In the News – Francis Welch Celebrates

In the News” is my report of newly discovered newspaper articles and advertising regarding ancestors I am researching. The information found in newspapers ofte provides fresh insight to understanding an ancestor’s life.

This week’s news is from the Biddeford Saco Journal (Biddeford, ME), dated Feb 24, 1922.


Little Friends Join In Observing the Day at Home of Grandparents.

Image of newspaper article

   Master Francis Welch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Welch of Shevenell’s court, celebrated his fourth birthday last night at the home of his grandparents, Mrs. and Mrs. Timothy Daley of Pool street. During the evening a handsome birthday cake was cut by Master Francis. The table was prettily decorated in pink and white. Dainty refreshments were served and Master Francis received many nice gifts.

I confirmed Francis Welch’s birth as Feb 1918.

I also learned that he and his parents lived at Shevenell’s court. That is across the street and down three houses or so from 30 Green Street where the Welch’s were living in the 1920 Census.

It also confirms that Timothy and Mary (Lyons) Daley/Daly lived on Pool Street in 1923 (The 1920 Census placed them at 73 Pool Street.)


Thank you Newspapers.Com for access to this clipping.

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Photo Friday – Berryman, Morse, & Smith

Linwood Dyer Collection – Part 008
By Don Taylor

For Photo Friday, I examined two people and a house from the Linwood Dyer Collection. This collection includes hundreds of photos, documents, and genealogies of people who lived in Scarborough, South Portland, and Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I desire to analyze the images and reunite the photos with family members who may have never seen the picture. The Scarborough Historical Society holds the originals in this collection.

Elizabeth Hight Smith, 1896.

A photo of Elizabeth hight Smith, circa 1896.
Elizabeth hight Smith, circa 1896.

The photo identifying information includes Elizabeth Hight Smith | Aunt Emaline Simpson’s daughter | 5 or 6 children. Photographer: Frees & Holland, 611 Washington St., Boston.

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • This cabinet card was produced by Frees & Holland, 611 Washington St., Boston. A review of Boston City directories finds that the 1896 directory is the only year “Frees & Holland” is listed[i]. That dates the photo to 1896.
  • My search of Ancestry found Elizabeth Hight Smith in a photo in the 1900 yearbook for Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts[ii]. I am confident it is the same person.
  • Family Search identified Elizabeth H. Smith, the daughter of Obediah Francis and Emily M. (Simpson) Smith, as profile 9M5F-8VQ. Elizabeth was born on 12 January 1877.
  • The 1900 US Census found Elizabeth living with her parents, Obed. & Emily, at 12 Northampton Road, Amherst, MA. Elizabeth is a student. Smith College is about 7 miles away from her home in Amherst.[iii]
yearbook photo of Elizabeth hight Smith
Yearbook photo of Elizabeth hight Smith

Ancestry has one public tree that refers to Elizabeth H Smith, daughter of Obediah and Emily (Simpson) Smith.

I uploaded the above photo of Elizabeth Hight Smith to her Family Search Memories.

Lewis John Berryman, circa Oct 1901.

The photographer is H. M. Smith, Portland, Maine. Handwritten on the back of the photo, it says, Lewis J Berryman | 14 months.

photo of lewis j Berryman, circa 1901.
Lewis j Berryman,
circa October 1901

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • Family Search indicates that Lewis John Berryman was born on 2 August 1900 in Portland, Maine. His parents are James George and Annie Sarah (Libby) Berryman.
  • The 1900 Portland City Directory, Page 309, indicates only one person listed with the Berryman surname, James G. Berryman.
  • I am confident this photo is of Lewis John Berryman, taken in October 1901.

Ancestry has 14 public trees that refer to Lewis John Berryman, son of James George and Annie Sarah (Libby) Berryman. Family Search has profile LT6D-H2X for Lewis John Berryman (1900-1976).

I uploaded this photo of Lewis to his Family Search Memories.

“Morse House, Roslindale (Boston), Mass.”

