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Darling-Huber-Trümpi-Dürst-Hefti-Böniger-Zopfi-Tschudi Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.Forebears indicates that Tschudi means “one who sat in judgment, a judge.” And that it is Swiss in origin.


Forebears indicates there are approximately 1,448 people in the world who share the Tschudi surname. The vast majority of them live in Switzerland. In the United States, the most significant number (51) live in Minnesota, where 1 in 122,569 people share the surname.

There are several variations of the name, the most common of the variations being Tschudy.

Direct Tschudi Ancestors[i]

All of the known Tschudi ancestors were born in Switzerland. None of them emigrated to America.

    • 3951 – 9th Great-grandmother: Margreth Tschudi (1609-1691)
    • 7902 – 10th Great-grandfather: Samuel Tschudi (1564-1629)??
    • 15,804 – 11th Great-grandfather: Johannes Tschudi (1500-___)
    • 31,608 – 12th Great-grandfather: Jost Tschudi (1462-1527)
    • 63,216 – 13th Great-grandfather: Heinrich Tschudi (1427-___)
    • 126,432 – 14th Great-grandfather: Heinrich Tschudi (___-___)

Direct Tschudi Descendants

I have 160 known descendants of Heinrich Tschudi. They include 36 Trümpi, 14 Dürst, 11 Fuchs, 11 Howell, 10 Karch, and only 6 known Tschudi.

I have written about three of these descendants previously. They are:

Famous Tschudi

Aegidius Tschudi, writing c. 1570, “fleshed out” the William Tell legend, which entered the public consciousness as William Tell, the expert crossbow marksman.[ii]



[i] I have NOT independently researched any of the Tschudi ancestors. As such, the names and dates here are speculative.

[ii] Internet – Wikipedia – William Tell- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Tell

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