ThruLines – William Henry Brown – Part 2

ThruLines Thursday

In this look at my ThruLinestm results, I’m looking closer at matches, who I have in common with my great-great-grandparents’, William Henry & Marion (Sanford) Brown’s son, Clifford Gerome Brown. Clifford was born about 1873 in Michigan, he married Louella Lillian Bean in 1894 and they had eight children. He died in 1958 in Eugene Oregon.

Three of Clifford’s children have descendants that have tested with Ancestry and have connected themselves to an Ancestry Tree—Harriet, Arthur, and Delilah.


Harriet Irene Brown (1896-1981) – 3 matches.

“LP[i]” is a 3rd cousin who shares 27 cM of DNA across 3 segments. I have been in contact with “LP” previously.

“QP” and “AP” are descendants of a previously unknown son of Harriet. They are father & son and both share 36 cM of DNA across 3 segments with me.

Arthur A. Brown (1902-1978) – 2 matches.

“JB1” is a grandson of Arthur A. Brown and a here-to-fore unknown 3rd cousin. I had his father in my records but not him. He and I share 124 cM of DNA across 5 segments, quite a bit for 3rd cousins.

“JB2” is a great-granddaughter of Arthur A. Brown. I had her father’s basic information before and was able to add “JB2” to my tree. She and I share only 16 cM of DNA across 2 segments, just a little less than I would expect of a 3rd cousin, once removed.

Delilah Pearl Brown (1910-1995) – 2 matches.

“MR” is a granddaughter of Delilah Pearl Brown, thus we are 3rd cousins. We share 19 cM of DNA on 2 segments. She has 15 sources for her information on Clifford G. Brown, several of which I did not have. So, I have added her sources as hints of documents for me to look at carefully and incorporate as appropriate.

“AG” is another granddaughter of Delilah Pearl Brown, thus another 3rd cousin. We share 30 cM of DNA on 2 segments. A review of her on-line tree did not reveal any new information except for “AG”s name.


Thanks to ThruLines, I’ve been able to add 8 new second and third cousins, which broadened my tree. I’ve also learned many new, trusted, facts about my ancestors’ lives. Finally, I have received 14 source hints to review, that will add texture to my understanding of the Brown line. That makes for a good day.


If you are a descendant of Clifford Gerome Brown, please consider testing with Ancestry DNA; it is an excellent genealogical resource and can help you broaden your tree too. If you have tested with Ancestry, but haven’t linked yourself to an Ancestry tree, please do so. I’d love to learn how we are related.

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[i] Note: Anyone who is living or is presumed to be living has their name either omitted or reduced to initials.  If you believe you are the person suggested and would like me to use your full name, let me know and I’ll update the article.

Ezra Sanford – Probate – Inventory – 2

Transcription Tuesday
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.This week, for “Transcription Tuesday,” I am looking at the second part of the Inventory Papers of the Probate of Ezra Clugston Sanford (1763-1813)[i]. The Papers are images 10, 11, 12, and 13 of the 19 images contained in the probate file. Ezra and Mercy (Gay) Sanford are my 5th great-grandparents and are among my few known New England ancestors.

Image 397 – Inventory of estate (title)

Inventory of the estate of Ezra Sanford of Pawnal – Rec? Aug 2nd 1813Recorded Book, 5th Pages 354.526 by I. E. Robinson Reg.

Image 398 – Inventory of estate (description)

At a probate court held on Aug 2nd 1813.

The forgoing inventory was ???  approved & ordered to be recorded by Jonah Wright, P. Judge.

Image 400 – Inventory of estate (Page 1)

Page 1st

An Inventory of the estate of Ezra Sanford Late of Pownal Deceased taken the 12th day of July 1813. [ii]

1 – 48 Acres Land 2682
1 Cow called Hill Clean 15
1 ?yned Black Cow 17
1 Brindet Cow 16
1 Yellow Cow 17
1 ??end Cow 15
3 Two year old ?teass 30
2 Two year old heffers? 20
5 One year old ??? 27.50
5 ???? 15
1 Mare 25
2 Young horses 30
40 Sheap [sic] 40
5 goats 90 / 1 old lone 36/ 21
1 Waggon 30
1 Wood shed 75
PLUS 25 Lines of additional personal property[iii]
Carry over to page 2nd $3-176-12

Image 399 – Inventory of estate (Page 2)

Broat over from Page 1st $3-176-12
PLUS 37 Lines Of additional personal property[iv]
Pownal July the 12th 1813 $3-383-42

We your commissioners certify the above and forgoing is a true inventory of the estate of Ezra Sanford late of Pownal deceased sworn unto us by the Administrators of said estate attest

Obidiah Dunham   —  } Commissioners
Isaac Kimbill — }

Facts I learned

I learned that Ezra was pretty well to do. Although he only had 49 acres of land, he had five cows, 3 horses, 40 sheep, and lots of personal property, altogether totaling to over $3,300.


