Buel – Surname Saturday

Brown Line

Name Origin

According to Ancestry.Com, Buel is a variation of Buell. Then they indicate that Buell is, for Welsh, a variant for Bowell and for Dutch, it is an occupation name for a hangman. It continues that Bowell is a variant for Powell and that Powell is an Anglicized form of Welsh ap Hywel meaning “son of Hywel.”[i]

I think that Forebears does a better job of defining the name.  It too says it is Welsh, but that it means “a herd of cattle” or “an ox.” They also mention that it may refer to “Bueil,” a place in France.[ii]

So the question is, where our Buel’s come from, Wales, Holland, or France?


The 1840 Census indicated there were 192 Buel families in the United States. Seventy, or 36%, were living in New York. During the 1790 census, the majority of Buel’s were in Connecticut, but my Buel family members were living in Amenia, Dutchess County, New York in 1790.

My Buel Ancestors

I have six known Buel’s in my tree – Two are direct, my 6th great-grandmother, Deborah Buel and her father, my 7th great-grandfather, Grover Buel[iii].  Grover was born in Connecticut on 4 April 1732. He and Jerusha Buck has at least 4 children besides Deborah. They were Jenusha, Simon, Daniel and Grover. All of the children were born in Dutchess County, New York.

My Direct Buel Ancestors[iv]

  • #830 – Grover Buel (1832-1818) – Generation 10
  • #415 – Deborah Buel (1761-1843) – Generation 9
  • #207 – Electa Rowley (1782-1830) – Generation 8
  • #103 – Deborah Buel Mabon (1804-1874) – Generation 7
  • #51 – Mary Electa Parsons (1827-1888) – Generation 6
  • #25 – Marion Sanford (1846-aft. 1885) – Generation 5
  • #12 – Arthur Durwood Brown (1864-1928) – Generation 4
  • #6 – Richard Earl Brown (1903-1990) – Generation 3
  • My mother – Generation 2
  • Me – Generation 1

My known relatives.

My records have 287 known descendants of Grover Buel identified over thirteen generations.


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Buck – Surname Saturday

Name Origin

Buck was a nickname used to describe someone resembling a he-goat (Old English Bucc(a)) or a male deer (Old English Bucc). Sometimes, it was a topographic name for someone living near a beech tree (Middle English boc).[i] There are also several different sources for Buck from German roots, but it appears that my Buck ancestors were probably English.


The 1840 Census indicated there were 1158 Buck families in the United States. The majority of them lived in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Illinois.[ii] (Note: This includes many of the German forms of Buck.)

My Earliest Ancestors

Family Tree DNA - Family Finder and Population FinderMy most recent known Buck ancestor is my 7th great grand-grandmother, Jerusha Buck. Jerusha Buck was born 25 August 1739 in New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Her parents were Enoch Buck and Mary Beebe. She married Grover Buel on 15 February 1758. They had at least five children, including my ancestor Deborah Buel. my ancestor. She died in New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut, on 23 September 1778, and was buried about 25 miles away in the Old Amenia Burying Ground, in Amenia, Dutchess County, New York.[iii]

I have not had a chance to research Jerusha Buck, nor her father,Enoch, in depth yet, so my understand of their lives is quite limited still.

My Direct Buck Ancestors

  • #1662 – Enoch Buck (1683-1745) – Married Mary Beebe – 8th Great Grandparents
  • #831 – Jerusha Buck (1739-1778) – Married Grover Buel. – 7th Great Grandparents
  • Deborah Buel – Married Wicks Weeks Rowley – 6th Great Grandparents
  • Electa Rowley – Married Robert Maben – 5th Great Grandparents
  • Deborah Buel Maben – Married Chester Parsons – 4th Great Grandparents
  • Mary E. Parsons – Married William Sanford – 3rd Great Grandparents
  • Marion Sanford – Married William Henry Brown – 2nd Great Grandparents
  • Arthur Durwood Brown – Married Mary Elizabeth Manning – Great Grandparents
  • Richard Earl Brown – Grandparents (Biological father of child with Madonna Montran)
  • My mother – Generation 2
  • Me – Generation 1

My known relatives.

I only have six individuals with the surname Buck, in my records.  However, my records do have 292 direct-line descendants of Enoch and Mary (Beebe) Buck identified over fourteen generations, which is about 5% of my known Roberts/Brown Ancestors.


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