Hildur Christina Krafve Mattson (1895-1976)

52 Ancestors #19 – Hildur Christina Krafve Mattson (1895-1976)

It is not always about your ancestors but ancestors that
have made a difference in your life. 
When I began looking at my records regarding Hildur I realized that
things weren’t right in my software, Family Tree Maker for Mac 2.  I thought that I had the relationships
right.  I had the relationship of my stepfather
set to step and his relationship to me as step, but his still showed up as my
father and Hildur as my grandmother. I finally figured out that under People,
Attach/Detach people that if I detached myself from him that he popped up as my
stepfather and all was well.  I think the
process of establishing relationships in FTM4Mac2 is unintuitive and should be
streamlined.  How half siblings and stepsiblings
are displayed are not clear and are difficult to get correct. I think that if
you put the correct relationship in the relationship tab that should be all
that should be necessary.  
While writing this biography, I realized that I only have
one photo that includes Hildur, and that one is a distance shot from Christmas
1970.  Of course, upon scanning the photo
and cropping it to include only Hildur it is very blurry and poor quality.  If anyone has a better photo of her I would
love it.

Bio – Hildur Christina Krafve

Hildur Christina Krafve Mattson
Christmas 1970
Hildur’s parents came to America from Sweden in 1885 and 1887 and settled in Minnesota. Hildur was born on 26 May 1895, the third of six children to Josef (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) Persson (or Person) Krafve in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1]
In 1900, the family lived in southeast Minneapolis at 717 28th Ave, an area that now the University of Minnesota Reuse Program buildings.[2]

The 1910 census finds the family in Maple Ridge Township in Isanti County, which is a few miles north of Cambridge. As an interesting side note, in 1917 a Reuben Krafve, son of Carl Krafve committed suicide in Maple Ridge Township when he received notice that he was drafted. I haven’t found the relationship to our Krafve’s yet, but I would think one is quite possible. I’ll need to look further into that.

I have been unable to find the Krafve’s in the 1920 census. I have found that their surname is spelled many different ways and have a lot more research to do to see if I can find them.

Hildur married Eddie Matson (aka Edward William Mattson) on 25 Mar 1922 in Hennepin County. A copy of certificate may be ordered from one of my favorite Minnesota websites: Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS).

4218 Upton Avenue North Today
Thanks to Google Maps
When my stepfather was born, in 1925, the family lived in a tiny (726 square feet), but new (built in 1924), home at 4218 Upton Ave. North, a house that exists today.
The family probably outgrew the tiny house on Upton and by
the 1930 census the family had moved to Southside Township, Wright County. [3]
Sometime between 1935 and 1940 the family moved a few miles
away to Annandale.[4]
The family moved back to Minneapolis before 1942 and lived
at 2024 Girard Ave. No. That house no longer exists. According to city
directories, they lived there until at least 1948.[5]
Hildur died on 30 July 1976 in Hennepin County. A copy of
the certificate can be ordered from the Minnesota Historical Society.[6] Hildur Mattson was buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery in Minnesota with her husband.

Further Research.

Get better photo of Hildur if possible.
Determine if Carl and Reuben Krafve are related.
Find Hildur Krafve in the 1920 Census.
Get a copy of Eddie & Hildur’s wedding certificate.
Get a copy of Hildur’s death certificate. 
Determine Hildur’s burial place.

Further actions:

Submit a software improvement recommendation to Ancestry. Maybe, maybe not. 


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Bertha Barbara Trümpi Huber

52 Ancestors #18
Darling-Huber-Trumpi Line

Bio: Bertha Barbara (Trümpi) Huber (1884-1968)

The umlaut helps to confuse Bertha’s records in America. Usually, the umlaut is dropped and Trumpi is used, it is also Trumpe and sometimes Trumpy, misspellings include Trunpe. Bertha was born the oldest child of Bernhard Trumpe and Bertha Koch on 9 May 1884, in Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland. We know nothing about her childhood, although we do know she “came from a big family and had a stepmother as her father married twice.
She is my wife’s most recent immigrant coming to America in 1903 when she was only 18 years old. She came in the care of an aunt and uncle who traveled from America to get her in Switzerland and bring her back. She then settled in Wisconsin where she met Johann (John) Huber. She married Johann on 2 March 1905 in New Glarius, Wisconsin,[1] most likely at the Swiss Church in New Glarus in a religious ceremony by Rev. A. Roth. Anna Altman and Gebert Huber were the witnesses.
The young couple settled in Primrose, Dane County, Wisconsin. [2]
In April of 1908, she had her first child, a daughter, Florence Wilma Huber.
1909-02-07 - Morning Star (Rockford, IL) Page- 13 - Home Seekers ad
1909 ad for Baldwin County Colonization Co. From The Morning Star (Rockford, IL)

