Ancestor Biography – Martha Angeline Libby (1863-1938)

Whitten Project
Whitten/Libby Line

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Ever since I started volunteering at the Scarborough Historical Society I’ve been hearing stories that all the Libby’s in Maine are descended from one person – John Libby. According to several accounts, John Libby settled in Scarborough about 1630 and was one of the earliest settlers.  Naturally, I was excited when I learned that my sister-in-law’s great-grandmother was a Libby.  Would I be able to connect her Libby ancestor into the long line of famous Maine Libby’s?

Whitten Project – Ancestor #9

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Herbert Winfield Whitten
  • 1st Great-grandmother: Martha Angeline Libby
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: Charles G. Libby

Martha Angeline Libby (1863-1938)

Martha Angeline Libby[i] was born in March of 1863[ii], in Limerick, York County, Maine. She was probably the third child of Charles G. and Jane H. Libby.


The 1870 Census is key in understanding her childhood. The census shows her father is a farm laborer and her mother is keeping house.  Also, living with them is Marietta, a 13-year-old girl who is working in the woolen mill and is also attending school. The 1870 Census does not include relationships, but I’m assuming she is an older sister unless I learn otherwise.  Also, is her older sister Harriett, who likewise is attending school. Seven-year-old Martha doesn’t appear to have begun school at that time.[iii]

The 1880 Census finds the 17-year-old Martha still at home in Limerick with her parents and her sister Hattie (Harriett). Her father is still a farm laborer.[iv]


In 1882, Martha married Daniel Winfield Whitten[v]. And the family stays in Limerick and they begin to have children.


  • Life map of Martha Libby Whitten
    Martha Libby Whitten lived her entire life in York County, Maine

    Herbert Winfield Whitten was born on 3 September 1883 in Limerick.[vi]

  • Charles Libby Whitten was born in January 1886 in Limerick.[vii]
  • Muriel Arvella Whitten was born 7 Sep 1890 in Limerick.[viii]

The 1900 Census indicates that Martha had had three children and all three were alive, she and Herbert had been married for 18 years, and were then living about 15 miles south in Shapleigh, ME.

  • Newsen Whitten was born about 1901
  • Leland W. Whitten was born about 1904.

The 1910 Census indicates that Martha had had five children and all five were alive. The couple had moved to Kennebunkport and lived on Kennebunk Road. All the kids were living with them and were either working or attending school.[ix]

The 1920 Census shows Daniel and Martha Angeline “Angie” living on Portland Road in Kennebunk[x].  Herbert and Charles had moved on, so Muriel, Newsen, and Leland were the only children remaining at home.

The 1930 Census shows Daniel and Martha still on Portland Road in Kennebunk. Their daughter, Muriel, had moved in with her husband John Hayes.


Marker of Daniel & Martha A. Whitten
Marker – Daniel & Martha A Whitten
Photo by “Airborne Steve” via Find a Grave.

Martha Angeline (Libby) Whitten died in 1938.[xi] She was survived by her husband, Daniel Winfield Whitten and at least four, if not all five, of her children. She is buried in Highland Grove cemetery in North Shapleigh, York County, Maine.

Libby Family Search

I then just had to look at The Libby Family in America 1602-1881 by Charles T Libby. Would I find Martha Angeline Libby.  Yes! She was listed. I now had an entry point into THE Libby family for Martha.  The book shows, on page 399, Martha Angeel Libby born on 23 March 1863 in Limerick, whose parents are Charles Gardner Libby and Jane H. Warren. It also shows an older sister, Hattie. Definitely, the right person.

Based upon The Libby Family in America 1602-1881, we learned that Charles’s father was William Libby, born in Limerick, Me., 21 June 1811; married, 28 Nov. 1830, Martha Libby.

Whose father was Joseph Libby, born in that part of Kittery, Me., which is now Eliot, 13 May 1767; married, 1795, Sarah Staples, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Mendum) Staples of Scarborough.

Libby Line followed

Whose father was Azariah Libby, born 1740, in Kittery, now Eliot; Married Dec. 1762, Elizabeth Paul.

Whose father was Matthew Libby, born probably during his father’s stay in Portsmouth, 1690-1700; married 3 Sept. 1730, Mary Nason.

