James Walter – Buried in Ohio

James Walter (1752-1838) – Revolutionary War Soldier was buried in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio

By Don Taylor

In my searches for information on my wife’s 4th great-grandfather, James Walker (1752-1838), I kept running into a source that seemed to be the source used in many other people’s trees but was not cited. Eventually, I determined the mystery source. It was, The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio. It was compiled under the Direction of Frank D. Henderson, The Adjutant General.  A copy of the book is available online at one of my favorite sites, Archive.Org.

Document Image

Roster of Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Ohio – Page 385 – James Walter


On page 385 is an entry for Walter, James, (Fairfield Co.). It reads:

WALTER, JAMES, (Fairfield Co.)

Sgt “Forage Master.” Br Maryland, 1759. Mar Margaret Ann Levan, of Maryland, after the Revolutionary war, date not known. Children : Nancy, mar Leevir ; Elkanah, mar Rachel Decker ; Catherine Ann Dent, mar David Levayzee , Eliz, mar Chas Stockard 1, James Gurley 2; James, mar Polly ___  John, mar Belinda Reese. D May 10, 1838, Lancaster, O. Bur Old Methodist Cem and City Burial Plot Lancaster, O. Cem converted into park, bodies moved to new Cem in Lancaster, marking on head stone obliterated and identification impossible. MI: “James Walter, died May 10, 1838, aged 80 years, 2 mo, 23 da.”_ Jan 4, 1804 received transfer of 400 acres in Ky for serv in Rev War. Deeded in Frederick Co, Va. His name appears on a muster roll of a detachment of artillery commanded by Capt Lt Booker, belonging to the 1st Regt, dated Camp near Bacon Bridge, Apr 2, 1782, covering the months of Jan, Feb and Mch, 1782, which shows that he enlisted for the war. Ref: Natl No 12581 James Lincoln (Capt) Mass. Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly Vol 3, p 74. Letter fr War Dept signed “Lutz Wahl,, Brigadier Gen, Acting the Adj Gen, by E. W. M.” Fur infor War Dept The Adj Gen Office Washington.


I know there are a few errors. Certainly “Margaret Ann Levan” is Margaret Ann Swan and “David Levayzee” is David Swayzee. I’ve seen handwriting where a capital “S” could look like an “Le,” so, I understand the possibility for errors of this type. Also, the birthdate is not consistent with other sources.


Although I know there are minor errors in the entry, I’m tentatively accepting the following as facts:

James Walter

  • Born:   1759 in Maryland [Inconsistent – Alternate]
  • AKA:    “Forage Master”
  • Military Service:          Was a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War.
  • Military Service:          Assigned to an Artillery detachment commanded by Capt Lt Booker, belonging to the 1st Regt, dated Camp near Bacon Bridge, Apr 2, 1782, covering the months of Jan, Feb and Mch, 1782.
  • Marriage:        Margaret Ann Levan [Swan] after April 19, 1783.
  • Children:
    • Nancy, married Leevir [possibly Sevir];
    • Elkanah, married Rachel Decker ;
    • Catherine Ann Dent, married David Levayzee [Swayzee],
    • Eliz, married Chas Stockard 1, James Gurley 2;
    • James, married Polly ___
    • John, married Belinda Reese.
  • Property: 1804 received transfer of 400 acres in Ky for serv in Rev War. Deed in Frederick Co, Va.
  • Died: May 10, 1838, Lancaster, O.
  • Buried: Old Methodist Cemetery – reinterred: City Burial Plot Lancaster, Ohio. Cemetery
  • Headstone obliterated.
  • Note: Margaret Ann Levan [Swan] was “of Maryland”

Future Actions

This record embodies my experiences that finding one record leads to a dozen other things to research. In this case, I want to do the following future actions:

  1. Assess the birth records for James Walter.
  2. Learn more about Captain Lt. Booker and the 1st
  3. Learn more about the Camp near Bacon Bridge.
  4. Research further his marriage date to Margaret Swan.
  5. Research his land in Kentucky.
  6. Review DAR Natl No 12581 James Lincoln (Capt) Mass. and determine how that record fits with James Walter.
  7. Review Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly Vol 3, p 74. Letter fr War Dept signed “Lutz Wahl, Brigadier Gen, Acting the Adj Gen, by E. W. M.”