The back of this photo says, “Morse Home – Roselindale, Mass.”

What I learned about this photo.

Photo of the Morse home, Roslindale, MA
The Morse house, Roslindale (Boston), Mass.
  • There is no town of Roselindale, Mass; however, Roslindale, MA, is a neighborhood in Boston between Mattapan and West Roxbury.
  • The 1900 US Census identified Roslindale residents. There were three Morse families in Roslindale.
    • Eugine Morse (Head) with wife Mabel and daughters Dorethy and Ruth. They lived at 4331 Washington St.
    • Mary Morse (Head) has sons Charles and Fred, and a daughter, Annie L. They lived at 69 Birch St.
    • A Robert Morse family lived at 4191 Washington St (Roslindale) in the 1900 Census.

I can’t confirm this photo is the home of any of the above Morse families. Hopefully, further research into the collection will give more information.

I uploaded this photo to my Flickr Photostream.


I identified two individuals. Both have Family Search profiles, so I uploaded their images to their Family Search Memories.

I would love to hear your reaction if any of these photos are of your family member. Especially if this photo is of a loved one for whom you hadn’t seen this photograph before.

Due to software limitations, the images uploaded to Family Search and Flickr have higher quality than those linked here.


[i] Internet: Cabinet Card Photographers – Holland –

[ii] Ancestry – US School Yearbooks, 1900-2016, Massachusetts, Northampton, Smith College, 1900 (Image 32 of 140) Elizabeth Hight Smith.

[iii] 1900 US Federal Census, Massachusetts, Hampshire, Amherst, ED 615, Sheet 4B, Line 96, Elizabeth H Smith.

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Hefti – Surname Saturday

Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Dürst-Hefti Line
Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Dürst-Streiff-Hefti Line
Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Becker-Wichser-Zweifel-Hefti Line
By Don Taylor

Name Origin[i]

Family Search indicates that Hefti is a Swiss German surname from Middle High German heftec or heftic, meaning ‘strong, durable.’

“Hefty” is an Americanized form of Hefti.


In the world, Forebears reports there are about 3,813 individuals with the Hefti surname. It is most prevalent in Switzerland, where over 70% of the people with the surname live.

In the US, Forebears indicates that most Hefti’s live in California (49), and the highest frequency is in Nebraska, where one in 8,759 people have the surname.

Direct Hefti Ancestors (7 from 1636 to 1775).

  • 1st Great-grandparent: 15,  Bertha Barbara Trümpi Huber (1884-1968)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: 30.  Bernhead Trumpi (1844-1913)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: 60.  Bernhart Trumpi (1817-1879)
  • 4th Great-Grandather: 120. Bernhard Trumpi (1776-1848)*
  • 4th Great-grandmother: 121. Anna Maria Dürst (1770-1858)
  • 5th Great-Grandmother: 241. Anna Magdalena Becker (1745-1801)
  • 5th Great-grandfather: 242. Joachim Dürst (1727-1785)
  • 5th Great-Grandmother: 243. Rosina Streiff (1743-1805)
  • 6th Great-Grandmother: 483. Anna Wichser (1702-1768)
  • 6th Great-grandmother: 485. Elsbeth Hefti (1702-1775)
  • 6th Great-Grandmother: 487. Magdalena Hefti (1707-___)
  • 7th Great-Grandmother: 967. Anna Zweifel (1692-1753)
  • 7th Great-grandfather: 970.  Fridolin Hefti (1664-1724)
  • 7th Great-grandfather: 974. Andras Hefti (1670-1714)
  • 8th Great-Grandmother: 1934. Ann Hefti (1648-1639)
  • 8th Great-grandfather: 1940. Franz Hefti (1639-1700)
  • 8th Great-Grandfather: 1948. Mathias Hefti (1636-1686)

* I have not personally researched this ancestor or the following ancestors. Instead, I am relying on the research of others to suggest these individuals and their relationships tentatively.

