Ethel Wight Collection – Part 53

Gwarjanski, Hagen, Hagerman, Haley, & Hall

Photo Friday
Ethel Wight Collection
By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.This week, for Photo Friday, I identify the people in five more envelopes from the Ethel Wight Studio Collection[i]. The envelopes contain the names who paid for the photos, not necessarily of the individual portrayed in the image. As such, it is vital to analyze the pictures and information to identify the individual therein.[ii] Ultimately, my goal is to reunite the photos with family members who may have never seen the image.

Catherine Hagen, circa 1935

The envelope this negative was in says, “Miss Catherine Hagen, 47 Fallbrook St. #229.”

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • The 1935 Portland City Directory lists Catherine I Hagen living at 47 Fall brook. Also at that address are George H (Minnie A) Hagen and Marion C Hagen.
  • The 1940 Census places Catherine living with her parents, George H and Mamie A Hagen, at 47 Fallbrook Street, Portland.
  • Ancestry Family Trees suggests Catherine I Hagen, the daughter of George H and Mary A (Minnie) McDonald Hagen, was born on 10 September 1904.
  • This is a photo of Catherine from about 1935 when she was about 30 years old.

Family Search identifies Catherine Hagen, daughter of George H and Mary Agnes (McDonald) Hagen, as ID GMFG-CPM. Five trees at Ancestry.Com refer to Catherine Hagen.

I have uploaded two photos of Catherine to her Family Search Memories. I also uploaded one additional photo of her to my Flickr photostream. 

Eleanor Gwarjanski, circa 1936

The envelope this negative was in says, “Miss Eleanor Gwarjanski, 8 Trowbridge Place, #1091.”

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • The 1940 Census lists Eleanor Gwarjanski living with her mother, Florence A. Gwarjanski, at 8 Trow Bridge. Eleanor was 21 years old.
  • This same photo was used in the 1936 Portland High School Yearbook. The picture is definitely of Eleanor Florence Gwarjanski in 1936.

Family Search does not appear to have a profile for Eleanor Florence Gwarjanski; however, she is found in six trees at Ancestry.Com

Besides this photo, I added one additional photo of Eleanor to Dead Fred. I also uploaded two more photos of her to my Flickr photostream.

Elizabeth Anne Hagerman, circa 1936

This negative envelope says, “Miss Elizabeth Hagerman, 98 Grant St, #964.”

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • The 1935 Portland City Directory lists Gordon L and Gladys E Hagerman living at 98 Grant.
  • The 1940 US Census lists Gordon L and Gladys Hagerman living with their 19-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Hagerman.
  • The 1938 Portland High School yearbook includes a photo of Elizabeth Anne Hagerman. This photo appears to be the same woman a year or two younger.

Family Search does not appear to have a profile for Elizabeth Hagerman; however, thirteen trees at Ancestry.Com refer to Elizabeth.

You can download this photo here. I have uploaded another picture of Elizabeth to Dead Fred. Finally, I uploaded a third photo of her to my Flickr photostream.

Pearl Winifred Hall, circa 1935

The envelope this negative was in says, “Miss Pearl Hall, 21 Chestnut St #470.”

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • The 1935 Portland City directory lists Edward A and Margaret M Hall living at 21 Chestnut.
  • The 1930 Census lists Edward and Margaret Hall living at 52 Wilmot Street. With them is their 12-year-old daughter, Pearl.
  • Ancestry Trees indicates Pearl Winifred Hall, daughter of Edward A and Margaret (Duncan) Hall, was born 21 October 1917 in Massachusetts.

Family Search does not appear to have a profile for Pearl Winnifred Hall; however, six Ancestry trees mention her.

I have this photo, plus I uploaded a different one to Dead Fred; finally, I uploaded a third photo of Pearl to my Flickr photostream. 

Alfred Haley, circa 1935.

The envelope this negative was in says, “Mr. Alfred Haley, 706 WashingtonAve #393.”

Why I believe this to be the individual.

  • The 1935 Portland City Directory lists Harry L Haley as a grocer at 706 Washington Ave and residing at 704 Washington. His wife is Susan L Haley.
  • The 1940 US Census lists Alfred W. Haley, living with his mother, Susan L Haley, at 4 Kendall Street. Alfred is 21 years old.
  • Based upon the photo’s ID Number (#393), the picture was likely taken in 1935, when Alfred was about 16 years old.

