Happy Birthday Asa Taft

29 April – Asa Taft – Ancestor# 84

Roberts-Barnes-Taft Line

Today, I remember my 4th Great-grandfather, Asa Taft. He was born on 29 April 1774 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts Colony.

Asa married Sarah Whitney on 18 September 1794 in Peru, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. After Sarah died in 1813, Asa married Lucy Fuller in Triangle, Broome County New York. Asa may have married a third time, to Lucy Wilson, sometime after 1825.

He died on 17 March 1839 in Triangle, Broome County, New York and was buried in the Taft Cemetery in Triangle.

For more information on Asa Taft see:

There are no known photos, paintings, or drawings of Asa Taft (1774-1839). If you have an image of Asa or know more about his life, I would love to hear from you.

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Happy Birthday Mercy (Taft) Barnes

Happy Birthday to my 2nd Great-grandmother, Mercy Eliza Taft.

  • On March 27, 1822, she was born in Manhattan, New York.
  • She married Nelson Barnes in 1839 and had nine children.
  • Mercy died on 4 October 1984 in Turman, Indiana, and was buried at Drake Cemetery in Fairbanks

Key sites for Mercy include:

There are no known photos, paintings, or drawings. If you have an image of Mercy, or know more about her life, I would love to hear from you. Please like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or comment at the bottom of this post.

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Surname Saturday – Taft

Roberts/Barnes/Taft Line
by Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.I was surprised to learn that I know of more ancestors with the surname of Taft in my Roberts Line than any other surname, including Roberts. Only my Mannin(g) and Wolcott ancestors, which are on my Brown line, are more numerous.

Name Origin

Taft is an English name coming from a variant of Old and Middle English word “toft,” meaning a yard enclosing a residence[i], a curtilage, or homestead. It was also applied to a low hillock where a homestead used to be.[ii]


Nearly 12,000 of the 13,500 Tafts in the world live in the United States. The highest concentration of Tafts is on the Island of Jersey, a dependency of the United Kingdom in the English Channel (close to France). Today, there are over 1,000 Tafts in both New York and California. There are only 59 people with the Taft surname here in Maine. I wonder if their ancestors came to Maine as mine went to New York in the 1700s. I’ll have to look at that sometime.

My Ancestors

Photo of President William Henry Taft
“Cousin Bill” (William Henry Taft) – Photo courtesy Library of Congress

Taft is a very famous name in American history. Probably the most famous Taft is my 5th cousin, four times removed, William Howard Taft, the 27th President of the United States and the 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He is the only person to have held both offices. You don’t find cousins any more illustrious than “Cousin Bill.”

I haven’t researched Robert, Benjamin, or Stephen Taft enough to understand their immigration. Certainly, they came from Europe and probably England during the Great Migration of the mid-1600s. Silas Taft, my 5th great-grandfather was born in Massachusetts colony in 1744 and died in New York in 1812.

The 1840 Census indicated that there were no Taft families in Indiana, however my 3rd great-grandfather, Joel Cruff Taft died there in 1849. I know he had lived in New York, during the 1820s, before he went to Indiana. Twenty-five percent of the Tafts in the United States lived in New York in 1840 and over 1/3 of the Tafts resided in Massachusetts. So, it appears that my Tafts followed a typical migration west – Massachusetts to upstate New York, west to Indiana with some going further west again.

My Great Taft Ancestors

  • 1st Great-grandfather: Joel Clinton Barnes (1857-1921)
  • 2nd Great-grandmother: Mercy Eliza Taft (1822-1884)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: Joel Cruff Taft (1800-1849)
  • 4th Great-grandfather: Asa Taft (1774-1839)
  • 5th Great-grandfather: Silas Taft (1744-1812)
  • 6th Great-grandfather: Stephen Taft (1710-1803)
  • 7th Great-grandfather: Benjamin Taft
  • 8th Great-grandfather: Robert Taft

My known Taft relatives.

My records have 259 known, direct-line descendants of Robert Taft identified over fourteen generations, which is about 9% of my known Roberts/Brown Tree. Mercy Taft, who married Nelson Barnes in 1839, had nine siblings who I haven’t had a chance to research yet.

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