The Plummer Bible #2

Linwood Dyer Collection
Family Bible Sunday
By Don Taylor

Family Bibles are great for genealogical research. They are historical records that typically are primary sources[i]. Also, The information is usually provided by someone with firsthand knowledge of the event. Sometimes, Bibles record information not documented elsewhere.

This Bible is from the Linwood Dyer Collection at the Scarborough Historical Society and is Accession Number 2023.01.401.


Marriage section of the Plummer Bible #2.

Cape Elizabeth Nov 28, 1874, by Rev A P Hillman. Mr. David O. Plummer to Miss Alice A Stone of C E.


Deaths page from the Plummer Bible #2.
  • Walter Everett Plummer – April 15th, 1875
  • S. Josephine Plummer – Jan 21st, 1882.
  • Blanche P Roberts – Feb 8th 1892.
  • Howard O. Dyer – Dec 5th 1900.
  • Isabel Plummer – Feb 15th 1903.
  • Linwood O Dyer – Oct 30th, 1903.
  • Alice L Dyer – Sep 19th 1905
  • Dorothy F. Plummer – Feb 4th, 1906
  • Thelma E Dyer – Aug 10th 1909
  • Alvin Laidlaw [no date entered]
  • Nellie E Laidlaw – Sept 1st 1915.
  • Jeanette Johnson – November 7th, 1920
  • Linwood Dain Dyer – July 16th, 1925 [Corrected]
  • Johan S McKeen – Nov 6, 1933.
  • John Henry McKeen – Feb 3, 1931


Births page from the Plummer Bible #2.
  • Israel C Smith – Died January twenty seventh Day = 27 = 1857 – Aged 49 [??].
  • Sarah Sinnott – Died September 11 = 1846, Aged 63
  • William A Sinnott – Died February 27=1849 Aged 67
  • Alice A Plummer Died January 31, 1911
  • Walter E Plummer – Nov 23, 1909

Comments & Conclusions

  1. Many records appear to take the marriage information of David Plummer and Alice Stone from the “Samuel D. Rummery Book” dated 20 July 1927, which indicates they were married on November 21, 1873. However, this bible suggests they were married on Nov 28, 1874, by Rev A P Hillman and suggests it was in Cape Elizabeth. I believe the bible was written closer to the event’s time and probably by David or Alice. I think the November 28th date is correct.
  2. Various trees on Ancestry and the tree on Family search indicate Walter Everett Plummer was born in April 1875. This bible provides the day of the month he was born – April 15th, 1875, which may be new information for many researchers.
  3. Family Search indicates that Linwood E Dyer was born on October 3, 1903. This bible indicates he was born on October 30, 1903. The Ancestry trees I reviewed indicate the date of October 30, 1903, so it appears that Family Search has his birthdate incorrect.
  4. The remaining Bible entries appear consistent with Ancestry Public Trees and Family Search’s tree.


[i] A primary source is any record created during the time you are researching – an eyewitness account. Primary sources can take many forms, such as newspapers, letters, journals, tax lists, court documents, church records, or a census. Even published books can be considered primary sources if they were printed during the time of your study. –

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