Happy Birthday Stephen Taft

16 April – Stephen Taft

Roberts-Barnes-Taft Line

Today, I also remember my 6th great-grandfather, Stephen Taft. He was the second ancestor born on 16 April. Stephen was born in 1710 in Uxbridge[1], Province of Massachusetts Bay (Now Worcester County, Massachusetts). Stephen married Mary Lewis on 27 March 1733 in Uxbridge. I believe they had 10 children including my 5th great-grandfather Silas Taft. Stephen died on 3 February 1803 in Uxbridge. (His burial details are unknown.)

For more information on Stephen Taft see:

    • I have not researched Stephen’s life, however, I did write about the Taft surname.]
    • Family Search: 2HK1-NML
    • Find-a-Grave: Stephen Taft
    • My Ancestry Family Tree: Stephen Taft LINK-TO[-INDIVIDUAL-IN-MY-ANCESTRY-TREE]
    • There are so many conflicting trees on Ancestry, I can’t point to any specific set of trees.

There are no known photos, paintings, or drawings of Stephen Taft . If you have an image of Stephen or know more about his life, I would love to hear from you. If he is your ancestor, I would love to share information with you. Please let me know how we are related. Also, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or comment at the bottom of this post.


[1] Some researchers suggest he was born in Mendon, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Again, I have not independently researched Stephen and cannot confirm which birth location is more likely.

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