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Dürst/Durst – Surname Saturday

Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Dürst LineBy Don Taylor Name Origin[i] Family Search and Ancestry indicate Dürst is a nickname from Middle High German turst ‘boldness’ or durst ‘thirst and that Durst is just a variation of the name. Geographical In World: Forebears indicates that … Continue reading

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Tschudi – Surname Saturday

Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Dürst-Hefti-Böniger-Zopfi-Tschudi Line By Don Taylor Forebears indicates that Tschudi means “one who sat in judgment, a judge.” And that it is Swiss in origin. Geographical Forebears indicates there are approximately 1,448 people in the world who share the Tschudi surname. … Continue reading

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Grandparent surnames in the 1940 Census

[Last Saturday, Randy Seaver, in his blog Genea-Musings, suggested looking at grandparent surnames and seeing how many are in the 1940 Census. He also asked if we had done a “one-name search” for any of those surnames.] My four grandparents … Continue reading

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Oertli – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor Name Origin Ancestry indicates that the surname Oertli is a Swiss-German variant of Örtel, and that is a variant form of Ertel. Ertel is a South German name from Old Hi German ort, meaning ‘point (of a … Continue reading

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Becker – Surname Saturday

Glarus Switzerland By Don Taylor Ancestry indicates that Becker is a Dutch, German, Danish, and Ashkenazic Jewish occupation name for a baker of bread or baker of bricks and tiles, which comes from the German word backen “to bake.” Ancestry … Continue reading

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