wight Studio was in Portland, Maine. Many thanks to Ethel Wight’s family for access to and permission to use the collection of their great aunt.

[ii] These images were converted to positives using a lightbox, a Nikon camera and computer software.

The Pride’s Corner Union Bible Society

Treasure Chest Thursday
Welch-Harris Project

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.One of my favorite resources in researching ancestors is to check the local historical society. A simple google search using the “Site” criteria for a search. In this case, I was researching Mildred Swain in my Welch-Harris Project. I knew from the 1910 Census she was living in Westbrook and attending school. A Google search of the Westbrook Historical Society’s website site for Mildred would be:

Mildred Swain

The search returned one page, A quick <cmd-f> to find an entry of “Swain” on the page yielded a photo of “The Pride’s Corner Union Bible Society” as well as a great little article. Besides my Mildred, who would have been about 12 at the time, is another Mildred (I wonder who she is?), her sisters Ruby and Esther, and Mildred’s father, Milton. What a treasure to find. There is additional history about the Pride’s Corner Church; land for the church was purchased on Elmwood Street in 1912, and the church was dedicated in 1915, free from debt.

A colorized and enhanced version of the Pride’s Corner Union Bible Society photo, circa 1911. Photo courtesy of the Westbrook Historical Society.

On the back of the original photograph is additional information about some of the people in the photo. Included is that Mildred Swain married Lawrence Harmon (which I knew) and that Ruby Swain married Van Vliet (which I didn’t know.)

Key features:
    • Milton Swain was a founder of the Pride’s Corner Union Bible Society. His children, Ruby, Mildred, and Esther, also attended the Society.
    • Ruby Swain married Van Vliet.
    • All were living in the Pride’s Corner neighborhood of Westbrook in 1912.
    • I cropped mall headshots of the various Swain family members in the photo to use in my family tree.


I couldn’t wait to see what else might be on the Westbrook Historical Society. A search for just “Swain” on the site found a list of people buried at the Highland Lake Cemetery. It included the following entries:

    • SWAIN Emma L. Bunker w/o Milton N. Swain 1866 – 1933
    • SWAIN Milton N. 1867 – 1961
    • SWAIN Ruby L. (VanVliet) w/o Willem VanVliet 1895 – Mar 7, 1958

Continuing with more items to follow-up with:

    • A heretofore unknown woman also named Mildred Swain lived in the area and should be researched regarding her relationship. (Possibly a sister of Milton’s and/or namesake for young Mildred?)
    • Research the Pride’s Corner Church on Elmwood Street.
    • Research the Pride’s Corner school, its students, etc.

Ancestor Sketch – Mildred R. Swain

Welch-Harris Project
Welch-Harris-Harmon-Swain Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Mildred R. Swain was born, married, raised four children, and died in the Greater Portland, Maine, area.

Welch/Harris – Ancestor #15

List of Greats

    • 1st Great-grandmother: Mildred R. Swain (1899-1984)
    • 2nd Great-grandfather: Milton N Swain (1867-____)

Mildred R. Swain Harmon (1899-1984)


Mildred R. Swain was born on 18 March 1899 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. Dr. N. M. Marshall was the attending physician. She was the third child of Milton N and Emma L. (Bunker) Swain.


1900 Census

  • The 1900 U.S. Census found the Milton N. Swain household living at 326 Ocean Street, Portland (Ward 9), Maine. Thirty-two-year-old Milton was an insurance clerk and owned his home free. His wife, Emma, age 33, had had three children, but one had died by then. Milton and Emma had been married for nine years, so it appears that the one child was born and died between 1891 and 1900. Emma’s nineteen-year-old sister, Rossie Bunker, is living with the family, who is working as a dressmaker.
    • Household          Role          Sex Age Birthplace & Date
    • Milton N Swain     Head         M      32     Maine        Aug 1867
    • Emma L Swain    Wife           F       34     Maine        July 1866
    • Ruby L Swain       Daughter F       4       Maine        Nov. 1895
    • Mildred R Swain Daughter F       1       Maine        Mar 1899
    • Rossie Bunker     S-in-law    F       19     Maine        Feb 1881

1910 Census

Between 1900 and 1910, the Swain family moved from Portland to a farm on Brook Street in Westbrook, Ward 5, Cumberland County, Maine. The 1910 U.S. Census reported forty-two-year-old Milton was a stenographer at an insurance office. He owned his farm free. His wife, Emma, age 43, had had three living children, with little Esther born about 1905.

Fourteen-year-old Ruby and 11-year-old Mildred were attending school. Five-year-old Esther hadn’t started school yet. 


