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Montran Monday
By Don Taylor

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This week for Montran Monday[i], I found two short Montran mentions.

The first one is from the Redondo Reflex (Redondo, CA) dated 16 Sep 1921 on page 7.

Mrs. M. H. Babcock, of 304 Francisca avenue, is expecting her mother, Mrs. M. W. Montran, to be here shortly from her home in Los Angeles for a few days’ visit.

The second one is from the Redondo Reflex (Redondo, CA) dated 2 Dec 1921 on page 8. 

Mrs. M. W. Montran, of Los Angeles, spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. H. B. Babcock.

From the two notes I learned:

    • In September 1921, Thelma M. (Montran) Babcock (wife of Minor Howard) lived at 304 Francisca Ave, Redondo, CA.
    • In September 1921, Maude was living in Los Angeles, CA.
    • In December 1921, Thelma was living in Redondo.
    • In December 1921, Maude was still living in Los Angeles.


[i] Montran Monday – My grandmother’s father was John Montran. She used the surname, as a young child and again when she began in show business. The name is uncommon and most of the Montrans I see in the newspapers are my grandmother during her early vaudeville career. However, with the constant flow of newly digitized material, I often learn of new articles which contain the Montran name. I pay attention to the finding and try to determine a possible relationship of any Montrans to Donna’s father, John Montran.

Donna at Lyric Theater, Allentown, PA – 2 May 1920

Donna and members of “Chin Chin” supported a “Sacred Concert” at the Lyric Theatre in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on 2 May 1920

I might have missed that my grandmother, Donna, helped a “Sacred Concert” at the Lyric Theater on Sunday, May 2nd, 1920, because the newspaper so mangled her surname, “Maritram.” Luckily, they mentioned “Chin Chin,” so I was able to discover a series of articles about how some of the cast of “Chin Chin” performed for a Sacred Concert.

The cast of “Chin Chin” played at Mannoy City on April 30th. I don’t know if the show played somewhere on May 1st, but I now know that the cast moved on to Allentown and was able to support a concert on Sunday evening, May 2nd.

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) 26 April 1920


On next Sunday evening the members, friends and well wishers of St. Catherine’s new Catholic church will enjoy a sacred concert which is to be held in the Lyric Theatre. A program thoroughly in keeping with the day and the cause will be carried out. The talent to appear will in the main be composed of professional entertainers, close friends of the men in charge of the affair, who will journey here to lend their aid in proper entertainment and assist in the commenting of the citizens in general. It is to be a gathering of citizens, regardless of creed or class of worship, you are invited to enjoy this music, song and reading festival the program of which is at once entertaining and of a distintive quality.

Prominent among the many artists, more than fifty have so far volunteered, appear the names of the famous Tom Brown saxophone sextette; Alfred Hoffman, cellist, who will be remembered by those who witnessed the performance given by Chauncey Olcott a few weeks ago. (Mr.  Hoffmn will journey from Pittsburgh and will arrive here in time for his contribution); Francis Leedom Hess, a humorous reader of prominence, John Devlin in a like number, Mr. English Cody, tenor, Miss Donna Maritram [sic], prima donna, members of the Charles Eillingham’s [sic] “Chin Chin” company, and an orchestra composed of twelve musicians form a partial list of the ladies and gentlemen who have volunteered their services. The complete program will be announced in a few days.

Invitations and reservations of seats for the occasion will be made ready at the Lyric box office on Wednesday and thereafter.

On Thursday, before the show, the Morning Call had the following article:

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) 29 April 1920


The Spring music and song festival to be held in the Lyric on Sunday evening under the suspices of St. Catherine’s new Catholic church gives every evidence of being one of the most appropriate and pleasing affairs given in the city in some time.

The musical part of the program seems to have been selected with great care. Conspicuous in the listing of events appear the twelve musicians who will comprise the stringed instrument orchestra, Tom Brown’s saxophone sextet, from the “Chin Chin” company; Alfred Hoffman, ‘cellist, from Chauncey Olcott’s company; Mr. English Cody, Tenor and Miss Donna Montram [sic], prima donna with the “Chin Chin” company; John Devlin, humorist; Frances Leedem Hess, reader; Carl Wallender, violinist; a quartet composed of the fine voices of William Morrison, William Porter, George Reese and Clarence Reinert, will render selections.

Another local quartet of much ability, comprising the voices of Robert L. Wheeler, baritone; Wesley hawk, bass; Harold Snyder, first tenor, and Allen Conrad, second tenor, will contribute toward the making of this nothing short of a grand concert. The orchestra will be under the direction of Donald Voorhees.

