Charlemagne – 34th Great-Grandfather?

Portrait of Charlemagne (Public Domain)

Sometimes genealogy can be overwhelming.  Of course, I’m all excited about RootsTech being online and all the fantastic activities there.  Meanwhile, I received information from a Swiss genealogist, Patrick A. Wild, that indicated my wife descends from Charlemagne. Could it be true?  I know that lots of people are genuinely descended from Charlemagne. I’ve also heard there are a lot of supposed pedigrees that don’t hold up under analysis.

I do know is that this genealogist focuses upon families of Glarus, Switzerland, which is where my wife’s great grandmother, Bertha Barbara Trümpy, was born. Patrick’s work provides a pathway for lots and lots of “hints” and research opportunities. I know my wife’s 2nd great grandparents were Bernhard and Bertha (Koch) Trümpi. I wrote about them previously.  I’m pretty sure that my wife’s 4th great-grandparents were Barnhard and Anna Marie (Durst) Trümpi. Could her 34th great-grandfather be Charlemagne? Wow, that is such a leap — 30 generations.

So, I’ve tentatively accepted the Swiss genealogist’s work as 156 new hints and possibilities. But, importantly, It will act as a roadmap to follow. Will I run off the road; will I hit a brick wall? Maybe-Maybe Not. But, it is nice to have a destination. To paraphrase the old saying:


I expect this to be a 30-generation, 156 hint journey. I might end up with Charlemagne, but I might just as easily fall off the edge of the earth and learn where the dragons really live.

Anyway, back to RootsTech. 🙂

Trümpi – Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday

Name Origin

It seems there are too few instances of the surname Trümpi for anyone to know its meaning. Ancestry, Forebears, and Genealogy Bank, all have generic pages that indicate where surnames typically come from.


There are only 158 people with the surname Trümpi in the world[i].  There are another 79, mostly in the United State that don’t use the umlaut. The greatest number of folks with the surname are people who spell it Trumpy, for which there are 497, mostly in the United States. There are another 217 that spell the name with the umlaut, Trümpy.

There are no Trümpi in the United States and only 15 people with the surname without the umlaut. The variation most common in the United States is Trumpy there are about 395 people with that surname in the United States.

Within the United States, the largest number of folks with the surname are 104 Trumpy’s in Wisconsin.

My Wife’s Direct McAllister Ancestors



My wife’s great-grandmother, Bertha Barbara (Trumpi) Huber immigrated in 1903 in the care of her aunt and uncle. She settled in a Swiss Colony near Promrose, Dane County, Wisconsin. She married John Huber in 1905 and the family moved first to Alabama then to Michigan. So, by 1920, she was a Huber.

Of Bertha’s three brothers, only one, Ernst Lorrain Trumpi, appears to have immigrated to the United States.

So, it is my guess that many of the Trumpi’s in the United States and the Trümpi’s in the Canton of Glarus are related.

My wife’s known Trümpi relatives.

My records have identified 120 direct-line descendants of Bernhard Trümpi (the eldest).


Do a surname study of the Trumpi surname in the United States.



[i] According to Forebears.

My Start of a Trumpi Surname Study

Census Sunday

In continuing my research on the Trumpi line I realized there weren’t too many Trumpi’s that came to the United States. So, I thought I’d broaden my understanding of the Trumpi family line in hopes that eventually I would discover a connection of these other Trumpi’s and my wife’s Trumpi line in Switzerland. Additionally, this process will broaden my tree allowing for better understanding of DNA Matches. First I looked at the Census Records.

Trumpi by the Censuses

1940 Census

The 1940 US Census has 19 individuals surnamed Trumpi listed, six of whom are Heads of the Households.

Head Born Lived 1940 Spouse Comments
Fred 1886, MD North Pelham, NY Eva (1891)
John 1862, Switz. Milford Twnsp, PA
Jacob 1860, Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma (1864) Ethel, GDau (1915)
Raymond 1910, NJ Philadelphia, PA Julia (1912)
Fred 1911, MN Mound Prairie, MN Sophia (1907) Dennis, Son (1937)
Marie, Dau. 1938
Pauline, Dau. (1939)
Raymond 1900, PA Egg Harbor, NJ Alice (1902) May, Dau. (1924)
Joan, Dau. (1927)
Raymond, Son (1931)
Fredrich, Father (1872)
Ellen Littlewood, 67, Aunt-in-law.
Bridget Dreenan, 65, Mother-in-Law.
Mary Foody, 59, Aunt

1930 Census

The 1930 Census had six individuals listed in two households.