Whose father was Matthew Libby, born in Scarborough, in the year 1663 ; married Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Andew Brown, one of the principal inhabitants of Black Point.

Whose father was John Libby – the Immigrant (1602-1682) and the 8th great-grandfather of my sister-in-law. How fun is that.

UPDATED List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Herbert Winfield Whitten
  • 1st Great-grandmother: Martha Angeline Libby
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: Charles G. Libby
  • 3rd Great-grandfather:  William Libby
  • 4th Great-grandfather:  Joseph Libby
  • 5th Great-grandfather: Azariah Libby
  • 6th Great-grandfather: Matthew Libby
  • 7th Great-grandfather: Matthew Libby
  • 8th Great-grandfather: John Libby


[i] Martha Angeline Libby is identified as Martha in the 1880 and 1910 Censuses and as Angie M. in the 1900 and 1920 Censuses. Overall, Martha is used more frequently than Angie and is the name on her grave marker, so I prefer Martha in my use.

[ii] 1900 Census (FS), Danel [Daniel] W. Whitten – Shapleigh Town, York County, Maine.

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Ancestor Biography – Daniel Whitten (1859-1950)

Whitten-Bickford-2016 Project
#8 – Whitten Line
By Don Taylor

It is often best and usually easiest to look at a person’s life backwards.  That is to begin with their death records then follow them through all of the census records and finish with their birth record. Each record can build upon the next to provide a view of the life of the individual.

Marker of Daniel Whitten
Marker – Daniel Whitten
Photo by “Airborne Steve”
via Find a Grave #172317650

Daniel Whitten was buried with his wife, Martha Angelina Libby at Highland Grove Cemetery at North Shapleigh, York County, Maine in 1950.[1]

In 1942, Daniel was living in Kennebunk, Maine when he filed a delayed birth certificate for his son, Herbert Winfield Whitten. The certificate showed Herbert was too old (58) to be drafted.[2]

Then we find Daniel in the census records.

  • 1940 – Age 80, widower, Kennebunk, ME.[3]
  • 1935 – Kennebunk, ME – Same House as 1940.[4]
  • 1930 – Age 70, with wife (Martha), Kennebunk, Maine.[5]
  • 1920 – Age 60, with wife (Martha), Kennebunk, Maine.[6]
  • 1910 – Age 50, with wife (Martha), Kennebunkport, Maine.[7]
  • 1900 – Age 41, with wife (Angie M), Shapleigh, Maine.[8] [Martha Angelina][9]
  • 1890 – (The 1890 Census was lost.)
  • 1883 – Age 24, Living in Limerick, Maine when his son Herbert was born.[10]
  • 1882 – 1900 Census says they were married for 18 years; the 1910 Census indicates they had been married for 28 years.

Here is where things get sketchy.  I can’t find Daniel in the 1880 census. Try as I might, I’m just not finding him.

I think I’ve found him in the 1870 Census.[11] If so, he is a 10 year old, attending school, and living with an extended group of Whittens. Unfortunately, the 1870 Census doesn’t indicate relationships between people in the household.

Household            Gender        Age   Birthplace

Jane Whitten                 F       83      Maine, – Keeping House
Hiram L Whitten          M      39      Maine, – Laborer
Sarah Whittn                 F       28      Maine, – Without Occupation
Lizzie A Whitten            F       17      Maine, – Works in Woolen Mill
Hiram A Whitten          M      14      Maine, – Works in Woolen Mill
Charles F Whitten         M      12      Maine, – Works in Woolen Mill
Daniel Whitten          M     10    Maine, – Attending School
Susan E Whitten            F       9       Maine, – Attending School
George M Whitten         M      6       Maine, – Attending School

Clearly, Daniel cannot be the son of the 83-year-old Jane.  Also, although the 28-year-old Sarah could be his mother, the 17-year-old Lizzie could not be the daughter of Sarah. The bottom line is that the 1870 census, by itself, begs more questions than provides answers.

The 1860 Census appears to clear up some of the questions.[12]

Household            Gender        Age   Birthplace

Hiram Whitten              M      29      Me – Day Laborer, Personal Property worth $50.00
Julia A Whitten              F       24      Me
Elizabeth A Whitten      F       7       Me – Attended School
Hiram A Whitten           M      5       Me – Attended School
Charles F Whitten          M      3       Me
Daniel Whitten               M      1       Me

It appears that Hiram is the head of the household and has a wife, Julia, and four children including Daniel. It appears to be a pretty typical family unit.