Prospective patrons are requested to attend to the matter of securing reservations without delay.

The Saturday Morning Call has a short article, SPRINGTIME CONCERT AT LYRIC SUNDAY NIGHT,  that mentioned “Donna Montram.” [sic]

Monday, after the concert, there was an excellent article about the Sunday night concert. It called out Donna specifically.

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) 3 May 1920


Large Audience Delighted With High-Class Numbers on Program

A large audience last evening gathered in the lyric theatre to witness the splendid program that featured the spring time concert that was given under the auspices of the membership of St. Catherine’s Catholic church, the new congregation that has lately sprung up in the western part of the city. It was a program composed largely of musical numbers and with interspersed with reading apropos to the occasion; in fact, it was a program that was pleasing to even the skeptical and most fastidious. The proceeds of the affair are to be used as a part of the building fund for the new church.

A number of the members of the “Chin Chin” company, which plays at the Lyric tonight, assisted greatly in the make-up of the program. The success of the affair is due largely to the willingness with which these performers, as well as the others on the program, volunteered their services for this occasion. Included in the personnel from the company on the program was Miss Donna Montram, the prima donna, who favored with a beautiful vocal solo, and as an encore sand a selection of her own composition entitled “My Mother.” The latter part of the program was ably held down by Tom Brown’s Saxaphone Band. Their performance attested to this fact. Another member of the company on the program was English Cody, who gave a vocal selection.

Alfred Hoffman, cellist for the Chauncey Olcott company, played the Irish Fantasy, his own composition, and later delighted with the “Nocturne” and “The Rosary.” Carl Wallander, leader of the Lyric Orchestra, gave a violin solo. Meditation from Hais; John Devlin delighted with a number of humorous stories. Humorous impersonations of two ladies trying to buy theatre tickets were given by Frances Leedom Hess, of Philadelphia.

Selections were given by a male quartet, composed of R. R. L. Wheeler, baritondl Wesley Hawk, bass; Edward Hagenbuch, first tenor, and Harvey Snyder, second tenor. The Aeolian Quartette, of this city, also favored with several selections. The member of this quartet are Wm. Morrison, first tenor; William Porter, second tenor; George Rees, baritone; Clarence Reinert, bass, and So. W. Unger, accompanist. The members of the orchestra, who rendered several selections, interspersing the other numbers are as follows, Donald Voorhees, conductor Messrs. Wallander, Wavrek, Hoffman, Schatlein, Heintzleman, Wavrek, Brian, Meyers, Schlicher and Schaffer.

Donna registered her song, “Beautiful Mother of Mine,” in 1923. Could this “My Mother” song of hers be an earlier version of “Beautiful Mother of Mine,” or could it be a here-to-for unknown song written by Donna before May 1920.  I’ll continue looking for the music of Donna.

St. Catharine’s Catholic Church

St. t. Catharine Chapel, 1920-1927 – Photo courtesy St. Catharine of Siena website

In October 1919, Rev. John C. Phelan was appointed founder and first rector of a new parish in Allentown. A month later they purchased land, with a house, and set to convert the home to a rectory and acted as a temporary place of worship. In November, they celebrated Mass in the new rectory; by the end of the month, they performed their first marriage.

By the spring of 1920, the parishioners began converting a stable and carriage house into a chapel. The concert to help raise money for the church took place in May 1920. By September, thy completed the carriage house conversion to a chapel. The chapel served the parishioners until 1927 when a new church and school were built.[iv]

I’m proud that Donna helped, through her talents, to raise money to build a new Catholic church in Allentown.

Discover you family history through historical newspapers at


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Photo Friday – Bridges, Starrett, Weymouth, and Six Others

Photo Friday

It was an okay week for my photo analysis project. This week I looked at nine photos I scanned previously. Three of them I clearly identified; six others I’m not certain of.

Family Search

Three of the photos I was able to determine who they were, and I uploaded the images to the memory section of the individual profiles on Family Search.

They were:

  • Luetta Katie Bridges – (1893-1974) – 9V68-B3K
  • Katie Farrington Starrett (1863-1948) – KZ23-XZB
  • Nellie A. Weymouth – (1867-____) – L24G-D8W
Nellie A. Weymouth, Luetta Katie Bridges, & Katie Farrington Starrett

Uncertain Photo Identification

I was not able to determine who the other six were.