Head of House. Born Lived 1930 Spouse Comments
Jacob 1860 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma Ethel, GDau. 15
Frederick 1886 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Eva Helen, Dau. 14

Jacob Trumpi – The other Trumpi family reported in the 1930 Census is Jacob was born in Switzerland about 1860. He also lived at 91 Beekman Avenue in Mount Vernon, Weschester, New York. Living with him is his wife Emma, age 66, and a granddaughter Ethel Trumpi, age 15.

Frederick Trumpi – Fredrick with his wife Eva Living with him is a daughter Helen Trumpi, age 14. (He also had a step-daughter Evelyn M. Cashin, age 15.) Fredrick’s father was born in Switzerland. They live at 91 Beekman Avenue in Mount Vernon, Westchester, New York.

Note: The Fred Trumpi born about 1911 and the Raymond Trumpi born about 1910, do not appear in the 1930 Census. Jacob and Fredrick (Fred) born about 1886 live at the same address.

1920 Census

The 1920 Census is a bonanza of Trumpi’s. There were 14 enumerated and four heads of households.

Head of House. Born Lived 1920 Spouse Comments
George 1871 Lithuania Brooklyn
Fred 1873 Penn. Philadelphia Ida V. F. Walter – 21 – Son
Raymond S. – 20 – Son
Fred 1870 Switz. Mound Prairie, MN Louise Louise – 24 – Dau.
Fredie – 9 – Son
Jacob 1861 Switz. Mount Vernon, NY Emma F. Frederick, 34, Son
Ethel, 5, GDaughter
Helen, 6 GDaughter

1910 Census

Thirteen Trumpi people enumerated and three heads of household and one employee.

Head Born Lived 1910 Spouse Comments
Fred 1870 Switz. Mound Prairie, MN Luisa M (1872) Sophia, Dau. (1895)
Bertha, Dau. (1896)
Louisa, Dau. (1896)
Frederick 1873 PA Philadelphia, PA Ida V ( Edward, Son (1897)
Frederick, Son (1900)
Raymond, Son (1901)
Joseph, Son (1910)
Frank 1879 Italy Hampton, PA Only has Boarders
Barbara 1893 Switz. Pittsburgh, PA Servant

1900 Census

Eleven Trumpi people enumerated and three heads of household and one employee and one inmate.

Head Born Lived 1900 Spouse Comments
Jacob Feb 1860, Switz. Mt Vernon, NY Emma Immigration 1860
Son, Frederick (1885)
Christ Oct 1878, PA Braddock twnsp, PA Lizzie Dau. Ann (1900)
Sis. Aggie (1893)
Thomas Mar 1842, Switz. Oyster Bay Twnsp, NY Mary Immigration 1871
Grandson, Louis Vogt.
John Aug 1863, Switz. Montague Twnsp, NJ Immigration 1872 – Servant to Westbrook Family.
Gabriel Jun 1832, Germany Delaware Twnsp, KS Immigration 1852 – Inmate at Military Home.

1880 Census

Ten Trumpi people enumerated and two heads of household and one “Other.”

Head Born Lived 1880 Spouse Comments
Frederick 1848, Switz New York, NY Louisa Dau. Rose (1877)
Dau. Kate (1879)
Sister Kate (1857)
Thomas 1842, Switz Brooklyn, NY Maria Dau. Maria (1866)
Son. John (1861)
Jacob 1839, Switz Westfall, PA Servant.

1870 Census

Seven Trumpi people enumerated and only one household. Although the roles and relationship between people isn’t given, it appears to be a standard family unit with Father, Wife, and five Children.

Head Born Lived 1870 Spouse Comments
Fred 1813, Switz Posey, IN Ozilla Daniel (1853) MO
Fred (1856) MO
Barbary (1858) IA
Etha (1861) IN
John (1865) IN

Trumpi’s in the Censuses – by the Person


Aggie Trumpi, b. Dec. 1893 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Braddock Township, PA in 1900.

