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Busby (Busbee) – Surname Saturday

The Busby surname has origins in North Yorkshire, Leicestershire, and Renfrewshire. There are about 31,000 people with the Busby surname, mostly in the US, especially Texas, California, and Alabama. Ancestry message boards and genealogy sites have substantial Busby-related content. Elnora Busby Vincent is a key figure in the Howell family tree. Continue reading

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Surname Saturday – Sills

Howell, Hobbs, Long, Bryan, Sills Line By Don Taylor Sills is a variation of Sill. The English Sills surname is likely derived from the name of an ancestor, for example, Silvester, Selwyn, or Sisley. Although possibly it could have come … Continue reading

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Brown – Surname Saturday (2)

Brown Surname Meaning[i] English, Scottish, and Irish: Generally a nickname referring to the color of the hair or complexion, Middle English br(o)un, from Old English brun or Old French brun. As an American family name, it has absorbed numerous surnames … Continue reading

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The Will of William Price (1762-1846)

It is so nice when other researchers contact me and we can share notes and resources. Recently, a fifth cousin of my wife, and I exchanged several emails bout my wife’s 4th great-grandfather, William Price (1762-1846). I learned that she … Continue reading

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William Hiram Vincent & the Early Censuses

Howell-Vincent Line Census Sunday By Don Taylor My wife’s third great-grandfather, Burkett Vincent, may have had 12 children, or he may have had eight.  He apparently had two wives, Elizabeth Rose and an unknown first wife. To attempt to understand … Continue reading

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