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Maine Marriage Records

By Don Taylor I recently had the opportunity to be a Genealogy “brick wall buster,” which is a person who helps someone break through their genealogical brick walls. They say teaching a subject helps the teacher learn the topic even … Continue reading

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Once Again, DNA Provides a Clue – Trumpi

By Don Taylor A recent experience with Ancestry DNA reminds me that even fifth to eighth cousins on Ancestry DNA can provide a clue, possibly the big clue, to a breakthrough.    I was recently contacted via Ancestry DNA messaging … Continue reading

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Finding Family – Ancestry and AncestryDNA provided the tools to determine my biological father and half-siblings.

By Don Taylor Determining my biological father and discovering new half siblings is, by far, the greatest success I’ve had in my genealogical activities.  Thanks to Ancestry and AncestryDNA, I have been successful in answering lifelong questions regarding my paternity and my ancestry. Don … Continue reading

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My Response to Ancestry’s “Business” Decisions

I have never done a rant before, but I think it is finally time….  RANT ON I used to really like Ancestry. They were my go-to company for everything genealogical. However, over the past couple years, they have really let … Continue reading

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Social Networking & Mother-in-Law’s atDNA Results

Social Networking I was out of town last week for personal business and didn’t have a chance to do any genealogical activity while gone.  I’m back now and am putting the final touches on my Social Networking for Genealogy presentation … Continue reading

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Y-DNA – Post2: The Test, Results, & Roberts Connection

I was really excited to get the test. I did the cheek swabs and sent it back the following day.  Then the long wait – It seemed like months, but was probably only a few weeks.  I don’t recall when … Continue reading

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Y-DNA – Post 1: Why I started down this path.

I have always wondered who my natural father was. Being the illegitimate child of an illegitimate child has always made my perception of father figures somewhat misty. My mother did not know her father during her childhood. Her father child-napped … Continue reading

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Ancestry’s Autosomal DNA Results

I have been waiting with anticipation for several months for the results of my autosomal DNA testing from Ancestry and finally received them.  The key component they report is about your Genetic Ethnicity.  No surprise, the results show I am … Continue reading

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