Ancestor Sketch – Albion Blanchard

Blanchard Line
By Don Taylor

Albion Blanchard’s short life was clearly difficult. His mother died when he was young and he, and his only daughter, died when he was only 34 years old.

Blanchard Project – Ancestor #16

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Edward Everett Blanchard
  • 1st Great-grandfather:Frederick W. Blanchard (1865-1917)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: Albion Blanchard
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: Cyrus Blanchard (1791-1865)

Albion Blanchard (1834-1868)


Albion Blanchard was born on 3 July 1834 in Cumberland, Cumberland County, Maine, the ninth child of Cyrus and Apphia (Young) Blanchard).

Albion’s mother, Apphia, died in 1841 and his father remarried quickly.

In 1842, Albion’s half-sister Sarah was born.

In 1847, his older brother Cyrus died at the age of 22.

In 1848, his oldest brother Ebenezer died at the age of 30.

So, the 1850 Census found 15-year-old Albion living in Cumberland with his father, step-mother, a brother, a sister, and a half-sister. His sister Lydia and his brothers Daniel and Charles were elsewhere. (Further research regarding Albion’s siblings should be done.) Cyrus was a farmer, his brother Charles was a Mason, and Albion was attending school. The family unit, according to the 1850 Census consisted of:

  • Cyrus Blanchard           M    58    Maine     Farmer – Real Estate value: $1500
  • Elizabeth Blanchard    F     50    Maine
  • Charles Blanchard        M    26    Maine     Mason
  • Nancy Blanchard           F     18    Maine     Attending School
  • Albion Blanchard          M    15    Maine     Attending School
  • Sarah A Blanchard        F       7    Maine


Albion married Mary S. Washburn on 2 February 1857 in Windham, Cumberland County, Maine. The marriage ceremony was performed by Edias Baker. The couple received their marriage license and had their ceremony on the same day.

The couple quickly began a family, with their first child, Charles A. F. Blanchard being born 11 months later, on 1 January 1858.

1860 Census

The 1860 Census found Albion and his wife living in Cumberland with his child Charles. Albion was a day laborer who owned real estate valued at $100.

  • Household                         Sex  Age  Birthplace
  • Albion Blanchard                M      25     Maine        Day Laborer – Property $100
  • Mary S Blanchard               F       25     Maine
  • Charles A F Blanchard      M      2       Maine

The birth of his second child, Sarah occurred on 4 November 1861.

Albion clearly struggled. The town began to help support Albion paying him $6.75 out of the monies supporting the poor in the town’s fiscal year of 1862-1863. It seems odd that the town would be supporting a young man, age 29, when bounties were being paid to Civil War Volunteers. That suggests some form of disability. However, in 1863, Albion was identified in a list of “Persons of Class I, subject to military duty,” which belies a disability.

In 1865, his father, Cyrus, died at age 74. And in 1866, his son Frederick W. Blanchard was born.

Again, Albion struggled and the town paid him $7.18 in support of the poor during the fiscal year 1867-1868.


It appears that Albion, and his family, were really sick during 1868. The records of the poor for Cumberland Town indicate Albion and his family were paid $217.35 “in support to the time of his death.” Albion’s six-year-old daughter, Sarah, died two days before Albion, who died at the age of 34 on 9 September 1868.

Events by Location

Albion was born, lived, and died in Cumberland, Cumberland County, Maine.


There was an Albion Blanchard from Calais, Washington County, Maine who served in the Civil War in the 1st District of Columbia Cavalry and transferred to the Maine 1st Calvary in 1865. That Albion Blanchard was 19 years old in 1864 while 2nd great-grandfather Albion Blanchard was 30 years old in 1864.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Research Cumberland town records to determine the cause of the town payments to Albion and his family and the cause of his death.

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Ancestor Sketch – Andrew James Halcro

Halcro Line

This is my first foray into researching a Canadian Ancestors. Although I’ve been very successful finding individuals in the US Census Records, I’ve not been as good at finding individuals in the Canadian Census Records. I clearly need to increase my skills researching Canadian Ancestors.

Halcro-Varone Project – Ancestor #4

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Andrew James Halcro
  • 1st Great-grandfather: William Francis Halcro

Andrew James Halcro (1876-1925)


Andrew James Halcro1 was born on 31 Jul 1876 in Quebec, Canada as the third child of William Francis Halcro4 and Harriet Park3. He had three siblings, two older sisters, May5 and Harriet, and a younger brother George. It also appears that he had three younger half-siblings, Willie, Bessie, and Alice. I have more research to confirm these relationships. Andrew died on 15 Jul 19256 in Hudson Heights, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, Canada. Hudson Heights is an off-island suburb of Montreal.

