Ancestor Sketch – Joel Cruff Taft – #42

Roberts-Barnes-Taft Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Researching Joel Cruff Taft had its challenges. The most obvious one is tracing an individual through the early (before 1850) censuses. The second problem in researching Joel was regularly running into his grandfather, Silas Taft, who was a “minuteman” in the Revolution. I’m looking forward to writing about him

Joel Cruff Taft – Ancestor #42

List of Grandparents

  • Grandmother: Essie Pansy Barnes(1903-1982)
  • 1st Great-grandfather: Joel Clinton Barnes(1857-1921)
  • 2nd Great-grandmother: Mercy Eliza Taft(1822-1884)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: Joel Cruff Taft (1800-1849)
  • 4th Great-grandfather: Asa Taft (1774-1839)
  • 5th Great-grandfather: Silas Taft (1744-1812) – Patriot!
  • 6th Great-grandfather: Stephen Taft (1710-1803)

Joel Cruff Taft (1800-1849)

Christmas, 1800, was doubly blessed when Asa and Sarah (Whitney) Taft had their fourth child, Joel Cruff Taft, on Christmas Day. I’m not sure where the name “Joel” came from, but Asa’s mother’s maiden name was Cruff, which is the likely source of Joel’s middle name.

Joel had three older siblings:

      • Asa Perry, six years older.
      • Lurancy, four years older.
      • Amanda, two years older.

Joel was the first of their children born in Broome County, New York. The Taft’s had moved there from Peru, Berkshire County, Massachusetts in either 1799 or 1800. Joel’s mother had two more children, Seth (in 1803) and John (in 1805), before she died in 1813, while Joel was only 12 years old. Asa remarried and had eleven children altogether.

I have not successfully found the ten-year-old’s father, Asa Taft, in the 1810 Census. (See: Joel Cruff Taft & the 1810 Census.)


In 1819, Joel married Tamise Sutherland in Triangle, Broome County, New York.

They had ten children.

The Children of Joel Cruff Taft & Tamise (Sutherland) Taft

Silas 28 Apr 1820
Mercy Eliza 27 Mar 1822
Sarah Emaline 27 May 1824
Amanda J. 14 Feb 1826
Catherine Tammy 25 Aug 1828
Candace Irene 25 Aug 1830
Joanna Lucy 7 Mar 1832
Lurancy Caroline 11 Nov 1834
Platina 19 Mar 1835
William 30 Apr 1842

The 1820 Census found Joel living near his brother, Silas, and his father, Asa, in Lisle, Broome County, New York. In his household are his wife and his oldest son, Silas.

In 1822 property that had been his mother’s was sold to Justus B. Sutherland; Joel and several of his siblings benefited from the sale.

The 1830 household (See Joel Cruff Taft & the 1830 Census) of Joel Taft suggests tragedy. Silas, who would have been ten years old, isn’t enumerated in the household, suggesting he died before 1 June 1830. The 1830 Census does indicate four females in the household that fit the profile for his four youngest daughters.  There was another male child in the household, under the age of 5, who I haven’t been able to name.

The 1840 Census (see Joel Cruff Taft & the 1840 Census) finds Joel still in Broome County. All of his known daughters are accounted for.

  • Females – Under 5: 2     Platina (age 4) Lurancy (Age (5)
  • Females – 5 thru 9: 1     Joanna (Age 8)
  • Females – 10 thru 14: 3     Candance (Age 10), Catherine (Age 12) (Amanda (age 14)
  • Females – 15 thru 19: 1     Sarah (Age 16)
  • Females – 40 thru 49: 1     Tamise (age 44)

The 1840 Census also indicates there were two males in the household besides Joel. One was 10 to 14 and one was 20 to 30. Certainly, the one from 10 to 14 is the same unknown male child enumerated in the 1830 Census. But could the 20 to 30 year old be Silas?  Possibly.

In 1841, his daughter Platina died at six years of age.

In 1847, his daughter Amanda died at the age of 20.

Joel died on 19 April 1849 in Fairbanks, Sullivan County, Indiana. He was survived by his wife Tamise and at least seven of his children, Mercy, Sarah, Catherine, Candance, Jeanne, Lurancy, and William. I haven’t determined death dates for his sons Silas and “unknown.”

Events by Location

New York, Broome Birth (1800)
New York, Broome, Barker 1840
New York, Broome, Lisle 1820, 1830
New York, Broome, Lisle Marriage
Indiana, Sullivan, Fairbanks Death (1849)

Note: Barker, Lisle, and Triangle are all within six miles of each other. It is possible that the Census takers recorded the locations differently during each enumeration.


Research Joel’s other children, particularly Seth’s death and the heretofore unknown name son.

Follow property records to determine if Joel lived in several places or if the various places’ names changed during the census recordings.


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Joel Cruff Taft & the 1830 Census

Census Sunday
By Don Taylor

Following families in the early census records is always tricky. Reading incorrectly transcribed names and filling in the gaps makes things challenging. Such is the case concerning Joel Cruff Taft and the 1830 Census.

During the 1840 Census, Joel, his father Asa, and his Brother, Asa Junior, were enumerated next to each other. In the 1830 Census, Joel and his father were listed next to each other. Brother, Asa Jr., is enumerated two after Joel on the next page. They were located in Lisle, Broome County, New York.

