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I write about one of the surnames in either mine or my wife’s tree. It is fun to learn the meanings of the names, where they came to America, and what the known descendants of that ancestor are today.

Manning – Surname Saturday

Brown/Manning LineBy Don Taylor Name Origin[i] Family Search indicates that Mannin can be an Irish variant of Mannion and is found in Finland, the United States, and England. Manning can be an English variation of Ó Mainnin or is a … Continue reading

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Surname Saturday – Sills

Howell, Hobbs, Long, Bryan, Sills Line By Don Taylor Sills is a variation of Sill. The English Sills surname is likely derived from the name of an ancestor, for example, Silvester, Selwyn, or Sisley. Although possibly it could have come … Continue reading

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 Lewis – Surname Saturday

Roberts-Barnes-Taft-Sutherland-Lewis Line By Don Taylor Lewis is a common name with many different potential sources. It may be an Americanized form of the French Louis, Irish Mac Loughaidh, or Welsh Llywelyn. As my Lewis ancestors appear to have been English, … Continue reading

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Tschudi – Surname Saturday

Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Dürst-Hefti-Böniger-Zopfi-Tschudi Line By Don Taylor Forebears indicates that Tschudi means “one who sat in judgment, a judge.” And that it is Swiss in origin. Geographical Forebears indicates there are approximately 1,448 people in the world who share the Tschudi surname. … Continue reading

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Fugate – Surname Saturday

Brown-Mannin-Fugate Line By Don Taylor Ancestry indicates that Fugate is most probably a variant of Fugett. Fugett is perhaps an adaption of Fuget, a topographic name from Fuge, a regional term for fougère ‘fern.’ Neither Forebears nor Genealogy Bank have … Continue reading

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