Locations of my Hefti Ancestors

Mathias Hefti (1636-1686) is my earliest known Hefti ancestor. He was born in Adlenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and died there. His son, Andreas, was born in Germany but died in Glarus Canton, Switzerland. All the other Hefti ancestors lived in Glarus. None of my known Hefti ancestors ever came to the United States, although several Hefti families settled in New Glarus, Green County, Wisconsin, where my Trümpi/Trümpy also settled.[ii]

My Direct Hefti Descendants

With three Hefti 8th Great-grandparents, I expected many descendants and know of 196 descendants of Ann, Franz, and Mathias Hefti in my tree: 43 Trumpi/Trümpim, 14 Dürst, and 14 Hefti.

I have previously written about 4 of them.

Ancestor Photographs

Photo of Florence Wilma (Huber) Darling.
Florence Wilma (Huber) Darling
Bertha Barbara (Trumpi) Huber



[i] Common surname origins include:

  • Occupations (such as “Farmer”
  • Physical characteristics (such as “Short”)
  • Places or landmarks (such as “Hill”)
  • Patronymics, derived from father’s name (such as Johnson from ”son of John”).

[ii] New Glarus Public Library – Family History Notes – Winter 2010.

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The Plummer Bible #2

Linwood Dyer Collection
Family Bible Sunday
By Don Taylor

Family Bibles are great for genealogical research. They are historical records that typically are primary sources[i]. Also, The information is usually provided by someone with firsthand knowledge of the event. Sometimes, Bibles record information not documented elsewhere.

This Bible is from the Linwood Dyer Collection at the Scarborough Historical Society and is Accession Number 2023.01.401.


Marriage section of the Plummer Bible #2.

Cape Elizabeth Nov 28, 1874, by Rev A P Hillman. Mr. David O. Plummer to Miss Alice A Stone of C E.


Deaths page from the Plummer Bible #2.
  • Walter Everett Plummer – April 15th, 1875
  • S. Josephine Plummer – Jan 21st, 1882.
  • Blanche P Roberts – Feb 8th 1892.
  • Howard O. Dyer – Dec 5th 1900.
  • Isabel Plummer – Feb 15th 1903.
  • Linwood O Dyer – Oct 30th, 1903.
  • Alice L Dyer – Sep 19th 1905
  • Dorothy F. Plummer – Feb 4th, 1906
  • Thelma E Dyer – Aug 10th 1909
  • Alvin Laidlaw [no date entered]
  • Nellie E Laidlaw – Sept 1st 1915.
  • Jeanette Johnson – November 7th, 1920
  • Linwood Dain Dyer – July 16th, 1925 [Corrected]
  • Johan S McKeen – Nov 6, 1933.
  • John Henry McKeen – Feb 3, 1931


Births page from the Plummer Bible #2.
  • Israel C Smith – Died January twenty seventh Day = 27 = 1857 – Aged 49 [??].
  • Sarah Sinnott – Died September 11 = 1846, Aged 63
  • William A Sinnott – Died February 27=1849 Aged 67
  • Alice A Plummer Died January 31, 1911
  • Walter E Plummer – Nov 23, 1909

Comments & Conclusions

  1. Many records appear to take the marriage information of David Plummer and Alice Stone from the “Samuel D. Rummery Book” dated 20 July 1927, which indicates they were married on November 21, 1873. However, this bible suggests they were married on Nov 28, 1874, by Rev A P Hillman and suggests it was in Cape Elizabeth. I believe the bible was written closer to the event’s time and probably by David or Alice. I think the November 28th date is correct.
  2. Various trees on Ancestry and the tree on Family search indicate Walter Everett Plummer was born in April 1875. This bible provides the day of the month he was born – April 15th, 1875, which may be new information for many researchers.
  3. Family Search indicates that Linwood E Dyer was born on October 3, 1903. This bible indicates he was born on October 30, 1903. The Ancestry trees I reviewed indicate the date of October 30, 1903, so it appears that Family Search has his birthdate incorrect.
  4. The remaining Bible entries appear consistent with Ancestry Public Trees and Family Search’s tree.