NOTE:  The Cambridge Dictionary defines “transcribe” as to “make a complete written record of spoken or written words.” My transcriptions are seldom perfect but I do my best to convert handwritten documents into typed words for my genealogical purposes.  If you see anything that I have incorrect, please let me know your thoughts via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.


[i] Author: Vermont. Probate Court (Bennington District); Probate Place: Bennington, Vermont – Vermont, Wills and Probate Records, 1749-1999 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.

[ii] The original document is handwritten with lines linking the individual items to the value. Rather then using lines like the originally, I’ve created a table to better display the information. I have also truncated the table to include his land and livestock leaving his personal property off.

[iii] Ibid.

[iv] Ibid.

Elizabeth (Rose?) Vincent (1785-186?) & the Censuses

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Women were only identified by name if they were the head of the household in the early (before 1850) censuses. So, following women in the early census records is often conjecture. Elizabeth (Rose) Vincent was born about 1785; she married Burkett Vincent sometime and she died after 1860. In the case of the spouse of Burkett Vincent, I’m not convinced that Elizabeth was the only wife of Burkett or Burkett wasn’t Elizabeth’s only wife. The census records suggest another scenario.

Birth of Burkett’s Wife

Census Record Age, Place of Birth Comments
1860 Census Age 75, NC Living with her son John.
1850 Census Age 64, Halifax Her daughter, Nancy, was living with her.
1840 Census Age 50 to 59 In household of “Burket” Vinson.
1830 Census Age 40-49 In household of Burket Vincent.
1820 Census Age over 45 Should be 35 – Probably not Elizabeth.
1810 Census Age 26-46 Should be 25 – Probably not Elizabeth.



During the 1860 Census, 75-year-old Elizabeth was enumerated in the household of her son, John and his apparent family of wife and six children in the Western District of Halifax County, North Carolina. Her post office was Weldon, NC.[i] 


Elizabeth is the 64-year-old head of household, and 25-year-old Nancy Vincent, presumably her daughter, is living with her. Both were born in Halifax and were enumerated in Halifax County in 1850.[ii]


Elizabeth’s husband Burkett Vinson, died about 1847, so Elizabeth is presumed to be the female 50 thru 59 in the household of Burket Vinson in Halifax County.  The household consisted of Burkett and four others. With Burkett and Elizabeth are three apparent children. Burkett (Jr.), age 16; Nancy, Age 15, and either John or James, age 23 or 22.[iii]


Elizabeth is presumed to be the female 40 thru 49 in the household of “Brkett” Vincent in Halifax County.  The household consists of Burkett and four others. With Burkett and Elizabeth are three apparent children. Burkett (Jr.), age 16; Nancy, Age 15, and either John or James, age 23 or 22.[iv]


The 1820 Census is somewhat problematic. It shows the household of “Perkit” Vincent consisting of a household with a woman over 45. Elizabeth should be 35 during this census. So, I’m wondering if this woman is a first wife for Burkett.  If so, that would suggest that Burkett possibly had five children with a first wife and that Elizabeth was a step-mother to the older children.[v]


Again, the 1810 Census is problematic. It shows the oldest female in the household of Burket Vincent is 26 to 45 years old. Elizabeth should be 25 at this some, so I suspect that the person enumerated in the 1810 Census was not Elizabeth.[vi]


I’m comfortable that Elizabeth was the spouse of Burkett in 1830. I also suspect she was not the mother of Burkett’s children born before 1820. Alternately, she might be the mother of the children born before that by another man and that, after she married Burkett, the children took his surname.

Further Actions

I have been unsuccessful in discovering a document which indicates provides evidence for Elizabeth’s parents.  About 75% of other researchers suggest that her parents were William Rose (1759-1801) and Sarah Crawley (1775-1863).  Twenty percent suggest that Elizabeth’s parents were Elisha Rose Sr. (1753-1795) and Hannah Sellers (1758-1812). The final 5% suggest her parents were Elisha Rose and Pheroby Powell. A quick look at these other researcher’s trees failed to reveal a document which would provide evidence regarding Elizabeth’s parents. Next, I’ll take a look at Elizabeth’s possible parents and try to determine which pair I believe to be correct.

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Donna Darling Collection – Part 54

Donna at Rialto, Swiss Gardens, & American Theatres, plus three photos.

Treasure Chest Thursday
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.For this week’s Treasure Chest Tuesday, I’m looking at image DSCN1468  from the Donna Darling Collection. This image includes 5 objects; two newspaper clippings and three photographs.