The problem with this assessment is that the Daniel Whitten post marriage is a clear family being followed for fifty plus years. The Daniel Whitten family of 1870 and before is likewise clear.  However, the linkage of two Daniel Whittens is dubious at best. The only thing that links the two families is the name Daniel Whitten, the birth date/year and place of Daniel (Maine), and the birth location of Daniel’s parents (Maine). Not quite enough to make me comfortable that I have followed Daniel throughout his life and haven’t possibly crossed Daniels somehow. I definitely need to do more research to shore up my assertation that the Daniel Whitten of Dover, NH in the 1860s and 1870s is the same Daniel Whitten of Limerick, Shapleigh, Kennebunkport, and Kennebunk in later years.

List of Grandparents

  • Grand Parent: Herbert Winfield Whitten
  • 1st Great: Daniel Winfield Whitten
  • 2nd Great: Hiram L Whitten?

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Find Daniel Whitten in 1880 Census.
  • Find Daniel in a birth, marriage, or military record (Fold 3 might be a help with that) which would show relationships.
  • Follow Hiram Whitten, his wife, and children after 1870.




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Harmon’s Mill, Scarborough, ME

Mappy Monday
Museum Monday

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; well, a good map can be worth ten times that. In my volunteer activities at the Scarborough Historical Society, I had been asked to confirm the locations for Scottaway Hill, Harmon’s Mill, and Mill Creek.

I looked into the society’s families files. The Harmon’s have a nice sized file, but all the documents we have seem to relate to other Harmons in the area (presumably descendants of Samuel Harmon). I looked at some of my other regular sources and found the same quoted information in several locations, “Samuel Harmon purchased several large tracts of land at Scottaway Hill in Scarboro, ME, built a mill on the river there known as Harmon’s Mill, and settled at the place in 1728.”

Map of Blue Point & DunstanI thought this should be simple; I had seen the Blue Point and Dunston map from The History of Scarborough, which does a great job of showing where Scottow’s Hill, Harmon’s Mill, and even Harmon’s Landing were. Of course, “the road to Falmouth” is Route 1 today and the R.R. shown on the map is the Eastern Trail today. I double-checked with the society’s curator and she confirmed that Scottaway Hill and Scottow’s Hill are the same place.

1.  Assuming the “Blue Point and Dunston” map is correct, Harmon’s Mill should be about 1/3 of the way between Route one and the Eastern Trail along the creek. That would put it right near the ninth hole at Willowdale golf course – behind the Portland Pie Company’s Corporate Headquarters.

My “go to” place for anything dealing with water is the USGS. They have a hydrography map that is incredible. Zoom in to the area you are interested in. I like to toggle on layers for Geographic Names, Structures, and Transportation.  You can toggle on imagery as well.

2.  To confuse things, the USGS map, and some other maps I’ve seen, indicate that Mill Brook is the right hand of the two forks shown on the Blue Point and Dunston map, not the one shown to host the mill. If so, the original site could be anywhere along that right-hand stream.  I think this is the least likely scenario, but one that could be considered.

3.  Finally, local tradition says that the mill was along the creek that doesn’t show up on any modern maps. Certainly, there is evidence that a creek ran through the area, but because of the development over the centuries there is no evidence of the mill there.  Also, this site would be along the way to Harmon’s Landing. 

Harmon’s Mill Location
Map by Google – Annotations by Don Taylor


So, if local tradition is correct and Harmon’s Mill was located along Manson-Libby Road, probably about half way to Harmon’s Landing. If so, then Scarborough History is incorrect. That said, three sites are really close to each other; all are within a half-mile circle and are within 1/2 to 1 mile from Scottow Hill. I may never know, for certain, where Harmon’s Mill was exactly, but to know that it existed and to know it was an important business in Scarborough 250 years ago is the important thing.


If you have evidence supporting that Harmon’s Mill was at one of these or some other location, I’d love to hear from you. I would like to know where Harmon’s Mill was, and I know the descendants of Samuel Harmon would love to learn where it was also.