Mildred Swain and Lawrence[1] Louis Harmon took out a marriage license on 19 September 1917 and were married on 1 October 1917 in Westbrook. John A. Ford, a clergyman in Gorham, performed the ceremony.

Mildred and Lawrence located to Portland and lived at 7 Grace Street when Lawrence entered the military service on 28 August 1918. He served until 5 December 1918, when he was honorably discharged. After his service, they began their family. They had four (known) children

    • Alton Swain         Born 11 May 1919
    • Ruth Marie           Born 19 July 1922
    • Louise Lucille      Born 2 January 1928
    • Vyra A                   Born circa 1932

1919 – Lawrence and Mildred lived at 62 Mobil Street, Westbrook, when Alton was born on 11 May 1919.


I have been unsuccessful in finding Mildred and Lawrence in the 1920 Census.

I did find Laurence and Mildred living in Westbrook in 1922. Laurance was working as an auto mechanic at 684 Congress in Portland. On 19 July 1922, their second child Ruth Marie was born. Also, on 2 January 1928, their third child Louise Lucille was born.


The 1930 Gorham City directory indicates Laurance ad Mildred lived on Home Bar Mills Road, near the Scarborough Line in Gorham.

The 1930 Census finds Mildred and Lawrence’s home in Gorham valued at $2,500; the Harmons own their home. Alton and Ruth are attending school, and Louine is too young for school yet.

Their fourth child, Vyra, was probably born in 1932.

The 1940 Census indicates that in 1935 they lived in the same house as they did in 1940.


The 1940 Census shows the Harmon family living on County Road in Gorham. It indicates that Mildred had one year of high school (previously). The household consisted of Laurence, Mildred, and their four children. Alton was working as a farmhand, and the three younger children were attending school.

Mildred’s husband, Laurance Louis Harmon, died on 4 April 1941.


Marker – HARMON, Laurance L (1897-1941) & Mildred S. (1899-1984)

Mildred R. (Swain) Harmon died in December 1984. She is buried in the South Gorham Cemetery.

Events by Location

Mildred R. (Swain) Harmon lived her entire life in the greater Portland, Maine area, all within about 10 miles.

    • Maine, Cumberland, Gorham                 1930-1940, Burial
    • Maine, Cumberland, Portland                Birth, 1900 | 1918
    • Maine, Cumberland, Westbrook             1910, Marriage | 1919-1922

Further Actions / Follow-up

    • Census – Locate Mildred and Lawrence in the 1920 Census.
    • Education, Maine, Westbrook – Mildred attended School in Westbrook in 1910. Her schooling included one year of high school.
    • Education, Maine, Gorham – Look for school records for Alton & Ruth attending school in Gorham (1930 & 1940).
    • Education, Maine, Gorham – Look for school records for Vyra attending school in Gorham (1940)
    • News – Research Mildred Swain in Cumberland County, 1899-1917.
    • News – Research Mildred Harmon in Cumberland County, 1917-1985.
    • Probate – Look for Probate of Laurance’s will circa 1941-1942.
    • Probate – Look for Probate of Mildred’s property circa 1984-1985.
    • Property – Look for Real Estate Records for Lawrence Harmon (1920 Westbrook, 1930 & 1940 Gorham).
    • Religion – Mildred and Lawrence were married in a ceremony performed by John A. Ford, a clergyman in Gorham. What church was Rev. Ford the minister for, and are there any church records from this period.
    • Vital Records – Look for death record/obituary for Mildred R. Harmon.
    • Vital Records – Look for a birth record for Vyra.


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    • “United States Census, 1910,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 July 2021), Milton N Swain, Westbrook Ward 5, Cumberland, Maine, United States; citing enumeration district (E.D.) ED 115, sheet 8A, family 163, NARA microfilm publication T624 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1982), roll 540; FHL microfilm 1,374,553.
    • “United States Census, 1930,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 19 December 2020), Laurence Harman, Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, United States; citing enumeration district (E.D.) ED 17, sheet 7A, line 2, family 105, NARA microfilm publication T626 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 2002), roll 830; FHL microfilm 2,340,565.
    • “United States Census, 1940,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 28 February 2020), Vyra A Harmon in the household of Lawrence Harmon, Gorham Town, Cumberland, Maine, United States; citing enumeration district (E.D.) 3-27, sheet 6A, line 37, family 92, Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940, NARA digital publication T627. Records of the Bureau of the Census, 1790 – 2007, R.G. 29. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 2012, roll 1474.
    • Find a Grave, database and images ( : accessed 30 July 2021), memorial page for Mildred Harmon (1899–1984), Find a Grave Memorial ID 127906355, citing South Gorham Cemetery, Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine, USA; Maintained by Maine 101 (contributor 47130320).
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    • S. City Directories, 1822-1989, Portland, Maine – 1922 – Harmon, Lawrence L.
    • S. City Directories, 1822-1995, Ancestry, Westbrook, ME – 1930 – Gorham Directory – Page 241 – Harmon.