[i] A primary source is any record created during the time you are researching – an eyewitness account. Primary sources can take many forms, such as newspapers, letters, journals, tax lists, court documents, church records, or a census. Even published books can be considered primary sources if they were printed during the time of your study. –

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Rufus Harry Darling in the Censuses

Census Sunday
Darling Research
Darling Line
By Don Taylor


I first looked at the life of Rufus Harry Darling about ten years ago. I briefly looked at him in 2019 and found him “in the news.” Since then, my genealogy database corrupted and I’ve found I need a “do-over” for much of my research. I’ve also learned to enter my findings into Family Search to ensure they will be available for future researchers. Also, my current process includes cleaning up any wrong entries or sources that I might have, assuring my sources are “properly cited,” and confirming what I know is synced to my Ancestry Family Tree and documented on Family Search.

Rufus was born in 1857. His father, Rufus Holton Darling, died when he was about a month old, leaving little Rufus to be raised by his mother alone. He was married twice. He married Ida Ready in 1889; she died in 1898. He remarried Hannah McAllister in 1907 (sometimes, erroneously, said to have married in 1905). He died in 1917. So, I would expect to find Rufus in all of the Census records from 1860 to 1910.



Age 3 – Living with his mother, Elizabeth J Darling; sisters, Mary, Elizabeth, and Emma (Emily); brother, Abner; grandmother, Catherine Swazey; and uncle, Theodore, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Age 13 – Living with his mother (Mrs. R. H.) Darling and sister Emma (Emily) are in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Age 22 – Although he was “away,” he was enumerated with his mother, sisters Kate & Emma (Emily), and niece Kitty at 42 Rose Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

1890 – Not available.[iv]


Age 43 – Rufus was rooming at 5 East 7th Street, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. He had been married for ten years (?) and was working as a traveling salesman. 


Age 47 [sic], Rufus was rooming at the Curtis Hotel, 10th & Broadway, Kansas City, MO. He had been married for five years [sic], had two children [Elizabeth & Robert], and was a stock salesman. 

Although the age is incorrect and the number of years he was married is erroneous, his birthplace, the birthplace of his parents, his number of children, and his occupation are correct. Rufus & Hannah married in 1907; however, they told people they married in 1905 to “legitimize” their daughter Elizabeth. Being married for “5 years” makes this Census record consistent with one document and oral history. Additionally, Rufus was 27 years older than his wife, Hannah. I believe they kept to a story that he was only twice Hannah’s age (22) when they married, as Hannah’s father was very unhappy with the age difference between Hannah and Rufus. 


Although there are several other Rufus H Darlings in various census records, I feel comfortable I have followed Rufus Harry Darling through the census records throughout his life. With this knowledge, I can confirm my other sources regarding his life. 


Some records indicate that Rufus’ first wife, Ida, died in 1898. However, the 1900 Census indicates he was married for ten years. I need to confirm Ida’s death. 

I also need to confirm Rufus’ life events in 25 other sources.


[i] 1860 Census, Various, 1860 Census – Rufus H Darling [sic] – Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan. “United States Census, 1860”, Village of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, Page 19, Line 29.

[ii] 1870 Census, Various, 1870 Census – Rufus H Darling – Kalamazoo Village, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Page 100, Line 33.

[iii] 1880 Census, Family Search, 1880 Census – Rufus H Darling – Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan. SD 1; ED 134, Page 15, Line 48.

[iv] The 1890 US Census for Michigan is not among those who survived the fire that destroyed much of the 1890 Census Records. See FamilySearch Wiki for details.

[v] 1900 Census, Various, 1900 Census – Rufus H. Darling – Kansas City,  Ward 3, Jackson County, Missouri. SD 5, ED 21, Sheet 7B, Line 89.

[vi] 1910 Census (NARA, 1910), Various, 1910 – Rufus H Darling – Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. Ward 1 – Sheet 11 A, Line 16.

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