Happy New Year – 2015

Happy New Year!  

I hope your holidays have been a lovely and joyous as mine and that your New Year be safe and prosperous. In ending my 2014 year I thought I’d update everyone on what I anticipate for the new year. The big news for the new year is my new domain.


I’ve decided to add a more professional look to my
genealogical efforts.  To help that look,
I have gotten an internet domain name: 

The first thing you may notice is that when you go to this
blog via a bookmark, or direct entry, to dtaylorgenealogy.blogspot.com you will
find that you are directed to blog.dtaylorgenealogy.com.  I am still using Blogspot to host my blog but
have made an entry in my domain to direct blog.dtaylorgenealogy.com to the
Blogspot site.
I also added a Google Sites website for “D Taylor Genealogy”
and have directed www.dtaylorgenealogy.com
to the Google site. It is still under construction but I plan to use it as a
location to show the kinds of things that I can and will provide as
genealogical services.

Next, I created an email account through Go Daddy.  I am still having trouble with it.  I am receiving email through them okay but
can’t seem to send email from Apple Mail or Outlook. I can send from the web
interface fine though.  I’ll see if I can
fix it soon.  In any event, you can send
mail to me via “don (at) dtaylorgenealogy.com” and I’ll receive it.


Over the past few weeks I’ve received a lot of things to
work on.  On the Brown/Montran
Research I’ve received a letter and some eMail’s from my Uncle Russ that will
help put some additional information regarding my great grandmother, Ida Mae
Barber, and her husband Harvey Knight.  I
also received over 800 photos of various relatives from a cousin.  It will take some time for me to categorize
those photos and incorporate them into my research.

On my Madonna Montran
research, I have dozens of additional bookings that I know of and will continue
bi-monthly posts regarding her vaudeville life.

Joyner Library
Clock Tower – Joyner Library
East Carolina University
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons 

On the Howell/Hobbs
research, I recently received a book through inter-library loan from the J. Y. Joyner Library about Martin County History. It is a two
volume set and has dozens of references in it regarding the Howells including
the Armstrong, Bryan, Hobbs, Howell, Johnson, Long, and Price families that
lived in Martin County.  I’m looking
forward to researching them. I am so grateful for the interlibrary loan system.

On the Darling/Huber
research I have several areas of research that I’m going to pursue.

Finally, on the DNA research front,
I’ve encountered another person for whom I have a DNA match on my paternal
side.  Unfortunately this individual only
has the surnames for 9 of his 16 2nd great grandparents named and
only 10 of his 32 3rd great grandparents.  Family Tree DNA is suggesting that he and I are
related as 2-4th cousins so we are likely to need to go back to the
3rd greats to find a common ancestor. We will see.


One minor project I’m doing is posting poetry written by my grandfather, Dick Brown, to my facebook wall. I typically find an appropriate graphic to accompany it and post it as public.

On my projects for friends, I have six different ones.  I use these
projects to help hone my skills by exploring other people’s family histories.  I try to give each of these projects a day’s
work every 6 to 8 weeks. The projects I am working on include
the following:

Adair,  Burlison,  Kirks*,  Pettus,  Rode,  and Smith.
I will be replacing my “Web Pages” tab on the blog with a
page that speaks about these projects and moving “Web Pages” to the www site. 


I have recently updated my “Getting to Know You”
presentation.  I don’t currently have a
good way to display the presentation.  The last time I gave the presentation, I
copied it to a thumb drive, and connected the thumb drive to someone else’s
computer that was connected to a large screen TV.  It worked fine for the venue I was at, but probably
won’t work well elsewhere.  I will
probably need to get a projector and a way to connect it to my iPad to better show
it to groups.

Also, I’ve been thinking
about putting together a networking presentation that describes how to use social
networking to improve your genealogical research.  I have a lot of the material and many ideas about
how to approach it.  I just need to put the
presentation together.  I know I can get
some offers to present that type of material.

* Note: I am a contributor for the Kirks tree, not the owner/manager
of that tree.
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Relationships key to finding the Stelmaszewski’s

Genealogy Tip

Relationships key to finding the Stelmaszewski’s 

A very good friend of mine has been doing genealogy for a while ran into something of a brick wall.  He found his family in the 1940 Census and even his great-grandparents in the 1930 Census, but he was not finding anything for them before that.  We were pretty sure that they arrived at Ellis Island on 20 Jun 1892, so they should have shown up in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses as well.
I did a quick look on Ancestry and on Family Search and wasn’t successful finding anything either. I know that if you asked several people how to spell Stelmaszewski you would receive several different spellings. Trying to figure out how the surname is spelled in a case like this can be daunting. So I took a surname unknown approach.  I used Ancestry.Com because both my friend and I have subscriptions there.
Next, I took stock of a few things we did know.  His grandmother’s name was Priscilla Helen Stelmaszewski and her parents were Frank (or Franz) and Katherine.  We knew Priscilla was born in 1907 in Minnesota.
On Ancestry.Com I went immediately to the 1920 Census records via the Card Catalog (Search | Card Catalog | 1920 United States Federal Census). 
First & Middle Names:  Priscilla Helen  