Three Chicago businessmen formed the Baldwin County Colonization Company in 1903: Alexander Klappenback, F. W. Herdick, and Henry Bartling. They hoped to establish a German colony near Perdido Bay, Alabama. In 1904, settlers were offered 20 and 40-acre portions of land.[3] They provided free trips to southern Alabama in February to people who bought property in the Colony.

The excitement of land of their own in the warmth of Alabama enticed the young family to move south in 1907 or 1908. Shortly after she and John located to Elberta, Baldwin County, Alabama, in 1908 she gave birth to her second child.[4]
Sometime between 1916 and 1920, the young family decided to return to the north and purchased a farm in James Township, Saginaw County, Michigan. After daughter died in 1934, their granddaughter came to live with them (Bertha, her husband, and her son Clarence). Bertha spoke Romansh, High German, and English. Her husband died in 1948. She continued to live at the James Township farm until she died from a coronary occlusion on 21 March 1964.
Bertha was buried in an unmarked grave at Oakwood Cemetery, Saginaw, Michigan. Section 116, Plot S692 on March 25th.
List of Great Ancestors
1.    Bertha Barbara Trümpi
2.     Bernhard Trümpe


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Hannah Beardsley Hulse Swayze

52 Ancestors #17 – Hannah Beardsley (1671-1743)

Bio – Hannah Beardsley Jenner Hulse Swayze

Hannah is one of those ancestors for whom other people’s
research is confusing and conflicting and for whom my research needs to be
somewhat daunting. 

Pirate Henry Morgan
Most of what I’ve found about Hannah puts her birth at 30
Apr 1671.  She was born of Joseph and Abigail
Phebe Dayton Beardsley.  One researcher
puts her birth at Brookhaven, New York, however most put her birth at Stratford,
Connecticut.  The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records. Vol. 1­55,
edited by Lorraine Cook White lists Hannah, daughter of Joseph Beardsley as
being born in 1671.[1]  It is key to note that another Hannah
Beardsley, daughter of Samuell Beardsley, was born 1682, also in Connecticut.
Her death is consistently reported by other researchers as 2
February, 1742/43. (Year is inconsistent because of Julian/Gregorian calendar
Several researchers indicate that she married Richard Hulse
in 1681, when she would have been only 10 years old.  I just can’t accept that date.  Several others indicate she married Samuel
Jenner in 1691, however, it appears that when she married Samuel Swazey her
last name was Hulse,[2] which
would suggest that she married Hulse after Jenner, if she married Jenner at
all.  All of the pedigrees I’ve seen
indicate she married Samuel in 1698 although the location is in question. Some
say Suffolk county, New York, others say Queens county, New York. In any event
it will take a lot of work to unravel the marriages.
I am really happy that one of the researchers included
sources with their pedigree on line. 
There were nine different sources that supported that individual’s
facts.[3]  This is awesome and a real help.  I wish everyone included their sources.  I will now be able to review the sources this
person used, analyze the source material and develop my own hypothesis. 
It is very unclear about Hannah’s possible children.  Certainly, the 4 Hulse children ascribed to
her can be dismissed as all were supposedly born before she was 5 years old.
The two Jenner children ascribed to her could be hers if she, in fact married
Jenner but I currently don’t believe so. One was born the year she married
Swazey and she would have had to marry Hulse in between.  It just doesn’t seem likely to me.
Page from Handel’s “Messiah”
She appears to have had at least six children with Samuel
Swazey,  John, Mathias, Susannah, Mary,
Samuel, and Elizabeth. There are no significant gaps in the children’s births
so I don’t expect any infant deaths in her children.
Historically, 1671, the year of Hannah’s birth, saw pirate
Henry Morgan defeating the Spanish in Panama, King Charles II on the throne in
England, and Louis XIV, king of France, founding Académie royale d’architecture,
the world’s first school of Architecture. [4]
Hannah died a month before Handel’s “Messiah” premiered in
I remember Hannah Beardsley Swayze this week, on the 343rd anniversary of her birth.