Mother’s Death – Between 1879 and 1881.

Andrew’s younger brother, George, was born circa 1879. Andrew’s father, Frank (William Francis), was a widower during the 1881 Census, so it appears that Andrew’s mother, Harriet (Park) Halcro, died between 1879 and 1881.

1881 Census

The 1881 Canadian Census found four-year-old Andrew living in Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada with his father, a widower, and three siblings, Mary, Louisa, and George.  There are other Halcro families on the same page of the Census form.  Immediately before Andrew’s father are Elizabeth (a widow), Ada, and Kate Halcro (ages 68, 25, and 22). Also, on the same page are John H. Halcro and his apparent wife, Sophie and apparent son Isaac (ages 25, 23, and 5/12). Certainly, these households are likely related, but will take further research to determine the relationships to Andrew.

1891 Census

The 1891 Canadian Census finds 14-year-old Andrew living with his father, W. F. Halcro, his stepmother, Annie, his three full siblings, May, Hattie, and George, and his three step-siblings Willie, Bessie, and Alice. The family is living in Como Village, which was incorporated into the town of Hudson in 1969.

1901 & 1911 Censuses

I have been unable to find Andrew James Halcro in the 1901 or 1911 Census records. Actually, I’ve not been successful finding any Halcros in Quebec during either census. As such, I will try researching the 1891 neighbors, looking for grossly misspelled Halcro individuals.


Beginning in 1909, Andrew J. Halcro shows up in the logbooks of a notary having various real estate transactions. It appears that he bought and sold several properties. The notary records do not provide information regarding the properties; however, they do provide information to search for deeds. Doing property searches would be part of another follow-up action.


I have not been successful in finding a marriage record for Andrew and Ralla, but Lawrence’s birth suggests that Andrew and Ralla married in 1916.[i]

Children of Andrew and Ralla Halcro

Child Birthdate Birthplace
Lawrence Andrew 20 Aug 1917 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Robert J. c. 1919 Canada
Horace J. 3 Dec 1920 Montreal, Canada
Russell D. 15 Dec 1921 Canada
Mary Rella (or Rella I.) 28 Dec 1925[ii] Canada

1921 Census

Andrew’s entry in the 1921 Census is one of the most frustrating entries I’ve ever encountered. What would have been a nice simple entry of Andrew, was overwritten with lots of incorrect data.

Name Original Entry Updated entries (wrong)
Andrew 45 year-old Head 55 year-old Head
Ralla 28 year-old Wife 28 year-old Son
Lawrence 3 year-old Son 23 year-old Daughter-in-law
Robert 2 year-old Son 2 year-old Son
Horace 1 year-old Son 1 year-old Son
19 Ballantyne, Montreal West today. (Image thanks to Google Maps.)

However, the good news is the 1921 Census clearly indicates that Andrew and his family lived at 19 Ballantyne, Montreal West. That house exists today.

He was working on his own account in Real Estate and indicated that his “Racial or Tribal Origan” was Scotch. He was Presbyterian, but his wife and children were Roman Catholic.


Andrew died on 15 July 1925 in Hudson Heights (Now Hudson), Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, Canada.  He was buried in Saint James Anglican Church Cemetery, Hudson Heights. I was unable to find a memorial for Andrew James Halcro at Find-a-Grave, so I added a memorial for him and requested a photo.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Continue research using American Ancestors, My Heritage, Canadian Library & Archives, and Newspaper resources.
  • Research Elizabeth (a widow), Ada, and Kate Halcro (ages 68, 25, and 22) from the 1881 Census & determine if there is a relationship to Andrew.
  • Research John H. Halcro and his apparent wife, Sophie, and apparent son Isaac (ages 25, 23, and 5/12) from the 1881 Census and determine if there is a relationship to Andrew.
  • Do a Neighbor search for 1891 neighbors of Andrew in the 1901 Census.
  • Do a Neighbor search for 1901 neighbors of Andrew in the 1911 Census. In 1911, Andrew is known to live in the Montreal area and worked as real estate agent.
  • Research the marriage of Andrew and Ralla.
  • Confirm the birth date and place for all of Andrew’s children.
  • Follow-up with Find-a-Grave for Andrew James Halcro.
  • Research property records for Andrew James Halcro from 1909 through 1917.

