Lisa J Fannin and the Ancestry Trees.

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.I’ve never been entirely comfortable with my entries for family relationships for my Great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Manning. I know my tree in that area goes back 30 years ago or more and was based upon other people’s trees. I know that her sister was Phoebe Jane Manning. It appears that her father was John William Manning and her mother was Lisa (possibly Elisa) Jane Fannin. The problem is that I don’t have sources for those relationships. I also believe that she had a half-brother, Robert J. Manning. Again, I don’t have much in the way of sources for that information.  So, I thought I look at other people’s trees on Ancestry and see what they have for sources.  There were two women that appeared to be my ancestor:

  1. Elisa J Fannin (1861-1880), married to John Mannen (1841-1919). The only source used in any of five trees that relate to her only cite other trees. Additionally, this John Mannen died in 1919, which would be inconsistent with other aspects of my Lisa Fannin’s husband.
  2. Lisa J. Mannin (1861-1880), married to John William “Joe” Mannin. This John Mannin appears to be correct, however, I’m not convinced this is the correct individual either, but more about that after I’ve analyzed the documents. Ancestry indicates there are 58 trees associated with Lisa J. Mannin.

The majority of trees that Ancestry associates associated with Lisa J. Mannin only have other trees as their sources, however, the first tree has 2 sources associated with it. So, I’ll take a look at those first.

1880 Census – I had already found John and Lisa in the 1880 Census. Nothing new there.

1870 Census – George M. Mannin household consisting of an implied wife and four children. Lisa’s name in this census is Louisa J. Mannin. The age is correct (9) but the name is different, and the location is questionable. This Census location is Greenup County. John lived in Bath County before the Civil War and He and Lisa lived in Rowan county in 1880. The logistics of a young girl marrying an older man from two counties away seems difficult for me to reconcile.

So, absent any compelling connections, I will not ascribe Louisa to my Lisa; however, I will add tracing the George M. Mannin household to future tasks.

Kentucky Marriage Records – The next source shows the marriage between John W. Mannin to Sarah J Garvin. The couple took out a license on July 29, 1868 and married the following day in Carter County by a Judge of CC. The individual whose tree provided this source is incorrect in ascribing it to John and Elisa’s marriage. However, it might provide insight into who might have been John’s son’s mother. I tentatively added this record as a “first marriage for John W. Mannin.” There is nothing compelling that this John W. Mannin is my (2nd Great-Grandfather) John Mannin other than name and location. I need to find other evidence to collaborate this is my John W. Mannin.

1860 Census – Simon Manning household consisting of an implied wife and one child, a girl Eliza Manning. Lisa was 19 in the 1880 Census, so it appears unlikely this two-year-old is the same person. I might add a note to Lisa’s profile: Do not confuse with Eliza Manning, born 1857-1858 Implied daughter of Simon and Polloy Manning.

There are 14 private trees identified on Ancestry which appear to have Lisa J. Mannin. All of them either have no records or only 1 record associated to Lisa. As such, I suspect they are all citing Ancestry Trees.


Other people didn’t have sources any better than mine. So, I should probably explore surname studies or other research avenues.

Future Actions

Trace the George M. Mannin household through other censuses.

The George M. Mannin household in 1870[i] consisted of:

      • George Mannin           49
      • Elizabeth Mannin        33
      • Martha A                     12
      • John B                         10
      • Louisa J                         9
      • James D                        8

Follow John W. Mannin and his wife Sarah Gavin in other records.


[i] Year: 1870; Census Place: Precinct 3, Greenup, Kentucky; Roll: M593_466; Page: 67A; Family History Library Film: 545965


Six Photos – Four Women

Photo Friday
By Don Taylor

Six Photos – Four Women

A good week for my Photo Identification Project. Three individuals were identified but one person had a common name and couldn’t be distinguished from eight different people.

