Ancestor Biography – Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976)

52 Ancestors – 52 Weeks
Utterstrom – Chase Line

Blanchard Project 2017 – Ancestor #7
Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976)


Annie Evelyn Chase was born 24 May 1908 in Patten, Penobscot, Maine.[i] She was the second of six children of Albert and Sadie (Waters) Chase.  Annie was born a “blue” baby and was, according to oral family history, put into the warming oven above the wood stove to keep her warm in the winter.


Certainly, her two sisters, Hilda, two years older, and Leita, one year younger, would have been important influences in her childhood.  After Leita, Albert and Sadie had three sons, Fred, Floyd, and Franklin, four, six, and seven years younger respectively.

All six children were born in Patten, and the children grew up there on Happy Corner Road.[ii] Albert was a farmer and owned the farm.[iii]

Annie completed three years of college.[iv]  By the 1930 Census, Annie was working as a nurse in Portland, Maine, and was living at 18 Casco Street. Rent was $32 per month.[v]


On 1 October 1930, Annie Evelyn Chase married Albert Thomas Utterstrom in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Maxwell Ganter, a clergyman in Portsmouth, performed tThe ceremony.[vi]


Albert and Annie had two children, both of whom are living.

They established their home at 52 Wellwood Road in Portland, ME, by 1935 as they lived in the same house during the 1940 Census. Annie was keeping house.[vii]

During the 1940s, Annie’s husband Albert was deeply involved in various Masonic organizations including the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine.  Annie was involved with St. Gabriel’s Guild of the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and was a regular bridge player.[viii]

Annie’s final residence before her death was in Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine.[ix]


Annie died in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine on 12 January 1976 following her husband Albert, who died two and a half years earlier.[x] She is buried with Albert in Pine Grove Cemetery, Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine.[xi]

List of Grandparents

  • Grand Parent: Annie Evelyn Chase
  • 1st Great: Albert Chase



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Pension record – Patience A Roberts – Arrears of Widows Pension

Amanuensis Monday

Extract by Don Taylor – 9 Jan 2017

It is always really nice when you find a document that confirms key vital facts.  The “Arrears of Widow’s Pension” used to determine the payment provides birthdates and a confirmation date indicating the date one day before the individual’s 16th birthday.  Great confirmation of the information to assure I’m not reading a birthdate incorrectly.


ACT OF JUNE 7, 1888

Pensioner: Patience A Roberts -Soldier: Asa Roberts

P.O. Benton –  Rank Pvt Co. “I.”

County Franklin, State Ills  –  Regiment 31st Ills, Vol. Inf.

Allow arrears of pensions at the rate of $12- per munch from Oct 9, 1889, and ending Oct 30, 1887….

and two dollars a month additional for each child, as follows:

  • Charles W Born Jul 5, 1873, Sixteen July 4, 1889
  • Rosa D. Born May 26, 1875, Sixteen, May 25, 1891
  • Florence E Born Jan 21, 1880, Sixteen, Jan 20, 1896
  • Hugh E Born July 2, 1884, Sixteen, Jul 1, 1900

Was pensioned May 29, 1899, at $12 per month from Oct 31, 1887, and $2 for each child stated above.

Submitted for Allowance Nov. 12, 1888

W L. White

Approved Nov 15, 1888, Approved Nov. 17, 1888

Broadus Curtis

Legal reviewerRe-Reviewer

Facts identified.

  • Asa was a private in Company I, 31st Illinois Volunteer Infantry
  • Patrice A. Roberts was living in Benton, Franklin County, Illinois in November 1888.
  • Charles W. [Roberts] was born on July 5, 1873, and was living in November 1888.
  • Rosa D. [Roberts] was born on May 26, 1875, and was living in November 1888.
  • Florence E. [Roberts] was born on Jan 21, 1880, and was living in November 1888.
  • Hugh E [Roberts] was born on July 2, 1884, and was living in November 1888.

Pension record - Patience A Roberts - Arrears of Widows Pension
Pension record – Patience A Roberts – Arrears of Widows Pension


Ancestor PD-3 – Florence Lillian Drexl (1920-1996)

Project Drexl 2017

By Don Taylor

I decided to go back and document the first person in my Drexl project, Florence Lillian Drexl. Florence was born in Minnesota, grew up in Missouri. She married in Missouri, divorced, and went to California during World War II. There she met Harry Darling and married him.  The couple moved to Michigan raised two kids and divorced. Some time later, Florence married a third time who remained her husband until her death in 1996.


Florence Lillian Drexl[i] was born at 3:45 p.m., on 04 Apr 1920 in St. Paul Hospital, in St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.[ii] She was the fourth child of Nicholas E. Drexl and Hedwig Frances Stoeger.[iii]


Her three older siblings were Clarence Nick Theodore6 (15 years older), Raymond F (11 years older), and Marie (3 years older).

In the 1930 Census, Florence was living with her father and mother, her brother Clarence with his wife, Ruth, their son Donald, and her sister, Marie at 2425 Coleman Street in St. Louis.[iv] Her 21-year-old brother, Raymond, had moved out of the home by then. Today, 2425 Coleman is vacant.

Florence completed the 8th grade, probably about 1934.