The Two Clippings

The first clipping shows “Donna Darling & Co with Sammy Clark in a Singing and Dancing Revue in Five Scenes” as an added feature to the Rialto Theatre in Racine, Wisconsin, show on Sunday. With them are four other vaudeville shows.

  • Boyd Senter “Jazzologist Supreme”
  • Denyle Don & Everett “Up for Air”
  • Bennett & Lee “Vaudeville Etiquette”
  • Dallas Trio “A Comedy Novelty”

This clipping is the identical advertisement I had seen previously in the Journal Times, Racine, Wisconsin, 31 July 1926, Page 11. (Thanks to Newspapers.Com.)

The second clipping is a very short one that says:

DONNA DARLING and SAMMY CLARK are enjoying a long run at the Swiss Gardens, Cincinnati, O., with their vaudeville revue. They will remain there until July 31 and then open in Chicago at the American on Aug. 20.

My previous research indicated that Donna and Sammy played at the Swiss Gardens July 23rd thru July 31st. However, I did not know they played at the American Theatre in Chicago August 20th. Thanks to this clipping I was able to add the location of the Swiss Gardens Theatre as being Cincinnati, Ohio and was able to add a new venue, The American Theatre in Chicago on August 20.

The three photos.

The first is a photo of Russell standing between two men, who are certainly brothers and are probably twin brothers.  Russell was born in August 1927, so this photo appears to be from 1928 or 1929. I vaguely recall seeing them before, but I wasn’t able to find them in a quick search. I’ll keep a sharp eye out for twins in my other activities.

The second photo is of an unknown couple in swimming suits standing at a beach. Again, I do not know who they are, so I’ll keep an eye out for them in my future work.


Finally, is a badly damaged photo of a woman sitting next to the stairs leading to the porch of a house. She is wearing something of a sailor blouse and the house next door appears to have a “beach” porch. Again, I’ll add her to my unknown photos.

Discover you family history through historical newspapers at


I updated Donna’s Career History with the following (new information in bold):

  • July 23 – 31 – Swiss Gardens, Cincinnati, OH See Illinois Digital Newspaper DDC-54
  • August 20, 1926 – Chicago, Illinois – American Theatre – DDC-54

I also put the three photos into my “unknown subjects” folder.

Ezra Sanford – Probate – Order Papers

(Third article in a series about the probate of the estate of Ezra Sanford.)

Transcription Tuesday
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.This week, for “Transcription Tuesday,” I am looking at the Inventory Papers of the Probate of Ezra Clugston Sanford (1763-1813)[i]. The Order Papers are images 7, 8, and 9 of the 19 images contained in the probate file. Ezra and Mercy (Gay) Sanford are my 5th great-grandparents and are among my few known New England ancestors.

Image 395 – Commission to distribute (Title)

Commission to distribute the estate of Ezra Sanford
——  —–


Image 394 – Commission to distribute (Preamble)

For the Probate district of Bennington least by one of yourselves-

Given under my and and seal in and of office this second day of August in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen

Josiah Wright P. Judge

Bennington County 20th September 1813 Obediah Dunham and Isaac Kimbill were duly sworn on the within _____ before John Mackinton, Justice of Peace Pownal 20th September 1813 John Macinton was duly sworn on the within before Obadiah Dunham ???  ??? to the business of our appointment on on the within commission made at division of the estate of Ezra Sanford late of Powal division both real and personal which are herewith return.

            Josse Blackington        \
            Obadiah Dunham        }   Commissioners
            Isaac Kimbill                /

Image 396 – Commission to distribute (Detail)

To Obediah Dunham, Isaac Kimbill, & Jesse Blackington all of Pownal in Probate District of Bennington sufficient freeholders – Greetings,

Pursuant to the powers to me given in and by the laws of this State – I do hereby appoint and authorize you those, Obadiah Dunham, Isaac Kimbill, & Josse Blackington a committee to distribute to emer among the lawful heirs of the estate of Ezra Sanford Late of Pownal deceased so much as by law ??? belongs to them or ?? of them as the will accommodate without prejudice to or showing the whole performance being had to the males in doing which you as to deal impartially as you are sworn, moreover if any of the heirs of the said deceased have received anything of him in his lifetime in advance towards their portions you are to signify the same to me and how much each one has received –

When you go about your business let all parties con ??? have notice and if any dispute arise about the quantity of any parcel of land you may procure an artist for the survey that, and if all parties are satisfied with your proceedings, let them signify the same by county signing. Finally, Seal up this commission with your doing therein and return the same with all convenient speed into the Register’s office.

Facts I learned

I was reminded that the handwriting legibility of clerks was not a requirement for them to be elected or appointed to office. I was also reminded that some documents have no genealogical value. Better luck next time.


[i] Author: Vermont. Probate Court (Bennington District); Probate Place: Bennington, Vermont – Vermont, Wills and Probate Records, 1749-1999 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.