Reuben Fugate’s marriage to Katherine Smallwood

After learning that Pocahontas might be my 12th great-grandmother, I feel pursuing that part of my Brown ancestry should be a top priority.

Further review of my tree and the proposed tree does have a potential error in either my tree or the proposed tree. We both see Ruben Fugate’s father is Josiah, and Josiah’s father is Randolph. My tentative research indicates that Randolph’s mother is Mary Martin (1692-1757), and the proposed mother of Randolph is Martha Martin (1692-1757). It seems like a small difference, particularly when the birth and death dates are the same.

It is tempting to jump right to Martha/Mary Martin and see what is right. However, I have a process I follow to make me sure of a particular line. So, I need to review Reuben Fugate, Josiah Fugate, and Randolph Fugate before I tackle Martha/Mary Martin and continue to Pocahontas.

Reuben Fugate’s marriage to Catherine Smallwood

Reuben was married at least twice—once to Mary (Last Name Unknown) and once to Catherine Smallwood. Mary died in 1814, and Reuben married Catherine Smallwood 14 months later. I have yet to find a marriage record; however, his Marriage Bond holds several details.

Kentucky, U.S., County Marriage Records, 1783-1965 – Reuben Fugate – Katherine Smallwood Marriage Bond – Transcription by Don Taylor.

Marriage Bond – Reuben Fugate
and Katherine Smallwood – 28 Feb 1816

Know all men by these presents that we Reuben Fugate and Beane Smallwood are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the just and full sum of fifty pounds to which payment will and true to be made & bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns jointly and severally firmly by these present seals and dated this 28th day of February 1816.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas their is marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Reuben Fugate and Katherine Smallwood of this county is therefor if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the same they the obligation to be void also to remain in full force & virtue in law.

                                    Reuben Fugate   (Seal)
                                    Beane Smallwood (Seal)

Test. Samuel Willson 


It appears that Reuben signed the bond on his own behalf. Beane Smallwood signed for Katherine. Beane must be a close relative, probably her father or a brother. The bond was signed on 28 Feb 1816, making their wedding day either February 28th or sometime after.

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  1. Glennis says:

    Wow! It would be cool if Pocahontas was our ancestor. But my DNA shows no trace of Native American. (Almost purely Celtic, actually) Do the DNA services have a policy of not disclosing Native American genetics?

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