Marriage #1

Washington Citizen (Washington, Missouri) · Fri, May 6, 1938 · Page 6
Washington Citizen (Washington, Missouri) · Fri, May 6, 1938 · Page 6 – via Newspapers.Com

On May 6th, 1936, the 16-year-old Florence took out a marriage license to marry Carl Starbeck. I presume they married because they were living as husband and wife by the 1940 Census.

The 1940 Census shows the young couple (Carl was 26 and Florence was 20) living 3608 South Compton Ave., St. Louis. Carl was a machinist at H+H Shops earning 1900 per year. [v] Florence was keeping house. Today, 3608 South Compton is boarded up.

Marriage #2

It is not clear how or why Florence and Carl Starbeck separated. However, by 1944 Florence was in San Diego, California, where she married Robert Harry Darling. Robert was the son of Rufus Harry Darling and Hannah McAllister.

The couple had two children. First a daughter, who is living and then a son, who is also living.

In 1957, Florence and Robert were living at 19628 Salisbury,[vi] which was a small basic single family home built in 1955.  It is likely they bought the house new. Robert was working in Real Estate at the time.

Marriage #3

I’m not sure when Florence and Robert separated, but she married Leland B. Eldridge in 1972.[vii]

Florence and Leland lived in Harrison township, Macomb County, Michigan at 29586 Old North River Rd. from April 1993 until her death on 23 October 1996.[viii]


Marker of Florence L. Eldridge
Marker Florence L. (Drexl) Eldridge Apr 4, 1920 Oct. 23, 1996

She was buried in Saint Peter Cemetery, Clinton, Macomb, Michigan.[ix]

She was survived by her husband, Leland, who died in October 1997 and her two children. She was also survived by her brother Raymond. I am not sure of the death date for her sister Marie.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Investigate property records to determine when Florence and Robert purchased the house at 19628 Salisbury, St. Clair Shores, MI.
  • Determine life events for Florence’s sister Marie.

————- DISCLAIMER ————-




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Family Tree Maker for Mac 3.1

I’m returning to Family Tree Maker for Mac.

Tech Tuesday

In December 2015, I ranted about how unhappy I was that Family Tree Maker was being dropped by Ancestry as a product. I did consider staying with Family Tree Maker 3 for Mac; however, I kept having problems the synchronization of my tree with Ancestry was corrupting my database. So, I decided to search for alternative products.  I wished that Legacy Family Tree had a Mac version and I wanted Roots Magick 7 to have a real Mac product and not a runtime windows version.  Besides the weird file locations (C: and F: drives), I never could get the fonts correct and details displayed in inconsistent ways. I tried several other products, Mac Family Tree, Reunion, and Heredis.  I settled on Heredis and have used it for the past year but I’ve been having problems with it.  When I zoom into some of my sources, the system crashes, sends a crash report to Apple (who is supposed to send it on to Heredis) and then allows me to restart.  It seems that details that I cut and pasted from a website, which has several different fonts and hyperlinks seem to be the culprits. I finally decided to drop Heredis because of this and use something else for my 2017 research. I decided on using Roots Magic 7, exported my two large research files from Heredis to GED format, importing them into Roots Magic, then began working with them.

Then I received the notification that Family Tree Maker has been re-released by MacKiev.  The upgrade from FTM 14 for windows and FTM 3 for Mac was free.  I decided to upgrade and give it a try. I exported my two Roots Magic files to GED format then imported them into FTM.

Wow within a seven-point starWow.  I was immediately reminded of how much I liked Family Tree Maker Mac 3 when I reviewed it in December 2013. I began working on one of my projects, Project Drexl, and saw how nice it was to work with.  Clearly designed for Mac, all the features worked. There were many features that Heredis didn’t have that I was really happy to have back, such as a calendar function. (For example, a calendar of all my ancestors who had birthdays in January.) Also, and probably the biggest thing, was that there are templates for sources that follows Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained.  Linking sources to facts is easy. I liked navigation through family members a bit better with Heredis, but the FTM method is fine.

I haven’t tried to upload and sync my FTM files with Ancestry, yet; and I am not certain that I will do so.  I may just upload what I have with FTM and then break the link. In any event, I’m hoping that Ancestry’s on-line tree isn’t the master of all.

So far, I’m very happy that Family Tree Maker is back and I am looking forward to using it over the next year or so. I think they may have gotten me back.

Pension – Asa Roberts – Death of Patience A. Roberts

Amanuensis Monday

Pension – Asa Roberts – Death of Patience A. Roberts

Transcription by Don Taylor
2 January 2017

_____OCT 15 1919_____

To the Chief, Finance Division:

You are hereby notified that check #5120565 for $75 00/100

dated Oct 4 1919 in favor of:  PATIENCE A ROBERTS
post-office Whittington  ILL
Certificate #244427  C  W  WID
Class CIVIL WAR R  R  1

Section ____2____ has been returned to this office by the Postmaster
with the information that the pensioner died July 26 or 27-1919
and said check has this day been canceled.

Very respectfully,

(D-3)                                                    GUY O. TAYLOR,
–                                                             DISBURSING CLERK.

Pension - Asa Roberts - Death of Patience A Roberts
Pension – Asa Roberts – Death of Patience A Roberts