[1] Laurence, Laurance, and Lawrence, are all spellings for Laurance. It is my practice to typically use the spelling used in the particular document that I am citing from. “Laurance” is the spelling used on his grave marker. As such, that is the spelling I prefer using.

Book Review – Pioneers on Maine Rivers

by Wilbur D. Spencer

Review by Don Taylor

Maine’s early history is the story of Europeans coming to the new land to start anew. My understanding has always included the fundamental knowledge that the people settled along the rivers. Indeed, Scarborough and the entire Maine coast contains stories of the various plantations, proprietors, and pioneers. With my volunteer work at the Scarborough Historical Society, I’ve grown to know many of the stories of Scarborough, but I know little about any other places along the Maine coast. Consequently, I was excited to see Pioneers on Maine Rivers as a book to straighten out some confusing stories and provide the basics of many other colonization stories of Maine.

Summary of content

After the dedication and introduction, the author includes several background facts, such as the “Maine Visiting Lists before 1630,” “Proprietary Division,” and “The First Plantations. Then the book takes each river where settlements were established and works north from the Piscataqua River to the Machias River. Most of the settlement writeups include their history and quick identification of the early pioneers.

Analysis and evaluation of the book

To understand the accuracy and what the book can add to my knowledge and understanding, I immediately jumped to the “Scarborough River.” I had heard of the first settlers at Blue Point, Henry Watts and Richard Foxwell. I knew the first pioneers included Hilkiah Bailey and George Dearing, but I didn’t realize that Dearing’s widow married Jonas Bailey. A short subsection about “Stratton’s Islands” included dates of various individuals establishing settlements.

The next chapter in the book is the “Nonesuch River.” Surprisingly, this chapter included a few paragraphs regarding the Alger settlement at Dunstan (where I live on land that was once the Alger property). After the four pages of history about the settlements is a set of short paragraphs about the Pioneers. For example:

BAILEY, HILKIAH, employe or tenant of Richard Foxwell at Blue Point 1640; last mentioned, 1645.

The following chapter, SPURWINK RIVER[i], includes information about Richmond Island and Cape Elizabeth. Again, the Pioneers are listed, which includes Andrew Alger and Jonas Baily.

There are several appendixes, including on on Planters and another on Patents. However, “Appendix C” intrigued me. It is “Ancient Maps of Maine.” It provides a shortlist of maps that I will definitely seek to find copies of. I love maps.  There is an index; the index does not include the individuals listed in the Pioneer sections, but otherwise, it is excellent.


I found the book helpful, and I am delighted to have it in my collection. Whenever I want to know the early history of Maine’s many river settlements, this will be my “go-to” book for gaining basic knowledge of Maine’s 17th-century settlements.[ii]

Spencer, Wilbur Daniel. 1995. Pioneers on Maine rivers: with lists to 1651 compiled from the original sources. Baltimore: Reprinted for Clearfield Co., Inc., by Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc.

Pioneers on Maine Rivers
Publication Date: 1930
Reprint Date: 1995
Pages: 414 pp.


This book is available at the Portland Public Library[iii], the University of Southern Maine Library[iv], and directly from the publisher.

—– Disclosure —–


[i] The Spurwink River provides some of the border between Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth. Today, Higgins Beach is on the western bank of the Spurwink River. Across the river, the eastern bank, is primarily farmland. Also see the area at the mouth of the Spurwink River (43°34’17.1″N 70°16’42.4″W) on Google Maps

[ii] I need to reread the chapter on the Saco River. It’s 20+ pages contained so much information my head is spinning.

[iii] Internet: WorldCat –

[iv] Ibid.

Ancestor Sketch – Albert S. Bodge

Blanchard-Bodge Line
By Don Taylor

Blanchard-Utterstrom Project – Ancestor #18

List of Grandparents

    • Grandfather: Edward Everett Blanchard
    • 1st Great-grandmother: Minnie M. Bodge(1872-1948)
    • 2nd Great-grandfather: Albert S Bodge (1838-1897)
    • 3rd Great-grandfather: John Bodge


Albert S. Bodge was born in South Windham, Cumberland County, Maine, on 2 August 1838[i]. He was the youngest of five children of John and Betsy (Mathew) Bodge. His four older siblings were:

    • Mary E Born 1828
    • John P Born 1831
    • Eunice Born 1834
    • Louisa Born 1836