Ancestor Sketch – Mercy Gay

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Mercy Gay was born into a leading Connecticut family. She married and removed to Vermont where she and her husband were early settlers. When her husband died in 1813, she moved west with family members to western New York where she died at 79 years of age.

Roberts/Brown – Ancestor #201

List of Grandparents

Mercy Gay (1761-1841)


Mercy was born 16 September 1761 in Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut, only 22 years after Sharon Town was incorporated. Mercy was the daughter of John Gay. John Gay is considered to be among the “first settlers of the town,” having purchased the town’s 39th lot from Israel Holley in 1743. She had at four brothers, John, Ebenezer, Fisher, and Perez.[i]


Mercy married Ezra Clugston Sanford on 11 Oct 1786. Mercy was 25 years old and Ezra was two years her junior.  Together, they probably had five children.

    • FNU Daughter 1 – Born between 1787 and 1789. She probably died before 1800
    • Electa Sanford – Born 1790 in Litchfield, CT; Died 1819 in Byron, NY.
    • Ezra Gay Sanford – Born 1792 in Pownal, VT; Died 1855 in Tecumsch, MI.
    • Sally Sanford – Born 1796 in Pownal, VT; Died 1881 in Byron, NY.
    • Lucy Sanford – Born 1799 in Pownal, VT; Died ca. 1870.

Adult Events

  • The 1790 Census shows Ezra Sanford living in Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut with 3 females in his household. One of the females in the household must be his wife, Mercy. One of the other females is probably Electa, who was born in 1790 and one is possibly an unknown Sanford daughter probably born between 1787 and 1789.
  • 1792 Move to Pownal. Ezra and Mercy removed from Sharon to Pownal, Vermont in February 1792.
  • The 1800 Census shows the Ezra Sanford household living in Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont. Living in the household is Ezra and two other males as well as 4 females. Ezra, Junior, would have been 8 years old and is apparently the one male under 10. Lucy (age 1), Sarah (age 4), Electa (age 10), and Mercy (age 39) are all accounted for in the Census. Also living in the household is an unknown male, aged between 26 and 45.
  • 1810 Census – I thought I was unable to find the Ezra Sanford household in the 1810 Census. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the John Samford enumerated in Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont had to be Ezra. Ezra Junior would have been 17 and Ezra would be 47. Mercy and the daughters, all fit the family unit for John Samford. There are no entries for any Samford in any of the previous or subsequent census records, so I’m fairly confident this is Ezra and Mercy.
  • 1813 – Death of Ezra. Ezra died on 22 June 1813 at the age of 50 years, 2 months. Mercy was granted the guardianship of their 14-year-old daughter, Lucy, and “received several parcels of land from the estate of Ezra Sanford.”
  • 1820 Census – Mercy appears to be living with her son-in-law, Dewey Miller in Bergen, Genesee County, New York.
  • In 1820, the town of Byron was incorporated from part of the town of Bergen.
  • 1830 Census – The Mercy Sanford household of Byron, New York, consists of 1 Female, 60 to 70 years old (Mercy) and a young male (from 10 to 15 years old). My suspicion it is likely a grandson, or even a great-grandson helping to take care of the masculine chores of the household.
  • 1840 Census – There isn’t a Mercy Sanford in the 1840 Census. However, there is a Mary Sanford of the correct age whose neighbors are many of the same people as were neighbors to Mercy during the 1830 Census. The neighbors include David Shed, Erastus Hamond, and Stephen Clark. The entry for Mary (Mercy) Sanford household is:
    • 1 Male 10 to 15 – Unknown male.
    • 1 Female 70 to 80 – Mercy (Gay) Sanford

Apparently, Mercy has another young male helping in the household.

  • Mercy (Gay) Sanford died on 1 May 1841 in Byron, Genesee County, New York. She is buried in the North Byron Cemetery.

Events by Location
Life Events of Mercy Gay Sanford

Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut: Birth – 1761; Marriage – 1786.
Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut: Lived 1790.
Pownal, Bennington, Vermont: Lived – 1792; Lived 1800; lived 1810.
Bergen/Byron, Genesee, New York: Lived 1820, 1830, 1840, Death 1841, and Burial, 1841.

