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The Plummer Bible #2

The Linwood Dyer Collection’s Plummer Family Bible (#2), housed at the Scarborough Historical Society, offers unique genealogical data, including precise birth, marriage, and death dates that clarify and sometimes correct established records on platforms like Ancestry and Family Search. The Bible’s recordings, likely made close to the events by individuals like David or Alice Plummer, provide valuable primary source information for researchers, suggesting its accuracy over other sources for events like the _Rummery Book_. Continue reading

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The Stone Bible

Linwood Dyer CollectionFamily Bible SundayBy Don Taylor Introduction Family Bibles are great for genealogical research. They are historical records that typically are primary sources. Also, The information is usually provided by someone with firsthand knowledge of the event.[i]Sometimes, Bibles record … Continue reading

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Stanford Family Bible

Don Taylor describes the Linwood Stanford Family Bible as a valuable resource, listing vital records of the Stanford family—births, marriages, and deaths, dating back to the 19th century. Taylor notes the potential differences in handwriting, suggesting events may have been recorded by different individuals at varying times. Continue reading

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