  1. “Frances Sarah Bragdon” Born March 9, 1904, Rec’d Sept 17″ was photographed at Marshall Studio, Westbrook, Me.  There was a female Bragdon child born April 1, 1904, in Westbrook, Me.  Daughter of Ernest J. and Jennie F (Smith) Bragdon. I suspect this is that child and the birthdate on the photo is incorrect.
  2. “Mr. and Mrs. Hansen – English People” was photographed at Davies Studio in Rockland, Me.  Sadly no first names.
  3. Bruce Levett - Leavett - R.B. Leavitt“Bruce Levett – Leavett” was photographed at Hanson Photography, 12 Monument Square, Portland, ME. The back indicates both spellings. On an outer cover sheet, it says “R. B. Leavitt | Portland Me” From that, I’m fairly convinced this is probably Robert Bruce Leavitt who was born 3 September 1874 and died 7 August 1949.
  4. “Eugene Moulton 21-Oct. – 1900” was quite perplexing. The photo was taken at Crockett Photography in Rockland, Me. This is probably Henry Eugene Moulton, born 3 May 1880, but I can’t be sure. There are several other Eugene Moultons of that time/period.
  5. “Edward Rand Thurman – Feb 12, 1899 – Feb 12, 1900.”  I have searched at length and have been unsuccessful in determining who the child was. The child was photographed at H. M. Smith at 478 Congress Street, Portland, Me.  If, as the back of the photo suggests, the child died on his 1st birthday, that is really sad and might explain why there are no other records of his life.
  6. “Jennie Young” was photographed at Gendron, 13 Tremont Row, Boston. From the dress and photo type, it looks to be from the 1880s or 1890s.  There are so many Jennie Youngs in Maine and Massachusetts, it is impossible to determine which one this is.
Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Jennie Young, Frances Sarah Bragdon, Eugene Moulton, & Edward Rand Thurman

These photos, in 1200 pixel width, have been posted to Dead Fred.

If you are related to these families and can help identify them, I’d love to hear from you. Likewise, if you are related to the three individuals in the first group, I’d love to learn if you had seen these photos before.

Ancestor Sketch – Arvid Frithiof Carlin

Bradley-Hingston Project
Ancestor Y-06

Carlin Line
By Don Taylor

Arvid Frithiof Carlin(1876-1959)
Updated 30 Jan 2020[1]

Arvid was born Arvid Frithiof Karlsson-Karlin[1] in Värmskog, Värmland, Sweden on 27 November 1876.[1] From his naturalization papers, it was unclear where in Sweden he was born. In my original post I asked for help in deciphering that location. A genealogy  friend, whose skill in Swedish immigration I highly respect, provided that it was Degerbyn. She also provided a source for his Karlsson part of his surname.

Värmskog is a tiny village (2000 population of 65 people) in Värmland (a historical province), which is about 180 miles west of Stockholm (about 40 miles from Norway).


Nothing is known about Arvid’s childhood. When he was 23, he immigrated to the United State. On 8 September 1900, he left Southampton, England aboard the SS New York. The trip took 8 days having him arrive in New York (Ellis Island), on 16 September 1900.

SS New York – before 1903 – Source: Wikipedia.

Initially built as the SS City of New York in 1888, the ship saw service as the USS Harvard during the Spanish-American War. After her wartime service, she was renamed the SS New York and returned to civilian service in January 1899.

Arvid was living in the tenements at 228 East 20th when he entered an “Intent to become a US Citizen” in 1903.

In 1909, Arvid was living at 156 East 39th Street. It also was probably a tenement. Today that location appears to be a three-story walk-up that was built in 1920.  Arvid was a tailor.

Following the American Dream, in February 1912 he filed his first patent request for a new type of clothes hanger.  Between 1912 and 1954, Arvid was granted 18 patents for a variety of items including toys and toilet paper holders.  Also, in March 1912, Arvid submitted his petition for naturalization and in June took the oath as a citizen.


In 1915, Arvid married Pauline Van Damm in New Jersey. Certificate 05445 applies.

Arvid and Paulene had three children. They are:

·               Name ·               Born
·               Walpole ·               Apr 1917 – New York
·               Virginia Pauline ·               1924 – New York
·               Vivian ·               July 1928 – New York

In 1918, Arvid registered for the Draft. From his registration card we learn that he and Pauline were living at 2174 Amsterdam Ave. The apartment where they lived was built in 1900 and is still standing.

2174 Amsterdam Ave. New York City – Photo courtesy Google Maps.

He at that time, he worked for Jas H. Yell as a tailor in the Garment District. His work was about a mile and a half away at the corner of West 39th Street and 5th Avenue. Today, at that location is a Payless Shoe Store.