Barbara Trumpi, b. 1893 in Switzerland. Lived in Pittsburgh, PA in 1910 (Servant).

Christ Trumpi, b. Oct 1878 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Braddock Township, PA in 1900.
Ann b. 1900

Frank Trumpi, b. 1879 in Italy. Lived in Hampton, PA.

Fred Trumpi, b. 1813 in Switzerland was living in Posey, IN in 1870 with his wife and five children. That family completely disappears in subsequent census records.

Frederick Trumpi, b. Mar 1848 in Switzerland, Lived in New York City, NY in 1880.
Rose. b. 1877
Kate. B. 1879

Fred Trumpi, b. 1870 in Switzerland. Lived in Mound Prairie, MN in 1910, 1920.

Sophia b. 1895
Bertha b. 1896
Louisa b. 1896
Fredie/Fred, b. 1911 in Minnesota. Lived in Mound Prairie, MN in 1940.

Frederick Trumpi, b. 1873 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Philadelphia in 1910, 1920.
Edward b. 1897
Frederick Walter, 1900
Raymond, (1901)
Joseph, (1910)

Gabriel Trumpi, b. 1832 in Germany. Immigrated 1852.
Lived in Delaware township, Kansas in 1900.

George Trumpi, b. 1871 Lithuania. Lived in Brooklyn, NY

Jacob Trumpi, b. 1839 in Switzerland Lived in Westfall, PA in 1880.

Jacob Trumpi, b. 1860/61 in Switzerland. Immigrated 1860

Lived in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1900, 1920
Lived in Mount Vernon, NY in 1940.
Frederick/Fred, . 1885/86 in Switzerland or Maryland.
Lived in Mt. Vernon, NY in 1900, 1910, 1930
Lived in North Pelham, NY in 1940.
Ethel, b. 1915
Helen, b. 1916

John Trumpi, b. 1863 in Switzerland. Immigrated 1872.
Lived in Montague Township, New Jersey in 1880
Lived in Milford Township, PA in 1940.

Kate Trumpi, b. 1857 in Switzerland. Lived in New York City, NY in 1880.

Raymond Trumpi, b. 1900 in Pennsylvania. Lived in Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1940.

Raymond Trumpi, b. 1910 in New Jersey.
Lived in Philadelphia, PA in 1940.

Thomas Trumpi, b. 1842 in Switzerland. Lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1880.
Lived in Oyster Bay Township, NY in 1900.
Maria. b. 1866
John. b 1851

Future Trumpi Activities

I am particularly interested in the Trumpi’s that were born in Switzerland. So, I will look closer at each of them. That includes:

  • Barbara Trumpi,          b. 1893.
  • Fred Trumpi,               b. 1870.
  • Kate Trumpi,               b. 1857.
  • John Trumpi,               b. 1863.
  • Jacob Trumpi,             b. 1860/61.
  • Frederick Trumpi,       b. Mar 1848
  • Thomas Trumpi,          b. 1842.
  • Jacob Trumpi,             b. 1839.
  • Fred Trumpi,               b. 1813.

I may take a look at the children of those individuals. Sometimes the birth and/or Marriage records indicate the birthplace of the individual’s parent. First on that group is Frederick/Fred, born in 1885/86. One of the Census records indicated he was born in Switzerland, although the other ones indicate he was born in Maryland.

There were three Trumpi’s that I not very interested in. Frank was born in Italy, Gabriel in Germany, and George in Lithuania. None of these appeared to have any connection to the Swiss Trumpi’s, so I’ll ignore them for now.

ThruLines – Darling Part 2 – Bernard & Bertha Trumpi

ThruLines Thursday

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.In Part 2 of my Darling ThruLinestm analysis, I’m looking closely at matches with wife’s maternal 2nd great-grandparents, Bernard[i] Trümpi (1844-1913) and Bertha (Koch) Trümpi (1862-1927).

ThruLinestm indicated that there are 3 (newly discovered) cousins who match Shirley through the Trümpi line.

