Ancestor Sketch – Tamise Sutherland

Roberts-Barnes-Taft-Sutherland Line
By Don Taylor

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Tamise[i] Sutherland[ii] was born on 3 April 1796 in New York, USA as the last child of Reuben Sutherland and Mary Lewis. She had seven siblings: Phineas, David, Lot, Candice, Eliza, Josiah, and Elizabeth. She may have had two additional siblings Justus, and Lewis; however, I have been unable to confirm their relationship. When she was 22, she married Joel Cruff Taft, son of Asa Taft and Sarah Whitney, about 1819 in Triangle, Broome, New York, USA. Joel died in 1849. After his death,  when she was 60, she married Manoah Sullivan on 31 August 1856 in Sullivan County, Indiana, USA (Married by Benjamin Gray, Justice of the Peace.). She died on 24 March 1864 in Fairbanks, Sullivan County, Indiana, USA.

Roberts/Brown – Ancestor #43

List of Grandparents

    • Grandmother: Essie Pansy Barnes(1903-1982)
    • 1st Great-grandfather: Joel Clinton Barnes(1857-1921)
    • 2nd Great-grandmother: Mercy Eliza Taft(1822-1884)
    • 3rd Great-grandmother: Tamise Sutherland (1796-1864)
    • 4th Great-grandfather: Reuben Sutherland (1768-1799)
    • 5th Great-grandfather: William J Sutherland (1741-1815)
    • 6th Great-grandfather: William Sutherland (1715-1768)

Tamise Sutherland (1796-1864)


Tamise Sutherland was born on 3 April 1796 in New York[iii]. Lisle, Tioga County, New York, was first settled around 1791[iv]; it is unclear to me if Tamise was born there or elsewhere in New York. In 1799, Tamise’s father, Reuben Sutherland, died. Indeed, by 1800 her family was well established in Lisle.[v]

In 1806, Broome county was split off from Tioga County, so most records of her and her family are typically stated as occurring in Broome county. Tamise’s mother died in 1809, and I have been unsuccessful in finding the remaining Sutherland family in the 1810 Census. The children were likely spread among other families.

Marriage #1

In 1819, Tamise married Joel Cruff Taft in Broome County[vi]. They had 11 children:

Children of Joel Cruff and Tamise (Sutherland) Taft

Child Born Married Died
Silas 28 April 1820   (Bef. 1830)
Mercy Eliza 27 March 1822 Nelson Barnes 4 August 1884
(FNU Male) (Bet.1824-1830) n/a TBD
Sarah Emaline 17 May 1824 Henry William Monk 26 November 1904
Amanda J. 14 February 1826 Albert C. Thompson 27 January 1847
Catherine Tammy 25 August 1828 Abraham Lemen 21 August 1851
Candance Irene 25 August 1830 Jesse C. Redmond 1888
Joanna Lucy 7 March 1832 John Riggs 23 April 1888
Lurancy Caroline 11 November 1834 Abraham Lemen 21 February 1879
Platina 19 March 1835 n/a 25 May 1841
William 30 April 1842 Sarah Mayfield 17 October 1908

1820 Census

The 1820 Census found Joel and Tamise living near Joel’s brother, Silas, and his father, Asa, in Lisle, Broome County, New York[vii]. In his household are his wife and his oldest son, Silas.

1830 Census

The 1830 household (See Joel Cruff Taft & the 1830 Census) of Joel Taft suggests tragedy. Silas, who would have been ten years old, isn’t enumerated in the household. However, some researchers indicated that Silas married Lydia Monk in 1843. I haven’t confirmed this. The 1830 Census does show four females in the household that fit the profile for the four youngest daughters of Joel and Tamera.  There was another male child in the household, under the age of 5, who I haven’t been able to name.

1831 – Township created.

In 1831, Lisle was divided into four parts creating Baker, Nanticoke, Triangle, and Lisle[viii].

1840 Census

The 1840 Census (see Joel Cruff Taft & the 1840 Census) finds Joel (and Tamera) in Baker, Broome County, New York. Their known daughters are accounted for.

  • Females – Under 5: 2     Platina (age 4) Lurancy (Age (5)
  • Females – 5 thru 9: 1     Joanna (Age 8)
  • Females – 10 thru 14: 3     Candance (Age 10), Catherine (Age 12) (Amanda (age 14)
  • Females – 15 thru 19: 1     Sarah (Age 16)
  • Females – 40 thru 49: 1     Tamise (age 44)

The 1840 Census also indicates there were two males in the household besides Joel. One was 10 to 14, and one was 20 to 30. Certainly, the one from 10 to 14 is the same unknown male child enumerated in the 1830 Census. But the other, 20 to 30 year old, could be Silas. If so, was he just missed in the 1830 Census? Could this be evidence he lived to marry Lydia Monk?  Possibly.

The 1840s

Sometime during the 1840s, the Taft family moved to Sullivan County, Indiana. Tamies’s daughter, Platina, died on 25 May 1841 at the age of 6. Daughters Sarah and Amanda were married in 1845 and 1846, respectively. Sadly, Amanda died in 1847. Candance married in January 1849. Later that year, Tamise’s husband Joel Cruff Taft died on 19 April 1849 in Fairbanks, Sullivan County, Indiana[ix].

1850 Census

The 1850 Census[x] reports Tamise living in Fairbanks Township, Indiana. The widow is living with her children, Joann (17), Laransa (14), Catherine (21), and William (8).

The 1850s

During the 1850s, Tamise and Joel’s other daughters married – Catherine (1850), Joanna (1851), and Lurancy (1852). Sadly, Catherine died in 1851, about ten months after her marriage.

Marriage #2

On 31 August 1856, the 60-year-old Tamera married 73-year-old Manoah Sullivan.

1860 Census

The 1860 Census reports Manoah and Tamera living in Turman Township, Sullivan County, Indiana. Living with them are three of Manoah’s children, John (15), Simon (12), and Alvera (10)[xi].

The 1860s

The Civil War broke out in 1861, and Indiana contributed about 210,000 military forces to the war effort[xii]. I haven’t determined if any of Tamera’s children participated in the war or if there were any civilian causalities in Fairbanks during 1864.

Tamera (Sutherland) (Taft) Sullivan died on 24 March 1864 in Fairbanks, Sullivan County, Indiana[xiii].

Events by Location

  • Indiana, Sullivan, Fairbanks – 1850, Marriage #2 (1856), 1860, Death (1864)
  • New York                                        – Birth (1796)
  • New York, Broome, Barker[xiv] –  1840
  • New York, Broome[xv], Lisle  – Marriage #1 (1819), 1820, 1830
  • New York, Tioga, Lisle               – 1800

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Determine if Silas Taft died before 1830 or if he married Lydia Monk in 1842. Find clear evidence.
  • Determine the name of the Unknown male born between 1824 and 1830 and when he died.
  • Research if any of Tamera’s sons served in the Civil War. They would have been of age.


[i] Also known as Tammy and Fanny in various records.

[ii] Also “Southerland” in some records.

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