1840 Census – John Bodge, Head[ii]
    • Males Under 5 Appears to be Albert, age 1
    • Males 5 thru 9 Appears to be John (Jr.), age 9
    • Males 40 thru 49 John, Age 45
    • Females Under 5 Appears to be Louisa, age 4
    • Females 5 thru 9 Appears to be Eunice, age 6
    • Females 10 thru 14 Appears to be Mary, age 12
    • Females 40 thru 49 Appears to be Betsy, age 41
1850 Census – John Bodge, Head
    • John Bodge               M    55    Maine – Farmer, Real Estate Value: $2,000
    • Betsey Bodge           F     50    Maine
    • Mary E Bodge          F     22    Maine
    • John P Bodge          M     19    Maine     Attending School
    • Eunice Bodge          F     16    Maine     Attending School
    • Louisa Bodge          F     14    Maine     Attending School
    • Albert Bodge          M     11      Maine         Attending School
1860 Census – John Bodge, Head
    • John Bodge M    66    Maine     Farmer – Real Property Value: $3,000, Personal Property value: $500
    • Betsey Bodge        F     62    Maine
    • Eunice C Bodge        F     26    Maine     Teach Com School
    • Louiser Bodge        F     24    Maine     Teach Com School
    • Albert C Bodge        M     21    Maine     Farm Laborer

It is unclear what may have happened to Mary or John, but neither were enumerated here with the John Bodge household. Further research should determine where Mary and John lived.

1863 Civil War

Of the 348 young men who registered for the 14th Sub-District of Cumberland County draft, 107 names were drawn, and Albert Bodge’s name was one of them.  However, the law allowed for individuals to send a substitute in their place. The drafted person gave the substitute $300 (the equivalent of $5,000 today), and the substitute served in their place. Albert’s substitute was William Blake. William Blake of Portland mustered-in in August 1863 and mustered out on 1 September 1866.

After the end of the Civil War (1865) and 1877, Albert moved several times and had several different occupations. It doesn’t appear that marriage affected his trying different places or occupations.


After the war, on 2 April 1867, Albert married Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mayberry. At the time, Albert was living in Portland, and Lizzie was living in Gorham. Shortly after their marriage their first child was born, Bertha.


1870 Census – Albert Bodge, Head

Westbrook, Cumberland County, Maine.

    • Albert S Bodge,     M      31     Maine       Teamster
    • Lizzie M Bodge      F       32     Maine
    • Berta A Bodge         F       1       Maine

By 1872, when daughter Minnie was born, the family had moved to Lewiston. They lived in a house on Bridge Street near Winter. Albert was an operative at the Androscoggin mill (a cotton mill). By 1876, they removed to Gray, Cumberland County, Maine. (He probably worked at the Mayall’s Mills.) He was also in Gray when he sold 200 acres of land he inherited from his father to his brother, John.[iii] He also sold an additional 7 acres to John.

The following year, 1877, Albert and his family moved to Westbrook, where he would live for the next 20 years. He worked for S. D. Warren & Co., a paper mill in Westbrook.

By 1880, the family appears to have broken up. I have not found either Albert’s wife, “Lizzie,” or his daughters, Berta or Minnie, during the 1880 Census. I suspect that “Lizzie” died, and the children were scattered. In 1880, Albert was living in a rooming house near the paper mill. The Census recorded him as single, so it may be that he and “Lizzie” had divorced. I may learn more when I research Lizzie.

Albert’s Second Marriage

By 1885, Albert and Emily Leighton got together. I am yet to find a marriage record for them; however, in 1886, they had a daughter, Hattie Louise Bodge.

Two of Albert’s Children Marry

On 12 June 1886, Albert’s oldest child, Bertha, married Charles A. Blanchard in Deering[iv], Maine.

On 14 December 1886, Albert’s middle child, Minnie Mabel, married Frederick W. Blanchard. Frederick’s older brother, Charles A Blanchard, is probably the same Charles that Bertha married. So, it appears to be another case of two sisters marrying two brothers.

Albert’s Third Marriage

Emily and Albert separated (or divorced). On 28 October 1894, Albert married Hattie Simpson.

Historical Event – Flood of Westbrook

S.D. Warren Mill following 1896 Flood – Photo Courtesy Walker Memorial Library via Maine Memory Network

In March 1896, Westbrook experienced a major flood. Melting snow caused the Presumpscot river to rise rapidly. Two bridges washed away, followed by the Westbrook electric light station washed away, causing Westbrook to lose lighting and power. The gatehouse at S. D. Warren (where Albert worked) and other damage threw 2500 people out of work. Other bridges and infrastructure were destroyed as well, including bridges in Gorham and Saco.