Last Name: (Left Blank)

Birth:  1907   Location: Minnesota
Then down to family members,
Father:  Frank
Then I added another 
Mother: Katherine
Bang.  Second entry:
A review of the record confirmed that was them, right age for mother, father, and daughter. Right places of birth.  And wow.  Not only them but eight siblings for Priscilla.  
Then I tried the same kind of search in the 1910 Census records.  Boo-hoo no luck.  
I tried several other combinations and didn’t hit on a combination that found them (remember, I’m not using a last name).  
I tried using Frank/Franz with a child named Victoria (usually quite readable and spell able). 
That gave me about 126 thousand responses and none on the first page that looked right.  I knew from the 1930 census that Priscilla’s older siblings were also born in Minnesota so I figured that they might have been in Minnesota in 1920 as well. Also Frank had been born in Poland about 1864 so I went with that too. 
Still too many records (I hate going down to a second or third page).  They lived in Pine County in 1930, maybe they did in 1920 also.  I added that as exact.
Again, there they were.
I used a similar technique to find them in the 1900 Census.
Because I know that Minnesota had an 1895 and a 1905 census I was able to search (leaving out the last name) and including either relationships to children or the location of Pine County to follow the family and see the spellings used for their surname.
1892 – Stelmaszewski (Ellis Island Passenger Record)
Stillmaziski (1895 Census) via Ancestry.Com
1895 – Stillmaziski (Minnesota Census)
1900 – Stetmaszewski (US Census)
1905 – Stelmazewki (Minnesota Census)
1910 – Stelinaszewski (US Census)
1920 – Stetenzki (US Census)
1930 – Stelmaszewski (US Census)
Stetenzki (1920 Census) – via Amazon.com
1940 – Scelmaszewski (US Census) (Living with daughter and son in law)

Although the name changed many times in the census schedules, we were able to fill in the entire census record of the family based upon relationships and locations without using last names at all.

© copyright 2014 – Don Taylor’s Genealogy

Searching for a Living Individual

Searching for a living individual.

A really close friend recently asked me recently if I have any special tricks to finding living people. He had tried to find a cousin of his wife, but kept running into sites that cost and didn’t guarantee that the person they were providing data on was the right person.  He indicated that he was getting really frustrated.
Now my friend knows that, as a genealogist, I would want all of the information on the individual that he had. So he provided lots of basic information (names and dates changed for privacy reasons).

John Doe
Born in October 1948
Parents were Curtis Doe and Lorraine Olson
He married Nancy Smith in 1967
They had three children, Jane, Mitchel, and Todd
He and Nancy divorced in about 1991
He sometimes went by the nickname of Jack.
My friend also proved the last known addresses for John.  He had several addresses, mostly in Minnesota, and one in New Jersey.


If I couldn’t find John’s location today with that much information, he didn’t want to be found.
– – – – – – – – – – –
I find that Facebook and Linked in are the best sources for finding people living today. In the case of John Doe, neither search yielded anyone that appeared to be him. (I guess John is probably a Luddite,) Next a search for one of his kids.
A girl born in the 60s or 70s is probably married, so I figured I’d begin with one of the boys. I looked for Todd and a very likely candidate popped right up.  I also looked at his “friends;” he had one named Mitch Doe.  He lived in Minnesota only a few miles from where John Doe lived in the ‘90s. Another Doe was listed; it was a women.  Photos that were shared indicated that it must be the wife of Mitch and not the sister.
Another approach that sometimes works for me is zabasearch.com. It isn’t that Zabasearch always works but they also provide “sponsored results.”  In this case the sponsored results yielded five results and one of them was associated with Hyacinth, Nancy, Mitch, and Todd. The sponsored result also indicated three locations in New Jersey (one the same town my friend provided) and several in Minnesota.  It also provided John’s current city.  I could have paid a couple bucks for the information provided there.   I knew my friend didn’t want to spend anything so I continued on.


Oh, before I go on, besides Zabasearch, I highly recommend intelius.com.  They provide reports for a fee. You get a pretty good report for only a couple dollars ($1.95).
Then, I looked him up on both White Pages and 411 (www.whitepages.com/ and www.411.com and got the same New Jersey phony number, 732-555-1234. Just to be certain, I did a quick area code look-up, on Google, a search for  “area code 732”  brought up a Wikipedia article which indicated the area code was in New Jersey – Perfect.
I copied and pasted the name, age, phone number, and addresses into an email to my friend.

I recommended the following course of action:  

Call his cousin via the number provided.
Contact/email his kids on Facebook and see if they will facilitate contact.  (Note: All the kids are adults.)
US Mail his cousin.
If the above don’t work, spend the $2 at Intelius for a report.