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Stanford Family Bible

Don Taylor describes the Linwood Stanford Family Bible as a valuable resource, listing vital records of the Stanford family—births, marriages, and deaths, dating back to the 19th century. Taylor notes the potential differences in handwriting, suggesting events may have been recorded by different individuals at varying times. Continue reading

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Busby (Busbee) – Surname Saturday

The Busby surname, potentially originating in Yorkshire or Carmunnock, has 31,000 bearers globally, with 21,000 in the US mainly in Texas, California, and Mississippi. Ancestor Elnora Busby’s lineage traces back to Virginia and North Carolina, with minimal historical presence in these states. Continue reading

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Marshall – Surname Saturday

My look at the Marshall surname, meaning, locations, my ancestors, and my earliest known ancestor’s descendants. Continue reading

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Ancestor Sketch – Lars Mattson (b. 1859)

Matson ProjectMatson/Mattson LineBy Don Taylor When Lars Mattson was born in 1859 in Järna, Dalarna, Sweden, his father, Lars, was 35 and his mother, Margareta, was 28. He married Christine Ericson on February 4, 1881. They had 13 children in … Continue reading

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Ancestor Sketch – Bernhart Trumpi (1817-1879)

Howell/Darling ResearchDarling-Huber-Trümpi LineBy Don Taylor Darling Ancestor #60 Following Bernhard Trümpi of Glarus, Switzerland, is somewhat difficult. Finally, there are many other Bernhard Trümpi who lived in Glarus, including: Disentangling them is always tricky. Additionally, I don’t read Swiss-German, making … Continue reading

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