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[i] Lawrence was born on 20 August 1917. Presuming that Frank and Harriet were married before Lawrence was conceived, Frank and Harriet were probably married before November 1916.

[ii] This date suggests that Mary Rella Halcro (possibly Rella I Halcro) was born about five months after Andrew’s death.

The Canadian Library & Archives

Tuesday Tips

I had the opportunity to do some genealogical research for a friend who knew virtually nothing about her grandfather, Andrew Halcro.  He died in 1925 at the age of 48 and was not talked about much by the family.  What made him of interest to me is that he was born, lived his entire life, and died in Quebec, Canada. I have very little experience with Canadian ancestors and thought researching him would be a great exercise for me to learn more about Canadian research.

First – Family Search

My first step in learning about an ancestor is to try to find the individual in Family Search. I quickly found my subject as ID: LYBX-5WS. Next, I go to Sources for the individual. In this case, I learned that someone had associated three sources with events in my subject’s life.

    1. 1881 Canada Census showing Andrew in the household of his father, Frank.
    2. 1891 Canada Census showing Andrew in 1891 Census but no image of the record.
    3. A 1998 obituary of one of Andrew’s sons indicating that Andrew was the son’s father.

Going from the most recent record back, I reviewed the 1998 obituary and then incorporated it into my research. The 1891 Canada Census was something of a conundrum. Why was there no image at FamilySearch?

Library & Archives of Canada

I was pretty sure I’d find it at Ancestry.Com, but that requires a World Explorer License. So, I did a Google search for: 1891 Canada Census.  I immediately saw an entry for the Library and Archives of Canada. I did a search for Andrew there and immediately found him. His entry was the only result.  There were links to download an image for the entry in either JPG or PDF format; I like that.

I then began to look at what else they have at the Library and Archives of Canada. All kinds of Census records from 1825 “Lower Canada” to a “1926 Prairie Provinces” Census.

As I wandered around the site a little bit, I learned they have Military Records, Passenger and Border Entry Lists (Immigration records), Birth, Marriage, & Death Records, Divorce records, and even some city directories online. What a great resource; not only does it have wonderful records, it is free. Anyway, it is a “Bright, Shiny Object” in my current project, so I took some notes to come back and data-mine the resource soon.

I searched the Family Search Records and was not successful in finding any new records relating to my Andrew. However, I noted there was another person with the same name living in the same town at the same time. I would need to be careful to differentiate between my Andrew (1876-1925) and this other Andrew (1811-1878) in any records I find.

Future Actions:

Datamine for the Halcro family in the Library & Archive of Canada.

Alice Dorcas Ladd (1901-1990)

Ancestor Sketch

Alice Dorcas (Ladd) Harris was born in Saco, York County, Maine, and lived her entire life in York County, Maine.

Welch-Harris Project – Ancestor #13

List of Grandparents

  • Grandfather: Living
  • 1st Great-grandmother:  WH-13 – Alice Dorcas Ladd (1901-1990)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather:    WH-26 – Edwin Grant Ladd (1857-1937)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather:     WH-52 – Silas Ladd (1814-1890)
  • 4th Great-grandfather:     WH-104 – Thomas Ladd (1766-1837)


Alice Dorcas Ladd was born on 26 October 1901, in Saco, York County, Maine. She was the third of four children born to Edwin Grant and Dorcas Annie (Patterson) Ladd.

Alice had an older sister, Florence, who died in 1898 at the age of 2. Her other older sister, Lillian was ten years older than Alice. Lillian kept two autograph books wherein she collected the autographs of various important Saco and Biddeford individuals. Alice’s younger sister, Albertha, was born in the summer of 1904, so she was less than three years younger.


The 1910 Census shows Alice living at home with her parents and her two living siblings. Her father was a farmer, who owned his farm. Living with them was her (paternal) uncle, George Ladd. Alice, along with her younger sister, Albertha, were attending school.

In 1918 the Spanish Flu hit. When Alice had her seventeenth birthday, October 1918, nearly 2,500 Mainers died of the flu. Over 5,000 Mainers died of the Spanish Flu during that time.[i]

By late 1919, Alice was working as a Mill Operative in Saco.


On December 13th, 1919, a Marriage Intention was filed and nine days later, on Christmas Eve, 1919, Alice Dorcas Ladd and Thomas Washington Harris were joined in marriage by Horace H. Hayes, a clergyman in Saco.