Albert S. Bodge died at the age of 59 on 10 August 1897 in Westbrook, Cumberland County, Maine, of valvular heart disease. His funeral was held on 23 August 1987 at the Advent Church in Westbrook.

Event’s after Albert’s Death

Albert’s youngest daughter, Hattie, married on 9 May 1916, 19 years after Albert’s death. Hattie’s mother had also passed before Hattie’s marriage to Harry Eugene Maxim.

Events by Location

Albert is known to have lived in five locations, all within 35 miles of each other.

Location                                             Potential Residence Years[v].

    • Maine, Androscoggin, Lewiston        1870-1876
    • Maine, Cumberland, Gray                    1872-1877
    • Maine, Cumberland, Portland            1863-1870
    • Maine, Cumberland, Westbrook        1867-1872 & 1876-1897
    • Maine, Cumberland, Windham          1838-1767

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Research where Mary and John Bodge (Albert’s siblings) were during the 1860 Census.
  • The 1880 Census recorded Albert as single. It may be that he and “Lizzie” had divorced. Research Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bodge.
  • Research Emily Leighton, Albert’s 2nd wife and their daughter Hattie Louise Bodge.
  • Research Hattie Simpson, Albert’s 3rd wife
  • Perform a 2nd level research of Albert S. Bodge.


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1880 Census
1880 Census, Albert S Bodge – Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine. “United States Census, 1880,” database with images, FamilySearch ( 61903/1:1:MF3V-YQT : 19 February 2021), Albert S Bodge in household of Mary A Berry, Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine, United States; citing enumeration district ED 64, sheet 529D, NARA microfilm publication T9 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), FHL microfilm 1,254,478.

Cumberland County Register of Deeds Internet
Cumberland County Register of Deeds, Internet, Deed – Doc# 3143 – Albert S Bodge to John I Bodge – 27 June 1876.
Cumberland County Register of Deeds, Internet, Deed – Doc# 3143 – Albert S Bodge to John J Bodge – 12 June 1876.

Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921
Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921, Family Search, Birth – Minnie M Bodge – 24 March 1972.
Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921, Family Search, Death – Albert S Bodge – 1897. “Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921,” database with images, FamilySearch (https:// : 2 March 2021), Albert S Bodge, 19 August 1897; citing Westbrook, , Maine, United States, multiple sources, Maine; FHL microfilm.

Maine, Marriage Index, 1892-1966, 1977-1996
Maine, Marriage Index, 1892-1966, 1977-1996, Family Search, Albert S Bodge – Hattie Simpson – No Image – 28 October 1894. Maine State Archives, Augusta, via Family Search.

Maine, U.S., Marriage Records, 1713-1922
Maine, U.S., Marriage Records, 1713-1922, Ancestry, Albert Bodge & Lizzie
Maybury . Maine State Archives; Cultural Building, 84 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0084; Pre 1892 Delayed Returns; Roll Number: 10.

Portland Daily Press
Portland Daily Press (Portland, Maine, ), Genealogy Bank, 1863-08-14 – Albert S. Bodge.
Portland Daily Press (Portland, Maine, ), Genealogy Bank, 1897-08-24 – Westbrook – Funeral of Albert Bodge.

Portland Weekly Advertiser
Portland Weekly Advertiser (Portland, ME), Genealogy Bank, 1863-07-25 – The Draft – Windham.

U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995, Ancestry, Lewiston, Maine – 1872 – Page 24 – Albert Bodge.

U.S., Adjutant General Military Records, 1631-1976
U.S., Adjutant General Military Records, 1631-1976, Ancestry, Page 23 – Windham – Albert S. Bodge.

U.S., Civil War Draft Registration Records, 1863-1865
U.S., Civil War Draft Registration Records, 1863-1865, Ancestry, Albert S Bodge


[i] Some records, such as his death recording,  indicate that Albert was born in Westbrook, however, earlier records indicate he was born in South Windham. Additionally, the Bodge family farm (over 200 acres) was in Windham.

[ii] Additional information regarding Albert Bodge & the 1840 Census was posted previously.

[iii] See: The Deed of Albert S Bodge to John J Bodge – 12 June 1876

[iv] Deering was a town in Cumberland County, incorporated 1871. Before 1871 it was a part of Saccarappa. In 1899, the town was annexed by the City of Portland and is today a neighborhood of Portland. (Ref: Wikipedia – Deering, Maine)

[v] Potential Residence Year begin in the year Albert is known to have lived before the location and ends the year Albert is known to have lived after the location. These are the years Albert could be found in the location described.