J. S. Descended from Bebetta Trümpi

J. S. and Shirley share 15 cM of DNA on one chromosome, which is a very small amount.

ThruLinestm suggests that the connection is through great-aunt Babetta Trumpi. Babetta was the second of the seven children of Bernard and Bertha. Babetta also had another seven half-siblings from Bernard’s first marriage.  She was born 9 Oct 1888, emigrated to the United States Oct 1905, and married Wilhelm Fuchs on 16 Nov 1906 in Winnebago, Illinois. They had at least eight children, one of whom was Walter Fuchs. Walter died sometime before 2006.

Through the tree of J. S., I learned that Walter married Katherine Welty and had children, one of whom was J. S.’s grandparent.

With the suggested tree, J. S. would be a 2nd cousin 2x (2C2X) removed. Genetically, a 2C2X should share between 0 and 261 cM, which is in the expected range but is a very low amount. DNA Painter suggests a 7.5% probability for this relationship.

L. C. Descended from Freida A. Trumpi

L. C. and Shirley share 112 cM of DNA on 7 segments. Much more in keeping with what I would expect from a 2nd cousin.

ThruLinestm suggests that the connection is through great-aunt Frieda A Trümpi. Frieda was the fourth of the seven children of Bernard and Bertha. Freida also had another seven half-siblings from Bernard’s first marriage.  She was born 9 Aug 1895, emigrated to the United States in 1906, and married Adolph John Karch on 27 Feb 1913 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. They had at least five children, one of whom was Albert Adolph Karch (1913-1963). Walter died sometime before 2006. L. C. is one of Walter’s children.

Thus, the paper trail also suggests that L.C. and Shirley are 2nd Cousins. They share 112 cM of material across 7 segments, which fits within the range (46-515) expected for 2nd cousins, but at the low end (8.9% likelihood).

K.B. Descended from Freida A. Trumpi

K.B. and Shirley share 23 cM of DNA on 2 segments.

ThruLinestm suggests that the connection is also through great-aunt Frieda A Trümpi. I mentioned Frieda under L.C.’s relationship. Another of Frieda and Aldolph’s children was Elinor Frieda Karch (1914-1998). Elinor married John Patrick McCarthy and they had at least one child, Marcella Rae Whitmore (1935-1998).  Marcella is K.B.’s grandmother.

Thus, the paper trail also suggests that L.C and Shirley are 2C2R. They share 23 cM of material across 2 segments which fits within the range (0-261) expected for 2nd cousins, twice removed, but again, at the low end (8.3% likelihood).


I find it interesting that all of these ThruLinestm connections include much less DNA than would be expected. All within norms, but all in the bottom 10% for the paper relationship. That makes me wonder if there might be some event that would reduce the amount of DNA shared significantly. This might be a good candidate for chromosome mapping. I have a “gut feeling” that I have something wrong and that Bernard had two wives name Bertha.[ii] If so, that Babetta and Freida’s descendants had less shared DNA than expected would make sense.

Finally, if you are a descendant of Bernard Trümpi (1844-1913) or Bertha (Koch) Trümpi (1862-1927), please consider testing with Ancestry DNA; it is an excellent genealogical resource, which may help you broaden your tree.

All of my ThruLines posts are listed under the ThruLines Thursday category.


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Ancestor Bio – Bertha Koch (1862-1927)

52 Ancestors – Week 2018-52
By Don Taylor

Bertha Koch is the mother of Bertha Barbara Trumpi[i] who was an immigrant ancestor. Bertha Barbara came to the United States first; then her mother went to the States to visit her.  Mom went back and forth from Switzerland to the United States several times. Eventually, she apparently divorced her husband, Bernhart Trumpi, married Kaspar Hefti, and then returned to the United States with her new husband.

Darling Research 2018 – Ancestor #31

List of Grandparents

Grandmother: Florence Wilma Huber Darling (1908-1934)
1st Great- Grandmother: Bertha Barbara Trumpi Huber (1884-1968)
2nd Great- Grandmother: Bertha Koch[ii] (1862-1927)

Bertha Koch (1862-1927)


Bertha Koch was (probably) born 21 August 1862 in Glarus, Switzerland. Her parents’ names are unknown. When Bertha was born, the Civil War was raging in the United States.  The Swiss had adopted a federal constitution in 1848 following its civil war.