Arvid was of medium height, medium build, had blue eyes and light brown hair.

In 1920, Arne (Arvid) and Pauline were still living at 2174 Amsterdam and Arvid was still working as a tailor.

Sometime between 1920 and 1923, Arvid and Pauline moved away from Midtown Manhattan about 18 miles to Mamaroneck, about 5 miles from Connecticut.

The 1930 Census found Arvid, Paulina, Walpole, Virginia, and Vivian at 43 Keeler. A separate household at the same address was the Gustave Melesk household consisting of Gustave, his wife Helena, and daughters Bertha and Helen.  Gustave owned the house valued at $8000, Arvid rented from him for $35.00 per month.

1110 Keeler Ave. Mamaroneck, NY – Photo courtesy Google Maps

The 1940 Census confused me for a while. It indicates they were living in the household of Gustave Malesk at 1110 Keeley. A review of the neighbors indicated that in both the 1930 Census and the 1940 Census the Waters family lived on one side of the Malesks and the Doyle family lived on the other side. As such, I’m sure the street went through a renumbering sometime between 1930 and 1940.  A bit more confusing, 16-year-old Virginia was the person the census taker spoke with. She reported that Pauline was the sister of Gustave and her father was the Brother-in-law of Gustave. This seemed very odd. In the 1930 Census, I learned that Gustave and his wife Helen have been born in Poland, this Census, Gustave, and Helen were reported as being born in Germany. Additionally, the census taker entered Walpole, Virginia, and Vivian as being the children of Gustave. Ignoring the relationships of the kids, if Pauline is Gustave’s sister, then Pauline’s maiden name is likely to have been Melesk.  That Gustave was born in Poland/Germany and Pauline born in Holland suggests that the Melesks migrated west to Holland sometime between 1887 and 1897. Something about these relationships doesn’t seem quite right. I will look more closely into the relationships when I research Pauline.


Marker – Arvid Carlin – Photo by Ellen Bruster via Find-a-Grave.

Arvid died on 2 July 1959 in the Bronx, New York. He was buried in the Greenwood Union Cemetery, Section South, Lot 007e, Grave 9, in Rye, Westchester County, New York. He was survived by his wife, Pauline, and his three children, Walpole, Virginia, and Vivian.

Events by Location

  • England, Hampshire, Southampton       – Ship’s port of embarkation to the United States.
  • New Jersey                                                         – Marriage.
  • New York, Bronx                                             – Death.
  • New York, New York, Manhattan            – Immigration Arrival, Residence 1909,  1912, 1916, 1918, & 1920.
  • New York, Westchester, Mamaroneck  – Residences, 1930, 1935, and 1940.
  • New York, Westchester, Rye                     – Burial.
  • Sweden (Possibly Segerbyn)                     – Birth.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Get a copy of the marriage certificate for Arvid Frithiof Carlin and Pauline van Damm who were married in New Jersey in 1915. Certificate #05445.

————–  Disclaimer  ————–


[1] Thanks to my friend, Lois Knight, I learned that Arvid’s “Emigration Location” was Degerbyn.

Also note: Lois’ information confirmed that his surname was Karlin when he lived in Sweden. However, I use “Carlin” as that was the spelling used later in his life and is the name “carved into stone” on his grave marker.


  • 1920 Census (FS), Family Search, Arne Carlin – Manhattan Assembly District 23, New York, New York. “United States Census, 1920,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 January 2020), Walford Carlin in household of Arne Carlin, Manhattan Assembly District 23, New York, New York, United States; citing ED 1494, sheet 14A, line 42, family 317, NARA microfilm publication T625 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1992), roll 1226; FHL microfilm 1,821,226.
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  • New York City directory, New York Public Library Digital Collections, 1919-10 – Page 222 – Carlin, Arvid F. Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy, The New York Public Library. “New York City directory” New York Public Library Digital Collections. Accessed January 22, 2020.
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  • S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 , Various, Arvid Frithoif Carlin – 12 Sep 1918. Registration State: New York; Registration County: New York; Roll: 1786807; Draft Board: 148.

Ancestor Sketch – Sadie A. (Waters) Chase

By Don Taylor

Blanchard Project – Ancestor #15 Sadie A. Waters (1887-1983)


7. – Maternal Grandmother:Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976)
15. – Great-grandmother: Sadie A. Waters (1887-1983)
30. – 2nd Great-grandfather: Willim G. Waters (1868-____)


Sadie Waters (cropped from a photo of Mabel & Sadie Waters & Bessie Maude Howes)

Sadie A. Waters was born on 15 March 1887 in Patten, Penobscot County, Maine, the third child of William George and Laura Emma (Swett) Waters. The 1900 Census indicated Sadie was born in March 1887; that is the record closest to her birth that I have found. There was a “Delayed” birth record filed in 1944 that indicates her birthdate was 15 March 1887, which is consistent with the 1900 census.