Family Search identifies Alfred Henry Haley, the son of Harry L and Susan L (Murray) Haley, born on 25 May 1918 as ID LY1S-34H. Nine Ancestry trees refer to Alfred Henry Haley.

I have uploaded two photos of Alfred to his Family Search Memories. I also uploaded a third photo of Alfred to my Flickr photostream.


  • I fully identified all five individuals. Two of them had Family Search profiles, so I posted their photos to Family Search Three of them did not have Family Search profiles, so I posted those photos to Dead Fred.
  • All five had more than two photo images in their packages, so I uploaded them to my Flickr photostream.

For all of the Ethel Wight Collection analysis, please see here.

Final Note

If any of these photos are of your family member, I would love to hear your reaction. Especially if this photo is of a loved one for whom you hadn’t seen this photograph before.


[i] The Wight Studio was in Portland, Maine. Many thanks to Ethel Wight’s family for access to and permission to use the collection of their great aunt.

[ii] These images were converted to positives using a lightbox, a Nikon camera and computer software.

Ancestor Biography – Amanda Jane Haley (1861-1889)

Roberts-Brown-2017 Research
Roberts-Scott-Haley Line

By Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.

One of the reasons I went back to Family Tree Maker for Mac 3 is the way it handles and sources multiple names for individuals. FTMM3 allows multiple names and allows applying different sources to each name.  I find this feature important when an individual’s name is unclear and I want to track where I got each specific name. Rather than an alias or a nickname, I use multiple names as a means to help determine which name is the actual correct name. I want to understand the various potential names and the sources for them until I can decide which name is correct for the individual and if the other names are aliases, nicknames, or mistakes. Such is the case for the father of Amanda Jane Haley whose father I accept as A. J. Haley. The “A.” probably stands for Andrew but it might be Adrico. I will need to do more research to be certain. Such is the way of genealogical research. I’ll take the safe way and say her father was A. H. Haley. I’ll research and sort out his name in a subsequent biography project when I explore his life more.

List of Grandparents

  • 4          Grandfather: Bert Allen Roberts
  • 9          1st Great-grandmother: Clora Dell Scott
  • 19       2nd Great-grandmother: Amanda Jane Haley
  • 38       3rd Great-grandfather: A. J. Haley

Ancestor #19 – Amanda Jane Haley (1861-1889)


Drawing of Amanda Jane (Haley) Scott
Amanda Jane Haley Scott
From the Chris H. Bailey family photo collection.

Amanda Jane Haley was born in Tennessee (probably Coffee County) to A. J. and Martha Malinda (Montgomery) Haley. The date of her birth is somewhat confusing.

The 1870 Census indicates she was 10 years old, suggesting a birth between 2 June 1859 and 1 June 1860.

Her marriage in May of 1879 at the age of 19 also suggests that she was born in 1859 or 1860.

The 1880 census, suggests she was born in March of 1859 by indicating her age as 19 and 2/12.

So, pretty much everything I’ve found suggests her birth to be in 1859 or 1860, except for the 1860 Census.  In 1860, her parents were in Coffee County, Tennessee, and the Census record there shows her older sister Mary (May) in the household but not Amanda Jane. If she were born in 1859 or 1860 before the census was taken, I would expect to see her in the record. I do not, so I believe she was born later. Another researcher, whose research I respect, indicates her birthday as being in April, 1861. So, I’m going to accept that date for now and see if I can find out his source.


Amanda had a sister, Mary F who was two to three years older. She also had a younger sister, Serena who was about six years younger.  She would have been a young child during the Civil War.  Sometime between her birth (in 1861) and 1867, the family moved from Tennessee to Franklin County, Illinois.

The 1870 Census finds 10-year-old Amanda living with her parents and an older sister, Mary, in Township 5S, Franklin County, TN.[1]

Her sister Mary married Theodore Edward L. Curry on 26 February 1878 in Franklin County, Illinois.


Amanda married Samuel Vaden Scott on 24 May 1879 in Goode Township, Franklin County, Illinois.[2] Samuel was 19 and Amanda was, most likely, 18-years-old.


In December 1879, the first of their four children, Clara Maybelle Scott, was born.[3]

The 1880 Census found the Scott family living in Barren Township, Franklin County, Illinois.[4]

Clora Dell Scott was born on 6 February 1883 in Goode Township and Laura Wells Scott was born on 27 July 1888 In McGlasson.[5] A fourth, unnamed, child was born and died as an infant.


