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 Lewis – Surname Saturday

Roberts-Barnes-Taft-Sutherland-Lewis Line By Don Taylor Lewis is a common name with many different potential sources. It may be an Americanized form of the French Louis, Irish Mac Loughaidh, or Welsh Llywelyn. As my Lewis ancestors appear to have been English, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Tamise Sutherland

April 3 Roberts, Barnes, Taft, Sutherland Line Today, I remember my 3rd great-grandmother, Tamise/Tammy Sutherland/Southerland. She was born on 3 April 1796 in New York. Tamise married Joel Cruff Taft about 1819 at Triangle, Broome County, New York, and died … Continue reading

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Ancestor Sketch – Tamise Sutherland

Roberts-Barnes-Taft-Sutherland Line By Don Taylor Overview Tamise[i] Sutherland[ii] was born on 3 April 1796 in New York, USA as the last child of Reuben Sutherland and Mary Lewis. She had seven siblings: Phineas, David, Lot, Candice, Eliza, Josiah, and Elizabeth. She … Continue reading

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Tamise Sutherland & the Early Censuses

Census Sunday By Don Taylor Introduction Following families in the early census records is always tricky, and when a census’s locations change and a family’s status changes, finding families can make things even more difficult. Such is the case concerning … Continue reading

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Sutherland – Surname Saturday

Roberts Research Ancestry indicates that Sutherland surname is a Scottish regional name from the Old Norse suðr ‘south’ + land ‘land.’ Sutherland lays south of Scandinavia and the Norse colonies in the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Forebears add that it … Continue reading

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