Swiss home interior from a display at the Swiss Historical Village & Museum in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

Nothing is known of Bertha’s childhood specifically; however, when Bertha was about 12, Switzerland underwent an extensive constitutional change wherein the Swiss federal government took over responsibility for defense, trade, and legal matters and everything else became the responsibilities of the individual cantons, such as Glarus.[iii]


On 10 February 1883, the 20-year-old Bertha married the 39-year-old widower, Bernhart Trumpi in Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland.

Children of Bernhart & Bertha (Koch) Trümpi.

Bertha Barbara 1884 1905 – John Huber 1968
Babetta 1888 1906 – Wilhelm Bochs 1970
Tricela (?) c. 1894 Unknown
Freida A 1895 1913 – Adolph Karch 1971
August c. 1902 Unknown
Frederick c. 1903 Unknown
Ernst Lorrain 1905 1967


In 1903, Bertha’s oldest daughter, Bertha Barbara, left Switzerland for the United States. Oral tradition indicates she came to America in the care of an aunt and uncle who traveled from America to get Bertha Barbara and return to the States.

In 1905, Bertha went to the States to visit her daughter, Bertha Barbara, who was living near New Glarus, Wisconsin. Traveling with her were three children, daughters Babetta, Trucela, and her son August. She was very pregnant during the trip and had her youngest child Ernst Lorrain aboard the ship to America during the voyage aboard the S. S. Lorraine. Her youngest child’s middle name was fashioned on the ship he was born. The vessel departed La Have on October 21st.  Ernst was born on the 22nd of October, and the ship arrived in New York on 28th of October 1912[iv].

Image of the SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria

The next bit of her life is very unclear.  It appears that she returned to Switzerland before 1910 because she does not show in any records during that time.  Also, by 1912, Bertha had remarried to Kaspar Hafti. The documents I have found indicate that her husband Bernhart died on 10 February 1913. We don’t know if she and Bernhart divorced, if the date I have for Bernhart’s death is incorrect, or if she and Kaspar headed to the states traveling as “man and wife.”  In any event, she, husband Kaspar, and son Ernst Trumpi returned to the United States aboard the S. S. Kaiserin Augusta Victoria in 1912[v]. Their planned destination was Portland, Oregon. I have been unsuccessful in finding Kaspar and Bertha in the 1920 Census. I suspect they returned to Switzerland because they returned to the States from Switzerland in 1925 and were listed in the ship’s manifest with their last residence being in Ennenda, Glarus, Switzerland.[vi]

Death & Burial

Bertha and Kaspar located in Escalon, San Joaquin, California, USA. Bertha died of cerebral apoplexy[vii] on 17 Apr 1927 at the San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp, San Joaquin County, California[viii] about 17 miles from Escalon. Bertha was buried at a “Rural Cemetery.”  I have been unable to locate any burial information for Bertha Koch Trumpi Hefti.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Query various funeral homes in French Camp to see if any of them now have the records of what once was the Stockton Mortuary Company.
  • Follow the lives of each of Bertha’s children and learn if any of them provide insight into Bertha’s life.
  • Query more records for the Trumpi and Koch families of Ennenda, Glaris, Switzerland.


[i] I use Trumpi as the surname for standardization. Handwritten records in the United States typically use Trümpi. In Switzerland, the surname was typically spelled Trümpy. The use of American typewriters resulted in most modern records being spelled “Trumpi.”

[ii] Several records indicate Bertha’s surname was Kock. However, Babette indicated her mother’s surname was “Cook” in one record. The German word“Koch” translates to Cook in English, so I believe Koch is correct.

[iii] Internet: Wikipedia – “History of Switzerland.” Accessed 20 December 2018.

[iv] Year: 1905; Arrival: Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_636; Line: 4; List number:. Name:  Retha Trumpi  Birth:  abt 1863.

[v], Swiss Overseas Emigration, 1910-1953 (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2008), Ancestry. Accessed 27 Aug 2014.

[vi], Swiss Overseas Emigration, 1910-1953 (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2008), Ancestry, Bertha Hafti – 1925. Accessed 19 Dec 2018.

[vii] The term formerly referred to what is now called a “stroke.”

[viii] ”California, County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994,” database with images, FamilySearch — California State Archives, Sacramento. Accessed 19 December 2018.