Follow-up on Samuel Pankey

Howell-Pankey Line
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.One of my regular steps in researching ancestors is to “Find BMD Records for each of the children.” In the case of Samuel Pankey’s children, I wanted to pay particular attention to which children had which mother’s. I believed Samuel had eight children, five by one wife and three by a second wife; I wanted to confirm that.

As I began searching for sources, I found an amazing treasure-trove of information in a book, John Pankey of Manakin Town, Virginia, and His Descendants: Descendants and Connections of his Son Stephen Pankey, Sr., of Lucy’s Springs, Chesterfield County, Virginia by George Edward Pankey.

John Pankey of Manakin Town is Samuel Pankey’s grandfather and Stephen Pankey, Sr., is Samuel Pankey’s father. I ordered the book via inter-library loan through my library and it came in just a couple weeks. Wow!. Three volumes of material about the Pankey family – eight pages just about Samuel Pankey and his children. There is just so much information it was overwhelming. Volume 2 is about the descendants of Stephen Pankey’s brother and Volume 3 provides corrections to Volume 1 & 2. Anyway, the book will be so useful I bought a copy on E-Bay.

Thanks to page 49 of Volume 1, I was able to fill in much of the information about Samuel Pankey, his wives, and his children. I learned that Mary Ann and Marion were the same person. I thought that was the case, but I wasn’t certain. Likewise, I learned that Betsey Kinsey was actually an Elizabeth. Again, I thought so, but was very happy to have my thoughts confirmed. I’m also certain his second wife was Martha Burton and not Martha Belford. Pretty much everything I had was confirmed by this book.

Also, it is clear that Samuel and the children of his first wife became estranged. In his will he gave everything to his second wife and the children of that marriage and gave the children of his first marriage one dollar each. A clear sign there was a bad relationship between Samuel and his five children with Betsey.

Updated Spouse and Children List

1st Marriage

Samuel Pankey married Elizabeth “Betsy” Kinsey Binford in 1759. They married in “Henrico County.” However, the county name was somewhat flexible as Henrico County became Goochland County, then Cumberland County. Finally, Powhatan county was formed from Cumberland County in 1777.

Samuel and Elizabeth “Betsey” had five children
Updated information in Green.

Child Name Born Married – Spouse Died
Marion 1761 Shaldrake Broaddus
William Stuart
George Stewart[i]
Philip 16 February 1763 Ann Brown
Polly Bogs
Dec 1819
Thomas Armstrong. c. 1764 1783 – Rebecca Hall
1785 – Martha Cannon
Jun 1829
Judith Elizabeth 1767 Joseph Sallee Oct 1818
Elizabeth “Betsey” Kinsey 1770 1787 – Mordecai Warriner
1796 – George Walton

2nd Marriage

Samuel married Martha Burton about 1775. They had three children.

Child Name Born Married – Spouse Died
Samuel Hardin 1777 1878 – Mary Burton Sep 1817
Lelah 1782 (never married) Aug 1812
John 1787 1808 – Frances Kidd 1862

I am really excited to continue my review of John Pankey of Manakin Town, Virginia, and His Descendants. I expect to find many more facts regarding my wife’s Pankey ancestors.

Property transfers involving Samuel Pankey[ii]

  • 1759 – Received 80 acres – From Peter Depp, Jr.
  • 1774 – Conveyed 80 acres – To his son Philip Pankey.
  • 1790 – Conveyed 60 acres – To John Depp.
  • 1798 – Received 60 acres – Back from John Depp.
  • 1801 – Received 60 acres – Back from John Depp and his wife Elizabeth
  • 1797 – Conveyed 35 acres – To John Pemberton
  • 1804 – Conveyed 97 & 3/4 acres – to his son, Samuel H. Pankey


[i] It is not clear if Marion’s husbands William Stuart and George Stewart were two people or one person. Further research is needed regarding Marion’s husbands (or husband).

[ii] Updated 22 October 2021 – Source: JOHN PANKEY of Manakin Town, Virginia, and His Descendants, Volume One, by George Edward Pankey, Ruston, Louisiana, 1969, pages 49 & 50.

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