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Blanchard Project Photos – Part 1 of 2

Blanchard Project
Photo Friday

I recently received a group of 13 photos all relating to people in my Blanchard project—one Cassidy, four Utterstroms, seven Halversons, and 1 blurry photo. Today, I’ll look at the seven Halverson photos. I’ll look at the Cassidy and Utterstrom photos sometime in the near future. The last photo, the blurry one, I’ll use as a test photo when I review “Vivid Pix Restore,” software.

Blanchard Project

Alfred Halverson, Jr - ca. 1933Alfred Halverson, Jr – ca. 1933” has the general appearance of a high school senior graduation photo. Alfred was born on 23 January 1915. If this is a graduation photo, I’d estimate his graduation to be about 1933. I added his photo to my project. I also created an entry for Alfred Halverson on Family Search (GQK7-D2G) and posted the photo (and photo back) there.


Alfred Halverson Jr - ca. 1917Alfred Halverson Jr – ca. 1917” is a cute baby photo. The clarity of the face is excellent. There was no date associated with the photo, however, Alfred was born in 1915 and I estimate the child in the photo to be about two years old, so I’ve ascribed a date of ca. 1917. I added it to my project and a to Alfred Halverson on Family Search (GQK7-D2G).


Clarence Halverson - ca. 1890sClarence Halverson – ca. 1890s.” Besides his name, the back of the photo says, “Father of Clifford Leon Halverson and husband of Mabel Halverson.” Clarence died at the age of 33 in 1903, so the photo is definitely before that. I estimate the late 1890s. I added this photo to my project and to Clarence Halverson on Family Search (LLQB-JTH).

Clifford Halverson - ca. 1900Clifford Halverson – ca. 1900.”  The back of this photo is filled with information. It reads, “Son of Clarence Halverson | Clifford Halverson| Phil’s Brother | Betty & Beverly’s Uncle | Died age 15 Blood Poison | Pimple nose got infected – Scratched pimple | Gardiner, Maine.” Oh my! Sometimes it is easy to forget just how fragile life was before the advent of antibiotics. The photo indicates Clifford died at age 15; however, the burial record with the Evangelical Lutheran Church indicates he died 15 September 1912 at the age of 17.[i] That suggests his birth was 1894 to 1895. My estimate is that the child in this photo is about 5 or six years old, making the photo ca. 1900. [Note: The photo was damaged (long ago). It appears to me that someone scribbled his face and body probably as a carry through from scribbling on a document on top of this one.] I added this photo to my project and to Clifford Leon Halverson on Family Search (LLQB-VLJ).

Hanna Mathilda Halverson - ca. 1885Hanna Mathilda Halverson – ca. 1885.” This photo originally indicated the first name of “Hanna,” however, a secondary identification and all other records that I have indicate her name was Hannah. The back of the photo indicates “Al and Bill’s Grandmother.”  Also, the date “1885?” written in the secondary hand suggests the year was the estimate of someone. The photo type and appearance seem to be consistent with the mid-1800s, so I kept that date.   I added this photo to my project and to Hannah M. Halverson on Family Search (L1QQ-PCK).

Harold Halverson (Hannah's Brother) - ca 1880sHarold Halverson (Hannah’s Brother) – ca 1880s.” Very faintly, the back of the photo appears to read “Little Harold.” In a later hand, it reads “Uncle Harold Halverson | Hanna’s Brother,” and in an even more recent hand it reads “Harold Haverson Hannah’s Brother.” Harold Theodore Halverson was born in Norway, probably in 1878. In 1883 the family immigrated to Boston where this photo had been taken. The family relocated to Deering [now Portland] Maine by 1889. So, this photo must have been taken between 1883 and 1889. The boy in this photo appears to me to be about 11 years old. If so, the photo would have been taken about early in 1889. I added this photo to my project and to Harold Theodore Halverson on Family Search (L5FG-7K3).

Mary Halverson - ca 1890sMary Halverson – ca 1890s.” The final photo in this Halverson collection is a photo of Mary Halverson. The back said, “Hannah’s sister | Mary Halverson.” In a newer pen, there is an entry that says, “died of TB” and “1890?”  My records didn’t have a Mary Halverson, however, I do have a Maren Halverson. Maren was born in 1868 and died in 1893. The Halverson’s moved to Maine in 1889.  The woman in this photo appears to be in her mid-‘20s. Consequently, I’m confident that is a photo of Mary Halverson taken between 1889 and 1893. I added this photo to my project and to Mary Halverson on Family Search (M69L-RVB).