List of Greats

Rufus Harry Darling
Elizabeth Jane Swayze
David Swayze
David Swayze
Amos Swayze
Mathias Swayze
Hannah Beardsley
Joseph Beardsley
William Beardsley 

Further Research

Review Sources provided by Family Search and integrate facts.
Sort out Hannah’s marriages.
Further investigate Hannah’s parents and see about siblings.


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Florence Wilma Huber Darling (1908-1934)

52 Ancestors #16 – [Florence Wilma Huber Darling (1908-1934)

Bio – Florence Wilma Huber Darling

Florence Huber
Approx. 1924 (Age 16)
Florence was born on 23 April, 1908 in Wisconsin, the first
child of Johan (John) and Bertha Trümpi Huber.[i] At
the time her parents probably lived near Primrose, Dane County, Wisconsin and
were part of the Swiss immigrant population in that area. [ii]
Shortly after her birth the Hubers moved to Elberta and
Josephine, Baldwin, Alabama where her brother Clarence was born a year and a
half later.[iii]  This
is a very unusual migration route and it prompted me to look further at
possible reasons for the relocation there. 
It appears that the Hubers had succumbed to advertising that was
targeted to the Swiss Colony folks in Wisconsin and Minnesota which provided
inexpensive trips to southern Alabama in February and March to promote land
By the time Florence was 12 the family had relocated back north, this time to Saginaw, Michigan. [iv] In the school year 1920-1921 she, and her brother Clarence, had perfect attendance, missing no days of school.[v]            
It is unclear how or where Florence met the divorcee, Robert
Harry Darling. Harry had been married in 1925 to Nora Glies and divorced in
1926.  He married Florence in 1929 and
located to  110 N. Fremont. Ross, Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania by the 1930 census time. 
It appears that the apartment that was at that location was replaced in
1950. Later in 1930, Florence had a daughter.
425 Charles St., Pittsburgh, PA
Thanks to Google Maps
Florence died on 5 October 1934 of Bilateral Pyosalpinx,
Pelvic Cellulitis, cause undetermined. She lived at 423 Charles, Pittsburgh, PA
at the time of her death.[vi]
According to her death certificate she was buried at Zion
Memorial Cemetery. A Find-a-Grave photo request has gone unanswered since May

Further Research

Determine date for her marriage to Robert Harry Darling.
Get photo of her grave marker.


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“Chin Chin” at the Majestic Theatre – Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada – Jan 7, 1920

Donna & “Chin Chin” Play the Majestic Theatre,” Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada – Jan 7, 1920

Lethbridge Daily Herald
January 3, 1920, Page 5
Courtesy: Our Future Our Past

Once again, thanks to “Our Future Our Past” and their newspaper archive, we learn that “Chin Chin” played in Lethbridge, Alberta on January 7th, 1920.

The pre-show advertising hype was certainly in place by January 3rd when an article about “Chin Chin” appeared in the Lethbridge Daily Herald on the “Drame – Vaudeville – Photoplays” page.[1] The article mentions Ethey Lawrence as Violet Band but not our Donna. Ther is, of course, an ad for the show as well.

In the paper the day before the show we see an article that explains how the girls for the show were selected and how some of the girls who couldn’t make the auditions had their “voices recorded on disk records” at various agencies and had the recordings sent to Charles Dillingham for consideration.

The Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theater Stage abt 1912
Courtesy Glenbow Museum Archives.

Although fairly small the Majestic Theatre was large considering the size of Lethbridge. With a population of 8,050 the theatre’s capacity was 1,150, That means that the theatre could held over 14% of the population of the town. As I mentioned, the stage was small, only 26×26 with footlights to backwall only 29 feet. [2] The stage certainly looks small from the photo from high in the nose-bleed seats.

The building was built in 1908 as the Griffiths Theatre. It became the Majestic in 1910 and Palm Dairy in 1938. It remained Palm Dairy until 1978 when it was destroyed by fire.[3] Today a strip mall containing the “5th Avenue Dental Centre is at the location in a new building.[4]

Next stop for the “Chin Chin” cast: Calgary, 141 miles north by train.

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