Their profiles show:

      • Asa:                       – 1 1 1 – – – 1  ||  – 1 – 1 – 1
      • Joel Cruft Taft – 1 – – – 1        ||  2 2 – – 1
      • Asa Jr.:                 – 2 1 0 0 1        ||  3 1 – 1 – 1

In 1830, I believe that Joel had five children, a boy and four girls. The four girls fit, Amanda and Catherine being under 5, while Mercy and Sarah would be between 5 and 10.  The boy under five must be the same unknown boy who appears in the 1840 Census between 10 and 15.

Although I cannot read Joel’s name in the 1830 Census, I am confident that this is Joel beneath his father, Asa Taft.

Joel Cruff Taft Household – 1830

Males <5        1          Unknown (b. 1824-1830)
Males 20-30 1          Joel (29)
Females <5    2          Amanda (4) – Catherine (1)
Females 5-10 2          Mercy (8) – Sarah (5)
Females 20-30 1       ?Tamise? (34)

When I research Asa’s life, I will need this Census information for him, so I’ll include it here.

Asa Taft Household – 1830


  • Age 5-10 1          James (8)
  • Age 10-15 1          John (15)
  • Age 15-20 1          Seth (16)
  • Age 50-60 1          Asa (56)


  • Age 5-10         Sarah Jane (9)
  • Age 15-20     Unknown (b. 1810-1815)
  • Age 30-40    Lucy (39)

Broome County Deeds 1819-1824 – Vol 8 – Pages 108 & 109

Amanuensis Monday
By Don Taylor

[Transcription of Page 108]

Heirs of Mary Sutherland       } 
                           To                           }
    Justice B Sutherland             }

Deed Book 8, Page 108

This Indenture made this seventeenth day of March one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one. Between Phineas Sutherland and Dorcas his wife, [[i]] David Sutherland and Rachel his wife, Lot Sutherland and Lydia his wife, Jacob W Fuller and Candice his wife, David Brown and Eliza his wife, Joel C Taft and Tammey his wife of the the town of Lisle, County of Broome, State of New York of the first part and Justice B. Sutherland of the town aforesaid of the second part Witnesseth, that the said parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to them in hand paid by the party of the second part the receipt whereof as is hereby con??ped and acknowledged Hath remised realeased and forever quit claim unto the  2nd Justice his heirs and assigns forever all right and title which have the 1st parties of the first part have in and to a certain piece or parcel of land lying and being in the town of Lisle it being a part of lot No seventy in the first township of the Chenango Triangle – Bounded as follows – Beginning at the southwest corner of a lot of lands containing 100 acres deeded to Mary Sutherland by John Hornby then north fifteen chains eighty three and a half links to the Swest corner of David Sutherland land thence East thirty one chains sixty seven links to the S. east corner of 1se David Land thence south fifteen chains eighty three and a half links to a stake marked thence west to the place of beginning containinf fifty be the same more or less – To have and to hold all [??] right and title in and to said remised released and quit claims forever in with the assentenance thece of onto the said Justice his heirs and assigns forever to his and their own to [???] use and behoof*

[ Text continued on left margin ]

* And Furthermore we the said parties of the first part do for our select our heirs ?? Administrator consistent with the paid Justice his heirs and assigns that from and after ensealing of those Seventy-two the partials of the first part will have and affirm no right and title a deserved into the above remise released and quitclaim presence.

[ Text continued on the main page ]

In witness whereof we the parties of the first part have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and years first above written Phineas [His Mark] Sutherland {Seal} Dorcas {Her Mark Sutherland {Seal} David Sutherland {Seal} Rachel Sutherland {Seal} Lot Sutherland {Seal} Lydia Sutherland {Seal} Jacob W. Fuller {Seal} Candance Fuller {Seal} David Brown  {Seal} Eliza Brown  {Seal} Joel C Taft  {Seal} Fanny Taft  {Seal}. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Joseph Warner Orlando C. Fuller.

On the 28th day of January in the year of our Lord 1822, personally appeared before me Oliver Stiles one of the conerned na??g  of 1d County Phineas Sutherland & Dorcas his wife, David Sutherland & Rachel his wife, Lot Sutherland & Lydia his wife, Jacob W Fuller & Candance his wife, David Brown & Eliza his wife and Joel C Taft and Fanny his wife,

[ Page 109 ]

Deed Book 8, Page 109

with names to me bury[?] and acknowledged that they executed the within deeds and the Dorcas Sutherland, Rachel Sutherland, Lydia Sutherland, Candance Fuller, Eliza Brown and Fannie Taft came to me I examined separately privately and but [???] their husbands acknowledged thay executed the same voluntarily and without any fear or compulsion from them. Oliver Stely

Recorded June 25th, 1822 at 10 O.Clock A.M.

[Transcription by Don Taylor, 10 March 2021]


  • Mary Sutherland died before 17 March 1821.
  • Her estate, of some 50 acres, went to her children.
  • Her children consisted of:
    • Phineas Sutherland and Dorcas his wife,
    • David Sutherland and Rachel his wife,
    • Lot Sutherland and Lydia his wife,
    • Candice, the wife of Jacob W Fuller,
    • Eliza, the wife of David Brown
    • Tammy, the wife of Joel C Taft
  • All of the above appear to have been living on 17 March 1821.
  • It is unclear, but Justice B. Sutherland may have also been one of her children. The property transfer was recorded on 25 June 1822.


[i] Note: Comma’s were not in the original but were added to the transcript to improve readability.