Veteran’s Day 2021

Guilford Court House Flag – Reported to have been flown in 1781 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

This year, for Veterans’ Day, I thought I examine the military service of my wife’s direct ancestors. She has seven known Revolutionary War patriots (most in North Carolina) and one ancestor who served during the French and Indian War.

Relationship Name Date Service
Grandfather Robert Harry Darling 1943-1944 World War II
Great-grandfather James Ashley Hobbs 1863-1864 C.S.A.[i]
4th Great-grandfather William Price 1780 Revolutionary War
4th Great-grandfather William Rose 1781 Revolutionary War
4th Great-Grandfather David Swayze 1776-1781 Revolutionary War
4th Great-Grandfather James Walter 1777-1782 Revolutionary War
5th Great-grandfather Robert Bryan 1777 Revolutionary War
5th Great-grandfather William Price 1778 Revolutionary War
5th Great-grandfather William Rose c. 1780 Revolutionary War
6th Great-grandfather Thomas Price c. 1760 French & Indian War

As I looked at the list, I realized it is incomplete. I know her Great-grandfather, Peter Fletcher Howell, also fought for the CSA during the Civil War. That he was missing from my basic filter and sort of ancestors with military service, concerns me. I probably need to go through and determine or confirm military service for her ancestors. (Another “Do-over.” Sigh…)

Besides these ten known individuals who served, she has another 47 uncles, aunts, and cousins who served as well. The most recent was her half-uncle, Robert Harry Darling, who died while serving in Vietnam.

Today, I remember both her’s and my ancestors who served their country,  particularly those who served during wartime.


[i] I have mixed feelings regarding ancestors who fought for the CSA and against the Union.

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