John Bosel Mannin (1776-c.1869)

52 Ancestors #21 – John Bosel Mannin (1776-c.1869)
I’m not sure which is more frustrating for me this week, moving or software. It was my intent to write about my 5th great grandfather, John Bosel Mannin, Sr. When I opened Family Tree Maker for Mac 3, where I manage my general information I found that I had no sources connected with John. I am sure I lost the connections in my software when I upgraded to FTM4M3 some time ago. (See my blog about my experience here.)

Photo of boxes courtesy Robert S. Donovan / CC BY 2.0

The second part of my frustration is that I am moving, from Georgia to Maine. It is a big move and my wife and I have a lot of stuff. Well my files on the Mannin(g) family are packed and somewhere on the inside of a 10x12x7 foot cube of boxes and furniture in the garage, so, I basically have virtually nothing to hang my hat on in terms of sources.

One of the other problems I have with my Mannin research is
that is is extremely old.  I utilized the
research of others fairly often in those days, a practice I don’t do much of any longer. In any event, sorting out and unraveling the
Mannin line will be a daunting task.
I then decided to take a look at he who I believe was his
son and my 4th great grandfather, Meredith Mannin.  In looking at Meredith, I was unable to find
any of the sources that proviced clear evidence that John Bosel was Meredith’s
father.  I did several searches on
Meredith for what I call “low hanging fruit” – and FamilySearch.  From the Ancestry “shakey
leaves” and other searches I was able to confirm much of what I had regarding
Meredith, but no connection to John Bosel Mannin.  I need to further research Meredith so that I
can connect him to John Bosel properly. 
Then I can do further research on John Bosel Mannin and his ancestors.  As I mentioned, I’m in the middle of a move
and don’t have the time to do any serious research right now, hopefully, I will
be able to do so in the fall.    

Bio – John Bosel Mannin

A Page from the Mannin Bible
(Several sources including

John Bosel Mannin was born 27 May 1776 in Bedford Virginia.
He married Catherine Barnett 
while in Virginia.
They had at least five children. Martha, Samuel, Meredith,
Tarleton, and John Bosel (Jr.).
They located to Kentucky probably about 1799. (Martha was
born in Virginia and Samuel in Kentucky.)
John appears to have died before 1870.

List of Greats

Mary Elizabeth Manning
John William Manning
Enoch Mannin
Meredith Mannin
Bosel Mannin
Samuel Mannin
Meredith Mannin

Further Research.

Do complete research redo on John Bosel Mannin documenting
sources clearly.  


Photo of boxes courtesy Robert S. Donovan / CC BY 2.0
Mannin Bible: Several sources including