Bio: Delilah J. Hoefner Rode

Delilah J. Hoefner Rode (1911-1995)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 

Week 2016-01

[Note: This ancestor is part of my Rode/Arvis Project and not an ancestor related to me. It has also been privitized to not include information regarding living individuals. -Don]


When Delilah Hoefner (or Hoefener) was born in 1911, in Wisner, Nebraska, her father, William, was 59 and her mother, Marie, was 43. She married Reinold Rode in 1930. She had four children by the time she was 25. She died about 1995, in Tacoma, Washington, at the age of 83, and was buried there.

Delilah Hoefner was born on 2 September 1911[i], the youngest of ten children in Wisner, Cuming county, Nebraska. Her siblings included Emil, Ella, Albert, Edmond, Hattie, Arthur, Wilburt, Martin, and Paul – seven brothers and two sisters.

The 1920s were a bad decade for Delilah. It started out with her living with her parents and three brothers in West Point, Cuming county, Nebraska[ii] which was fine. But later that year, 9 August 1920, her father William Henry Hoefener died[iii]. Her mother, Marie, followed William five years later, passing on 30 December 1925[iv]. Her brother, Albert, also died in 1926. Life improved by the end of the decade. She married Reinold Rode in 1927 at the age of 16; Reinold was 22 years old.[v]

The 1930s began with the couple living near Allen, Pierce county, Nebraska.[vi] The couple also had four children, two girls and two boys. In 1935, the couple were still living in Cuming county, Nebraska but moved to Willow, Antelope county, Nebraska before the 1940 Census in April.

The Rode’s moved to the Tacoma, Pierce county, Washington state. Reinold died in 1992. Delilah (Hoefner) Rode, died about two years later at the age of 83, at Tacoma, Pierce county, Washington state on Thursday, 12 January 1995[vii]. She is buried at Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA with her husband.[viii]

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Reinold Rode (1905-1992)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 39

Rode (1905-1992)

By – Don Taylor

No Story too Small 
I have a friend that lured me into researching some of her Eastern European immigrants. Actually, she didn’t lure me; she just told me her story and I bit. I had never searched Eastern European immigrants and had no idea how perplexing such searching can be. My friend provided what little information she knew.

Her grandfather is “Reinold Rode and [she is] not certain where or when he was born. We have always gone by April 28th 1901. He was born in either Zhytomyr, Ukraine or Minsk, Belarus.” My Google search showed them over 300 miles apart. Hopefully, I could improve on that location.

I thought that should be easy to figure out when and where he was born, and where he lived before immigrating to Nebraska.

Thanks to
Ancestry.Com, I quickly found him in the 1940
Census[1].  Born in Russia about 1906. Not much help

Continuing on to the 1930 Census I found him again born in
Russia about 1906[2].
Humm, it seems that the 1901 birthdate is probably incorrect – me thinks that 1905 or 1906 is correct. 
RMS Caronia
Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia.Com

I figured that if I could find his immigration record I would know for
sure. So, I looked closely and couldn’t find it. (Grumble, Grumble – It is
never that easy.) The 1930 Census indicated his immigration year as 1922 so I
cast a search for his record looking for anyone named Rode who came to the country in 1922. Then I found him (spelled Rheinhold Rode). Arriving on the SS Caronia
in New York on 26 September, 1922. He was heading to Nebraska to his father, Adolph, (whose name I already had from my friend) with a brother, Rudolph. Reinold was
17 years, 4 months old when he arrived which would put his birthdate in 1905
and his birth month in April or May.  But
most important to my quest it gave a birthplace of “Marijantje, Russia.[3]” Got

Detail of Passenger List which shows
Rudolph born in Lindental and
Reinold born in Marijantje – Image from Ancestry.Com  

A quick search of Marijantje in Google maps found nothing; likewise no results on Wikipedia. Maybe his brother Rudolph’s birthplace Lindental, Russia, will help. Again nothing on Google maps nor Wikipedia. Finally, a Google search yielded a link to the “Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online” (GAMEO). It mentioned that “Lindental was a small Mennonite settlement in South Russia near the railway station Sinelnikovo,” So, where is Sinelnikovo? Google Maps suggested three different places all in Eastern Urkrane, none anywhere near the Belarus border. Also on the GAMEO there is an entry that says that “The village of Lindenthal was located between Kutuzovka and Zhitomir.”

Now I still can’t figure out where Lindental/Lindenthal nor Kutuzovka are but I’m fairly certain that Zhitomyr and Zhitomir are the same place which would put Rudolph’s birthplace near Zhitomyr which is where I guess I’ll tentatively place Reinold’s birth. Am I sure, no, but I think Zhitomir is more likely than Minsk.

I learned how place names in Cyrillic are translated into English in lots of different ways. It seems like every translation becomes a unique spelling. Also, place names changed dramatically in the past hundred years as countries rose and collapsed. Prussia no longer exists, parts became part of Russia and parts became Poland. Today there are Belarus and Ukraine that overlap the same area.

I still have a lot more research to do on Reinold Rode (pronounced “roe-dee”). I know he was a German speaking Russian from the Prussian, Polish, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia area. Maybe a naturalization record can be found, that might clinch it. I definitely have a lot more work to do.

Bio – Reinold Rode (1905-1992)

Reinold Rode was born on 29 Apr 1905[4] in Marijantje,
Russia, which is probably near Zhytomyr, Ukraine today.

S.S. Caronia
Thanks to Great Ships

When he was 17 he immigrated from “Ober Cyrus, Germany” to
the United States aboard the SS Caronia with his brother, Rudolph. The two
brothers met up with their father, Adolph in Madison, County Nebraska. 

Reinold met and married a Nebraska native, Delilah Hefner (Hoefener)
about 1928.
He rented farmland, which he farmed, in Pierce (1930 Census),
Cumming (1935), and Antelope (1940 Census) Counties, all in Northeast Nebraska.

Marker: Rode – Reinold & Delilah
Courtesy: Find a Grave

Sometime before 1992 the Rode’s moved to Tacoma, Washington
where Reinold died on 18 Apr 1992.

He is buried at Trinity Lutheran Cemetery,
Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington State. His wife Delilah passed three years
later and is buried with him.

Further Actions:
·      Narrow down Reinold’s birth location.
·      Find Reinold’s naturalization records.
·      Research Reinold’s siblings for additional insight.
List of Greats
Adolph Rode

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