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I write about one of the surnames in either mine or my wife’s tree. It is fun to learn the meanings of the names, where they came to America, and what the known descendants of that ancestor are today.

Whitney – Surname Saturday

The surname Whitney – Name Origin, My Whitney Ancestors, Direct Descendants of Benjamin Whitney. Continue reading

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Wolcott – Surname Saturday

By Don Taylor Ancestry indicates that the surname “Wolcott” is a Habitational name for someone from Wollcot in Somerset, England. Possibly so named from the Middle English wolle meaning “spring” and cot, meaning “cottage” or “shelter.” Forebears indicate it is … Continue reading

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Brown – Surname Saturday (2)

Brown Surname Meaning[i] English, Scottish, and Irish: Generally a nickname referring to the color of the hair or complexion, Middle English br(o)un, from Old English brun or Old French brun. As an American family name, it has absorbed numerous surnames … Continue reading

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Sutherland – Surname Saturday

Roberts Research Ancestry indicates that Sutherland surname is a Scottish regional name from the Old Norse suðr ‘south’ + land ‘land.’ Sutherland lays south of Scandinavia and the Norse colonies in the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Forebears add that it … Continue reading

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Parsons – Surname Saturday

Brown-Sanford-Parsons Line By Don Taylor Origin of the Parsons Surname Ancestry indicates Parsons is an occupational name for the servant of a parish priest or parson, or possibly, the parson’s son. I ignored other meanings for Parsons, from Irish and … Continue reading

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