Final Note

If you are related to the Halverson Family and have photos you can share, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the comment form below. Add “PRIVATE” to the subject line if you do NOT want your comment published to the website.

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Chin Chin – Lyceum Theatre – Paterson, NJ – May 7th & 8th 1920.

Donna Montran and “Chin Chin” play at the Lyceum Theatre in Paterson, New Jersey on 7 & 8 May 1920.

Donna Montran
Chin Chin

“Chin Chin” played in Wilkes-Barre, PA on May 4th.  I haven’t determined where the show was on May 5th or 6th. However, by the 7th, it had progressed the 110 miles east to Patterson.

Preshow Advertising

Advertising for the show began with a May 1st article:[i]

“Chin Chin” to Come to Lyceum

Manager Guggenheim of the Lyceum Theatre, Patterson, has secured Charles Dillingham’s only company presenting that wonderful spectacle of “Chin Chin”, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, May 7 and 8, with a matinee Saturday. This riot of fun, feast of music and bevy of feminine beauty appeared at the Globe theatre in New York for two solid years and is heralded as the greatest musical comedy success emanating from the gay white way. In the leading comedy roles are Walter Wills and Roy Binder.

In this musically rich show spontaneous approval is always accorded such melodious turns as “Good-Bye Girls, I’m Through”, “Love Moon”, The Grey Moon”, “Go Gar Sig Gong-Jue”. The comedy song, and “The Ragging of the Rag of Rags”.-adv.

Show Advertising

The Morning Call – Sat, May 8, 1920

Advertising continued daily through the last ad in both the Patterson and the Passaic newspapers. The show played on May 7th and the May 8th issue of The Morning Call (Patterson, NY) had a call-out which mentioned Donna. It said, in part,

Interwoven into this sparkling comedy of melody is a fairy-tale romance, bringing into play Aladdin and his lamp. Donna Montran, impersonating Violet, meets Aladdin (Star Dunham) at a toy bazar. You all know the story of the mysterious lamp. Suffice it to say that whoever secures the lamp may have any wish granted as it is wished. Aladdin wished for Violet. He got her. Not until the lamp had brought many complications, however.

Post Show Info

I’m not sure where the show went from there, but five days later it had worked its way 175 miles north to Bennington, Vermont.

Lyceum Theatre – Patterson, NJ

The theater was located at 125 Van Houten St., next door to the local fire station, and had a seating capacity of 1,950.

Specifications for the Lyceum Theatre[ii]

The Lyceum is on the right beyond the fire station.

Front to back wall: 45 ft
Between side walls: 80 ft
Between fly girders: 10 ft
To rigging loft: 52 ft

Newspapers —”Chronicle,” “Call,” “News,” “Press,” “Passaic News,” “Herald.”  I haven’t found the “Chronicle” or the “Press” issues.

What Happened to the Theater

On March 22, 1931, the Paterson Lyceum theater burned to the ground.[iii]


Today, the location the Paterson Lyceum theater occupied is a parking ramp.


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[i] Passaic Daily Herald (Passaic, New Jersey) · Sat, May 1, 1920, · Page 4, Column 1.jpg

[ii] The Julius Cahn-Gus Hill Theatrical Guide And Moving Picture Directory. New York, N.Y.: Julius Cahn-Gus Hill, 1921. https://hdl.handle.net/2027/coo.31924063709764?urlappend=%3Bseq=300 accessed 12 March 2020.

[iii] “PATERSON FIRE JOURNAL & NORTH JERSEY FIRE HISTORY”. Patersonfirejournal.Blogspot.Com. Accessed March 12, 2020. http://patersonfirejournal.blogspot.com/2015/.

The Waters Family of 1870 Patten, Maine

Blanchard Project

By Don Taylor

During my ancestor sketch for Sadie Walters, I learned that Patten, Kennebec County, Maine, was settled about 1828, incorporated in 1841. Sadie was born in 1887 in Patten, and her parents were born in Patten as well. So, I wondered, when Sadie’s people came to Patten.  Sadie’s parents were William G. Waters and Laura M. Swett.

I looked previously at the Waters of 1880 Patten, Maine.

1870 Population Schedule

A search of the 1870 Census for “Waters” in Patten, Maine, had 13 results, plus 2 Rowe’s and 3 Grant’s.