Family Search

Harriett (Reed) Shaw - 164 Oak Street, Bath, ME - Crop“Harriett (Reed) Shaw, 164 Oak Street, Bath, ME” – A quick check on Ancestry found that Harriet E Reed married John Shaw on 5 October 1898. She is person ID G3VG-WH7 on Family Search. The 1900 Census shows them living at 143 Oak Street, Bath. Also, the 1900 Census indicates that Harriet was born in August 1875. Finally, the 1910 Census indicates that John and Harriet are living at 164 Oak Street. So, I identify this photo as “Harriett (Reed) Shaw, taken by Holmes Studio in Bath, Maine sometime after 1900.” Her Family Search ID is G3VG-WH7.

“Etta Crowley” – There are were three photos of Etta Crowley.

Etta Crowley - Mother Later Married Mr. Spear 1 - Crop

Etta Crowley - Mother Later Married Mr. Spear - Crop

“Etta Crowley – Mother later married Mr. Spear” – There are two photos done by E.  J. Poisson, Leading Photographer, Westbrook, Maine, of Etta as a young girl.



Etta Crowley - Crop

The third photo in this group is “Etta Crowley” which was taken at Marshall Studio in Westbrook, Maine, when Etta was a young woman.  The 1900 Census finds Etta Crowley living with her mother, Helen Crowley, at the home of Lester Hoss on Cottage Avenue in Westbrook. Etta was born in 11 Feb 1892. I judge the two photos are of an eight or nine year old girl, so I date the two photos circa 1898.

Helen (Reynolds) Crowley (Etta’s mother)  married Benjamin F. Spear on 25 Jan 1902 in Portland, Maine which helps establish for a certainty that the photo is of Etta Crowley, the daughter of Helen Crowley. A further review of Etta Crowley on Family Search indicates her ID is LRMS-YB8​​

Mrs Effie Griffiths - Durham, N. H. - Crop“Mrs. Effie Griffiths – Durham, N. H.” – The photo is of a woman in her mid-30s to mid 40s. An Google search for “Effie Griffiths” and Durham, N.H. resulted in 10 results. The top one was M. Effie Griffiths born 2 Dec 1860 and died 21 Sep 1945. She is buried in the Griffith’s Cemetery in Durham, Strafford County, New Hampshire. It appears she was the only Effie Griffiths in Durham during the 1900 Census. On Family Search she is Mary Effie Furber – LZXB-MG1.

Dead Fred

Annie Williams - Crop“Annie Williams of Bath” – The photo is of a woman probably in her 30s taken at the Longfellow Gallery in Portland, ME. My review of the Portland City Directories indicate that the Longfellow Gallery existed in Portland between 1900 and 1912 (No entries for the Gallery in the 1898 or earlier nor in the 1914 City Directories or later), so I’ll date the photo circa 1906.

 Possible Candidates:

  • Annie M Williams, born ca. 1853, living in Bath Ward 3, during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Williams, born ca. 1870, wife of Harry Williams, living in Bath, Ward 1 during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Williams, born ca. 1871, wife of Edward Williams, living in South Portland during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Williams, born September 1872, daughter of William A Williams, living in Portland during the 1900 Census.
  • Annie A Williams (born ca. 1873) who married James Sawyer on 24 Dec 1903. She was 18.
  • Annie K Williams, born ca. 1873 living in Portland, Ward 2, during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie Laura Williams (born ca. 1873) who married Fred Everett Walker on 22 October 1902. She was 29.
  • Annie N Williams, born ca. 1873, wife of Robert Williams, living in Portland, Ward 3 during the 1910 Census.
  • Annie E Williams, born Nov 1879 who lived in Bath, Ward 1 during the 1900 Census.
  • Annie M Williams, born May 1897, daughter of Daniel F Williams living in Portland, Ward 1

The woman looks younger than 47 to me, so I’m confident it is not Annie M. Williams born, ca. 1853. And the woman appears to me to be older than 15, so it couldn’t be Annie M Williams, born May 1897.  That leaves eight candidates who were born between 1870 and 1879, any of whom could be this Annie Williams.

Final Note

If you are related to any of these individuals or can help confirm the identities of them, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the form below.