Biography – Albert Thomas Utterstrom (1898-1973)


Albert Thomas Utterstrom[1] was born on 12 July 1898 in Deering, Cumberland County,
Maine[2],. He died on 1 June 1973 in  Maine, aged 74[3], was buried in Falmouth Cumberland County, Maine at Pine Grove Cemetery[4].

He is the son of Olaf A Utterstrom (1865-), aged 33, and  Hanna A. Halverson (1866-), aged 32. The following information is also recorded for Albert:

Occupation: Trucking Company
Education : H4 (per 1940 Census)

Noted events in the life of Albert were:

  • Residence : 24 Olympia on 12 September 1918 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[5]
  • Physical Description : Described as Tall, medium build, Blue eyes, dark Brown hair on his draft registration on 12 September 1918 in Portland (Cumberland County, Maine,
    United States)[6]
  • Military Service : Entered military service on 31 October 1918 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[7]
  • Military Service : Discharged on 23 December 1918 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[8]
  • Residence : 24 Olympia Street on 1st January 1920 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[9],[10]
  • Residence : 52 Wellword Road on 1st April1930 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.
  • Residence : 52 Wellword Road on 1st April 1935 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[11]
  • Residence : 52 Wellword Road on 1st April 1940 in
    Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[12],[13]

He married[14] Lois M. Hodgdon (-1929), daughter of Victor Hodgdon and  Martha Wilkenson on 2 September 1926 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.[15]. Albert was 28. Lois died in 1929.

He next married Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976) on 1st October 1930 in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.[16] Albert was 32 and Annie was 22.

He was extremely involved with the Masons Maine. He served as Commander-in-Chief of Maine Consistory from 1949 until 1952. He then served as Grand Commander of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar in 1952. He was the treasurer for the Grand  Royal Arch Chapter of Maine from 1954 until 1970

Child of Albert and Annie was:

  • Living.


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Newspaper Articles – Albert Utterstrom (1898-1973)