  1. George Waters, Age 57 – Widower – Farmer – $1000, $500 Born New Castle, ME – Citizen.
    1. Mary E. Waters, Age 29 – Keeping House Born Palermo, ME – Clearly Elen M. Waters from 1880 Census.
    2. Clara M Waters, Age 27 – Domestic – (possibly a daughter). Born Patten, ME – NEW Person!
    3. William G. Waters, Age 12 – Farm Laborer. Born Patten, ME. Attending School.

      George Waters family in the 1870 Federal Census.
  1. Samuel Waters, age 55 – Farmer 2000 – 1000 – New Castle, ME – Citizen
    1. Frances E. Waters, Age 31 – Hartland, ME
    2. Emily Waters, age 4 – Patten, ME – – Attended School.
    3. Mary I. Waters, age 14 – Domestic – Masardis, ME – Attended School.
  2. Mary Waters – Age 81 – Invalid – Born Jefferson, ME – New Person (Likely William’s mother) NEW Person!
    1. William Waters, Age 50 – Farmer – Born Palermo, ME – Citizen
    2. Olive T. Waters, Age 23 – Born Masardis, ME
    3. George Rowe, Age 12 – Born Masardis, ME.
    4. Emily A. Rowe, Age 9 – Born Masardis, ME.
    5. Martha A. Waters, Age 2/12 – Born in March – Patten, ME (Appears to be Alice M. Waters from 1880 Census)
  3. Eunice W. Waters, Age 64 – Mother of Lonsen Grant – Born Westbrook, ME
    1. Lonson Grant, Age 37, farm Laborer 000 – 200 Born Patten, ME – Married previous October – Citizen
    2. Dora A. Grant, age 18, Born Crystal, ME – Married previous October – NEW Person!
    3. Fred Grant, Age 10 – Born Lincoln, ME – Attending School – Likely brother of Lonson – NEW Person!

Changes from the 1880 Census.

The George Waters household has a new person, Clara M. Waters. She is two years younger than George’s daughter Mary Ellen. I am tentatively assuming that Clara is the daughter of George. If so, Mary Ellen, who was born about 1841 in Palermo and Clara, who was born in Patten about 1843, would suggest that George came to Patten about 1842 or 3.

The William Waters household of 1880 has an 81-year-old invalid heading the household in the 1870 census. I am relatively confident that Mary Waters, born ca. 1789, is William’s mother. Olive and the two Rowe children are all born in Masardis, ME. As such, I believe they are likely siblings of Olive, suggesting her maiden name was also Rowe.

Lonson Grant and Dora A were married in October 1869. Dora would have been eight years old when Fred was born, so I’m confident that Fred is a brother of Lonson and the second son of Eunice W. Waters.

Non-population Schedules

The 1870 Mortality Schedule – William Waters died of cholera in October ed1869, at the age of 1.

The 1870 Agricultural Census Schedule lists the farm information regarding each of the Waters’ farms.[i]

Name of Agent, Owner or Manager George Waters Samuel Waters William Waters
Acres, Improved 50 50 40
Acres, Wooded 50 100 100
Value of Farm $1000 $1500 $1200
Value of Implements $75 $125 $100
Wages Paid 60 60 150
Horses 1 2 3
Milch Cows 3 5 3
Working Oxen 2 3 2
Other Cattle 4 3 6
Sheep 11 24 15
Swine 2 2 2
Value of livestock $350 $400 $200
Spring Wheat, bush. 32 14
Indian Corn 8
Oats 110 260 200
Buckwheat 90 70 100
Wool 30 100 60
Peas & Beans 15 15
Irish Potatoes 200 300 300
Butter 500 400 100
Hay 20 25 20
Value of Animals Slaughtered 200 200 60
Total Value $500 $500 $300

George had 100 acres of land, 50 of which was tilled; he was able to till an additional 10 acres by 1880.  He had one horses, three milch (milk) cows, and 11 sheep. He grew wheat, oats, corn, buckwheat, peas, potatoes, and hay. The total value of George’s farm was $1,925.

Samuel and William’s farms were slightly larger at 150 and 140 acres and valued at $2,525 and $1,800, respectively.

Future Actions

Next – Review the 1860 Census records.


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[i] Note: I deleted lines showing farm items that none of the Walters men possessed from the list. For example, Tobacco, which isn’t grown in Maine, was deleted.