Amanda Jane (Haley) Scott died in 1889. I have been unable to find burial information.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • Follow-up with researcher to learn the source of his entry for Amanda Jane Haley’s birth.

————- Disclaimer ————-


[1] 1870 Census (FS) (NARA), Family Search, 1870 Census – A. J. Haley – Township 5, Franklin County, Illinois.

[2] Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1940, Family Search, Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1940 – Samuel Scott & Amanda Haley.

[3] As the saying says, “The first child can come anytime, the rest take nine months.”

[4] 1880 Census (FS), 1880 Census – Samuel Scott – Barren, Franklin, Illinois – ED 11, Page 8, Line 10.

[5] Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1940, Family Search, Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1940 – James Vaughn & Laura Scott.


My Male Ancestors – Birth, Death, and Age at Death

Brown/Montran Research
Roberts/Barnes Research

One of the reasons that I enjoy Randy Seaver’s blog, Genea-Musings is that he regularly makes me realize the missing branches I have in my tree leaves have lots more to do on my tree.  His recent “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun” asked folks to look at their tree and determine the age of death for their male ancestors. (He had done a similar thing for female ancestors the week before.)

Using Heredis, it is really simple to generate such a report. I clicked on myself, then clicked on Documents/Ancestor Report and the system generated the data. Then I went to Report Export, I selected Excel from several options.  After the information exported, the Excel spreadsheet opened automatically.

Because the ahnentafel numbers for the individuals are exported, it is easy to select just the male ancestors by deleting all of the odd numbers. I immediately saw that my 3rd great-grandfather, Enoch Mannin, lived the longest – 88 years. The ancestor who died the earliest was my great-grandfather Hugh Ellis Roberts, who died at an extremely young 24 years of age.

Next, I began seeing my gaps.  I have three people with a range of dates for their life.  For example, my great-grandfather John F. Montran was born sometime between 1860 and 1875 and died sometime before 1911. So, he could have died at 35 or died at 51 years or anywhere in between; I don’t know.

Then, I realized I have six ancestors for whom I have no death dates. More work.

Finally, I realized I have nine ancestors in the past five generations that I know nothing about.  No names, let alone birth or death dates. So, Randy’s challenge reminded me of how much more work I still have to do. But the good news is that I have 11 of my male ancestors identified as to their age at death. Even better, I have eight more this year than I would have had last year (all of my Roberts line.).  I even have one more than I would have had last week, So things are definitely looking up.

Chart of Male Ancestors, Dates of Birth and Death

Ahn. #
Birth Date
Death Date
Age at Death
Hugh Eugene  Roberts
° 9/1926
† 27/3/1997
Bert Allen  Roberts
° 7/9/1903
† 1/5/1949
Richard Earl  Brown
° 14/9/1903
† 19/1/1990
Hugh Ellis  Roberts
° 2/7/1884
† 30/8/1908
Joel Clinton Barnes
° 23/6/1857
† 30/6/1921
Arthur Durwood  Brown
° ~ 1864
† 27/8/1928
~ 64
John F  Montran
° <> 1860 & 1875
† < 1911
< 35
2nd Great-Grandfathers
Asa Ellis Roberts
° 28/2/1835
† 8/10/1887
Samuel Vaden Scott
° 1860
† 1931
Nelson Barnes
° 24/3/1816
† 21/2/1884
Nimrod Lister
° <> 1824 & 1827
† < 1909
< 82
William Henry Brown
° 1842
John William  Manning
° ~ 1845
† 25/4/1888
~ 43
Unknown (Montran)
Franklin E  Barber
° 10/1836
† 7/4/1917
Third Great-Grandfathers
John Calvin Roberts
° 3/3/1795
† 4/1873
Unknown Marshall
William H. Scott
Adrico J. Haley
Unknown (Barnes)
Unknown (Lister)
Barney Brown
° ~ 1814
† <> 1860 & 1870
<> 46 & 55
William M  Sanford
° ~ 1822
Enoch  Mannin
° 1819
† 7/4/1907
Unknown (Montran)
Unknown (Barber)
Stephen  Blackhurst
° ~ 1804
† 24/12/1869
~ 65
———-  DISCLAIMER  ———-