Select Newspaper Archives articles found via Find My Past regarding
Albert Utterstrom (1898-1973)
United States, Maine filter applied – Sorted by Date
Ref: Find My Past Search (Paid site Link – $$ required.)
Articles found are “Copyright: ‘Fair Use’ allowed.”
During the research for my “Blanchard Project” I was taken to search out articles about Albert Utterstrom (1898-1973). The above Reference search yielded 49 articles. I was surprised when I learned that Albert was a Mason, very high up in Masonic hierarchy in Maine. I was surprised because there was no Masonic symbology on his grave marker. Often, when a Mason is buried, the Masons assist in the funeral and bury the individual with “Masonic Honors.” This does not appear to be the case with Albert as nothing graveside nor in the newspapers of the time indicate anything about his Masonic activities.
That commentary aside, it is clear that Masonic actions and activities were an important part of Albert Utterstrom’s life. The following are extracts from many of the 49 articles I found through Find My Past and NewspaperARCHIVES:
December 10, 1942 – Daily Kennebec Journal – Augusta, Maine – Photo of the SPECIAL GUESTS AND PRINCIPALS at annual inspection of St. Omar Commanders, No. 12, Knights Templers includes Albert T Utterstrom of Portland, Grand Warden.
September 17, 1945 – Daily Kennebec Journal – Augusta, Maine – Grand Commandery Military School of Instruction – Grand Commandery military school of instruction, Knights Templar was held Friday evening at the Masonic Temple under the direction of Albert Utterstrom, Eminent Sir of Portland, with Maine Commandery No. 1 of Gardner as hosts….
September 19, 1946 – Bath Independent – Bath, Maine – DUNLAP COMMANDERY INSTRUCTION SCHOOL – Seventy-five Sir Knight attended the successful School of Instruction at Masonic Temple, Thursday evening. Five commanderies were represented, Bath, Portland, Lewiston, Gardner and Augusta… Albert Utterstrom of Portland, Grand Military Instructor, was in charge of the school, and great interest was developed by the many questions ask and by his suggestions.
June 25, 1947 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Knights Templar Parade Here in St. John’s Day Observance – Nearly 1,000 Knights Templar, representing commanderies from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, members of the Tri-State Association paraded in Portland streets Tuesday in annual observance of St. John’s Day… Officers of the Tri-State Association are Albert C. Utterstrom, Portland, president; William….
October 19, 1947 – Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Photo – PROMINENT AT SHRINE PARTYMr. Utterstrom [shown]
[Same page – Different Article]
1,2000 Attend Kora Shrine Ladies’ Night At Poland Spring – More than 1,200 Kora Temple nobles and their wives and guests met at the Poland Spring House Friday evening for their annual Ladies Night observance…. Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Utterstrom [Portland] and [eight other people] were co-chairmen of the party.
January 11, 1948 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – KORA TEMPLE OFFICERS – Elected at annual meeting in Lewiston Friday evening were… Albert T. Utterstrom Portland, marshal….
October 17, 1948 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Shrine Plans Ladies’ Night – Several hundred are expected to attend the annual Shrine Ladies’ Night scheduled for Friday evening at the Poland Spring House….
At dinner the head table will be occupied by Governor and Mrs. Horace A Hildreth…. Mr. and Mrs. Albert T Utterstrom….
May 6, 1949 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Nights Templars of Main Install Cony A. Duncan Grand Commander – Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Maine, elected and installed Cony A. Duncan, Augusta as grand commander Tuesday afternoon as Maine Masons concluded their four-day annual get together in Masonic Temple here.  Also elected were… Albert T Utterstrom, Portland, grand captain general….
October 14, 1949 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Frank C. Allen to be Honored Today by Maine Consistory of Scottish Rite – Marks 20th Yeas as Maine Deputy. Frank C. Allen of 3 Bay Road, South Portland and Mrs.Allen will be honored by the Maine Consistory, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite… Albert T. Utterstrom, commander-in-chief of Maine Consistory, will preside….
October 16, 1949 – Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Photo: AT SCOTTISH RITE DINNER – [Head table is shown with Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Utterstrom.]
January 26, 1950 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Real Estate Transfer – Ruth A. Lewis to Albert T. Utterstrom, et als, all of Portland, land and buildings on Washington Avenue.
May 5, 1950 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Photo: GRAND COMMANDERY ELECTS – Harold A. Carman… Albert Utterstrom, Portland, grand generalissimo…
October 1, 1950 – Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Press Herald – Camden – Camden, Sept 30… Albert T. Utterstrom, Portland, eminent grand generalissimo of the Grand Commandery of Maine, will install the offers of the Camden Commandery at a semi-public installation… All Blue Lodge Masons and their ladies are cordially invited.
October 20, 1950 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Photo: KNIGHTS HONORED – … Albert T. Utterstrom….
February 25, 1951 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Sanford-Springvale – … A supper meeting of the pioneer Scottish Rites Club will be held… at the Springvale Masonic Hall. The speaker will be Albert Utterstrom, commander-in-chief of the Maine Consistory.
May 4, 1951 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Photo:  NEW KNIGHTS TEMPLAR LEADER – Officers of theGrand Commandery, Knight Templar elected and installed Thursday in the Masonic Temple… Albert D [sic] Utterstrom, Portland, deputy grand commander.
May 18, 1951 – Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine – Photo – Masonic LeadersAlbert T. Utterstrom, Portland, commander-in-chief of Maine Consistory….
May 3, 1956 – Bath Independent – Bath, Maine – All 13 Chapters In State Represented at DeMolay Conclave in Bath Saturday – Among distinguished guests present were… Albert Utterstrom, Portland, illustrious potentate of Kora Shrine…
[Note: Albert Utterstrom died 1 June 1973.]
January 16, 1974 – Portsmouth Herald – Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Kora Temple Plans Meeting for Lewiston – The program will be dedicated to the honor and memory of Albert T. Utterstrom, past potentate 1956, and Malcom B Dunlap, post potentate 1959.

Future Actions:

Attempt to find higher quality images from photos in newspapers from:

Daily Kennebec Journal – Augusta, Maine –  December 10, 1942 – Page 5.
Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine May 5, 1950 –Section A, Page 28.
Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine October 20, 1950 – Page 2.
Portland Press Herald – Portland, May 4, 1951 – Page 31.
Portland Press Herald – Portland, Maine May 18, 1951 – Page 18.
Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Press Herald – Portland, Maine- October 19, 1947 – Section B, Page 8.
Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Press Herald – Portland, Maine October 16, 1949 – Section A, Page 28.


Learn more about the Real Estate Transfer about 26 Jan 1950 regarding land and buildings on Washington Avenue.
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