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Research into the four family Lines, Roberts, Brown, Howell, and Darling.

Sometimes the Census Taker is Wrong & Andrew Martin Darling

Sometimes the Census Taker is Wrong By Don Taylor I’ve been having many roadblocks in my Abner Darling (1780-1839) research. Enough so that I decided to take a step back and look at Abner Darling’s descendants much more closely. The first … Continue reading

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Mitochondrial DNA and Minerva Ann (Tolliver) Mannin

By Don Taylor One of the great controversies in my genealogical efforts is in my Brown/Manning ancestors and relates to the parentage of Minerva Ann (Tolliver) Mannin. I know quite a bit about Minerva. She was born in Carter County, … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Hall Elementary – 6th Grade

Schools I’ve Attended My Life Those Places Thursday By Don Taylor My mother married Budgar (Edgar J. Matson) on 8 December 1961 in Webster, South Dakota. We celebrated the following Christmas at the Spring Lake Park house. I remember Budgar’s … Continue reading

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The name is different but the same.

Darling/Huber/Trumpi Line By Don Taylor The mother of great-grand uncle Ernest Lorraine Trumpy [Trümpi] has long been a question. His father, Bernard Trümpi has long been known, but his mother has been something of a mystery. You see, family oral … Continue reading

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Ancestor Bio – Nimrod Lister (c. 1826-c. 1890)

Roberts Line By Don Taylor I always feel frustrated when I am unable to find an ancestor in all of the census records. Such is the case with Nimrod Lister.  I found him in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Census records … Continue reading

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Top 10 Surnames in my Roberts-Brown Research

Roberts-Brown-2017 Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Surname Saturday By Don Taylor In a recent “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun,” Randy Seaver suggested we look at our surname list. My Roberts-Brown tree has 6,084 individuals. I manage the tree using Family Tree Maker … Continue reading

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Where my Ancestors were 100 years ago.

Mappy Monday By Don Taylor Randy Seaver in his blog, Genea-Musings suggested that we look at where our ancestors were 100 years ago. I thought I’d take a stab at it more from a location perspective. In October 1917, my … Continue reading

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Ancestor Bio – Ezra Sanford (1792-1855)

52 Ancestors – Week 198 Brown-Sanford Line By Don Taylor Ezra Sanford was an American pioneer. Born in Vermont, after he received an inheritance from his father’s death, he headed west to settle in western New York. After a few … Continue reading

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Probate Record – Ezra Sanford – Sales Paper – Part 2 of 2

Transcription Tuesday Brown/Sanford Transcription by Don Taylor This week, for “Transcription Tuesday,” I continue looking at the Probate Record for Ezra Sanford of Bennington County, Vermont[i], who died in 1813. The “Sales Papers” consisted of a cover page and two … Continue reading

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Margaret Lambe’s Prayer Book

Mini-Review of CamScanner Treasure Chest Thursday Darling/McAllister/Lambe By Don Taylor I love software that helps digitize documents nicely. Some time ago I added CamScanner by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd to my phone. It allows a person to take a photo … Continue reading

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