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I am no longer presenting new genealogical presentations.

  • In March 2018, I developed a 20-30 minute talk about my favorite websites. I presented it on March 26th to the Scarborough Public Library Genealogy Group. I also presented it to the South Portland Library Genealogy Group on April 18th, 2018. At both talks, I provided a handout of the websites I talked about. I have uploaded a copy of that handout,  “Don’s Favorite Websites,” HERE.
  • Genealogical Organization” developed January 2018. Provides introductory level information regarding how to organize your genealogical information including computer software, online trees, and paper documentation.

Genealogical Support

I am happy to assist people who have Scarborough, Maine, ancestors with the resources at the Scarborough Historical Society. I volunteer there most Tuesdays from 9AM To Noon.

This website is about:

  • The family history of my ancestors — Roberts and Browns.
  • The family history of my wife’s ancestors — Howell and Darling
  • My grandmother’s incredible vaudeville career during the 1910s and 20s.
  • DNA testing helped me determine my paternal ancestry. Because of that and other experiences with DNA testing, I have become knowledgeable in genetic genealogy. I volunteer with the Maine Genealogical DNA Interest Group (Maine Genealogical DIG). I write about my Genetic Genealogy activities and experiences here.
  • I also write about other topics, including reviews and ancestor sketches for friends and extended family.

Other activities

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