The 1920 Census finds Alice and Thomas rooming in Saco at 106 Elm Street. Alice was working as a beamer at a cotton mill and Thomas was a laster at a shoe factory.

The 1920s also saw the births of their two children—first a girl in 1923 and then a son in 1928.

In 1929, Alice visited Mrs. Paul Huff in Kennebunkport and brought her two children along.


The 1930 census finds Alice, her husband, and their two children living on her parent’s farm on Boon Road in Saco, Maine.  Alice’s father died inn 1937, and Thomas took over as the head of the household.


The 1940 Census finds Alice, her husband and their two children living on the farm at 142 Boon Road. Living with them is Alice’s mother Dorcas and a lodger, Benjamin Luce. Their son went into the Marine Corps.


Their son married and farmed the land next to them, while Alice’s husband, Thomas, continued to be identified as a shoemaker.

In 1987, Alice’s husband died. Alice continued on alone and died on 25 February 1990 at the Trull Nursing Home in Biddeford. She was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery.

————–  Disclaimer  ————–


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Blanchard Project Photos – Part 2 of 2 – Utterstrom & Cassidy

Photo Friday

I recently received a group of 13 photos all relating to people in my Blanchard project—one Cassidy, four Utterstroms, seven Halversons, and 1 blurry photo. Today, I’ll look at the five Cassidy and Utterstrom photos.

Blanchard Project

Four photos of the Utterstrom & Cassidy FamiliesOlaf and Hannah (Halverson) Utterstrom – Marriage 30 June 1897” – The back of this photo indicates “Hannah & Olaf Utterstrum 1890’s | Wedding? Olaf and Hannah were married on 30 June 1897. It was taken by The Elite Studio, 518 Congress St. Portland, Maine. I have added this photo to my project and added a copy to Family Search L1QQ-R6J and L1QQ-PCK.

Anders & Oscar Utterstrom” – The oldest annotation on the back of the photo says “Grampy & Oscar Utterstrom.” However, in a second (and newer) hand the annotation is “Anders & Oscar.” Finally, a third hand says “Grampy Anders | Oscar Utterstrom.” So, this is clearly Oscar Utterstrom (1899-1958) on the right and his grandfather Anders Utterstrom (___-___) on the left. Oscar was born in 1899 and the boy in the photo could be about 15 years-old. I haven’t had a chance to research Anders’ life yet, however, I believe he died in 1915. If so, this photo must have been taken about 1914-15. The backdrop for this photo is The E. T. Burrowes, Co that manufactured wire window and door screens at 70 Free St, Portland, Maine.[i] Andrew (AKA Anders) Utterstrom was a “screen maker” at 70 Free St. and lived at 81 Chestnut.[ii]

Anders is not listed in the 1916 City directory suggesting his passing before that directory went to press. I have added this photo to my project and added a copy to both individuals on Family Search – L1Q7-8RQ and L1Q7-9MJ.

Dorothea Utterstrom, dog, Annette Cassidy, Etta Utterstrom, ca 1940s” – Dorothea, Annette, and Etta are three first cousins with three different parents. Frank, Dorothea, and Harold Utterstrom respectively. Dorothea Utterstrom was born 28 Aug 1927, Annette Cassidy was born 2 August 1929, and Lucy Etta Utterstrom was born 17 April 1928. The back of the photo indicates the photo is ca. 1940s. However, if the photo was taken in 1940, the kids would have been, 12, 10, and 11 respectively. My sense is that they are a younger than that, probably 8, 6, and 7. If my ages are correct, the photo is ca. 1935 and not in the 1940s. I have added the photos to my Ancestry project but not to Family Search.

Cassidy’s & Utterstrom’s at Bonny Eagle Lake – ca 1940” – During the 1940 census, William (Jr.) was 8, Lois was 7, and Beth was also 8. Circa 1940 fits with the apparent ages of the children. I cropped the photo to allow for one of just Dorothea and William (Sr.) to be in one photo and them and the kids to be in another photo in my Ancestry Project.

William (Sr.) & Dolly Cassidy – ca. 1927-28” – The back of the photo identifies who and when and is pretty clear.  William and Dolly married on 24 September 1928. The photo shows some leaves on the ground a some of the distant trees somewhat bare, so I believe the photo is probably from the fall of 1928. This photo is not of high enough quality to post to any of the sites.

Final Note

If you are related to the Utterstrom and have photos you can share, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the comment form below. Add “PRIVATE” to the subject line if you do NOT want your comment published to the website.

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