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Rufus Harry Darling in the Censuses

Genealogist Don Taylor revisits the life of Rufus Harry Darling, born 1857, raised by his mother after his father’s early death. He details Rufus’ residencies from 1860-1910 across U.S. censuses, noting discrepancies in reported marital status and ages. Taylor outlines steps to validate Rufus’ life events, including verifying the death of Rufus’ first wife and confirming secondary sources. He aims to provide a robust, accurately sourced genealogical profile, reconciling census data with family lore and historical records. Continue reading

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Letter of Elizabeth Jane (Swayze) Darling – Kalamazoo First Methodist Church

Darling Transcribed by Don Taylor Another article discovered on Genealogy Bank that provides insight into the lives of the Darling family of Kalamazoo during the mid-1800s. The Darling’s and the Swayze’s were involved with the First Methodist Church of Kalamazoo. … Continue reading

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Step 2a – Newspapers – My Favorites

Using “Step 2a” to Research Rufus Harry Darling. After I had done my initial research on a person, (Birth, Marriage, Death, Censuses, and “happen upons,” during the individual’s life, I begin my Phase 2 research. In the case of my … Continue reading

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Rufus Darling and the First Train in Kalamazoo

Darling By Don Taylor Finding stories about the lives of our ancestors is always a joy. In this story, my wife’s 2nd great aunt, Emma Darling, relates the story of the arrival of the first train to Kalamazoo.  The sound … Continue reading

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Ancestor Biography – Catharine A. D. Walter

Howell-Darling-2017-Research Waters – Swayze – Darling Line By Don Taylor It seems like virtually every ancestor born before 1880 has a question regarding their birth. Catharine Waters is no exception to that. Most records I have found are consistent with … Continue reading

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