In 1887, Patten was the center of extensive lumbering operations.[i] About 1828, Amos Patten purchased township No. 4, Range 6, as it was designated. The following year the surveyors, hired by Amos, established their homes there. The town was incorporated in 1841. In 1850 the population was 470, in 1870 704, and only 716 in the 1880 census.  Patten Academy had its first students in 1848.

The children of William G. and Laura Emma (Swett) Watters.[ii]

Child Birth Death
George Ervin Waters Dec 1881
Mable A. Waters Jul 1883
Sadie A. Waters 15 Mar 1887 Dec 1983
Minnie M. Waters Jun 1891
Mildred A. Waters Sep 1893
James W. Waters Jan 1895
Wesley C. Waters Sep 1899

All children were born in Maine. All seven children were living in 1900.

(There are no records remaining of the 1890 Census.)

1900 Census

William G Waters[iii] is the 42-year-old head of the household. He was born in January 1858. He, his parents, his wife, and all of his children were all born in Maine.

He owned his farm, which was mortgaged. He and “Laura M” (Laura Emma) had been married for 20 years. Living with them were their seven, including Sadie, children and Laura’s 26-year-old brother, “Winman Swett.[iv]” He was a day laborer. Sadie was attending school and would do so through the 7th grade.


Sadie married Albert B. Chase, also of Patten, on November 1st, 1905.  The ceremony was performed by Daniel Scribner, Justice of Peace, in Patten, Penobscot County, Maine. Albert was a farmer and Sadie was a “domestic.”

The six children of Albert B. and Sadie A. (Waters) Chase.

Child Birthdate
Hilda B. Chase 24 Aug 1906
Annie Evelyn Chase 24 Mau 1908
Leita M Chase 18 Jun 1909
Fred Chase 2 May 1911
Floyd Chase 11 Feb1913
Franklin William Chase 20 Oct 1914

All of Albert & Sadie’s children were born in Patten, Penobscot County, Maine.


The 1910 Census shows Sadie is keeping house for Albert, who is a farmer, and their three young daughters.

The 1920 Census shows Sadie and her farmer husband, Albert, living in Patten, along with their three daughters and three sons. All the children, but five-year-old Franklin, are attending school.

Sometime between 1920 and 1930 Albert and Sadie moved from Patten, Penobscot County, to Monmouth, Kennebec County, about 175 miles south of Patten.

The 1930 Census then finds Albert owning his farm. With him are Sadie and their two youngest children, Floyd and Franklin.

In 1935, were living in the “Same Place” as they would be in 1940, indicating they moved again sometime between 1935 and 1940.

The 1940 Census finds Sadie and Albert living at “Village Corner.” With them is a lodger, Walter Cushman.

Photo of the Chase family Monument at Monmouth Ridge Cemetery - Monmouth, Kennebec County, Maine
Monument – Chase family – Monmouth Ridge Cemetery – Monmouth, Kennebec County, Maine

In 1958, Albert, Sadie’s husband for 53 years, passed. Sadie lived on for 25 more years and died at 96 years of age in December 1983.

Death & Burial

Marker for Sadie Chase (1887-1983) - Monmouth Ridge Cemetery - Monmouth, Kennebec County, Maine
Marker – Sadie Chase (1887-1983) – Monmouth Ridge Cemetery – Monmouth, Kennebec County, Maine

Sadie died in December 1983. She was buried with her husband, Albert B. Chase at Monmouth Ridge Cemetery in Monmouth, Kennebec County, Maine.


Events by Location

  • Maine, Penobscot County, Patten – Birth, Marriage – Censuses 1900-1920.
  • Maine, Kennebec County, Monmouth – Censuses 1930-1940 – Burial
  • Maine, Cumberland County – Death.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • With the basics complete, continue researching Sadie A. Waters Chase’s life.
  • Research the death dates for Sadie’s children.
  • It will be interesting to investigate the Waters of Patten. Clearly they arrived early in the history of the town.
  • Investigate the history of the Patten Academy. Were the Walters early students at the school?

————–  Disclaimer  ————–


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[iii] The 1900 census reports the family surname as Watters, however, “Waters” appears to be used in other records.

[iv] Laura’s brother’s first name has not been confirmed.