Clarence Eduard Huber Baptism Certificate.

I’ll admit it, I don’t read German.  I try my best but sometime the characters don’t scan correctly to my eye.  Either way for Amanuensis Monday, I’ve given it my best shot but still come up just a tad short.  I really love Google Translate.  It is simple to use and you can usually get the gist of a message enough to change the Google Translation to English by adding syntax.  It is a simple baptism certificate but there are two words that elude me. First is gu or gee or something like that.  Now I suspect is means at or in in this context.  But it would be good to know for certain it doesn’t mean “near” or something like that.

The second word seems to be to be “daselbit” to me.  It must be some kind of parents but I can’t figure out what it means.  It might make a difference in where the Baptism actually occurred.

Anyone who knows what the meanings are, please post a comment and let me know.

Birth Certificate  My Reading Google Translate
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Clarence Eduard Huber
John von Heren Johann Huber
und frau Bertha geb Trumpi
geboren 24ten december 1909
gu Elberta, Baldwin Co, Ala.
ist am 26ten May 1910
im Hause der Elter en daselbit
im namen des
Dreieinigen Gottes
getauft worden
Taufzeugen waren
Maria Bruss
Karl Keller

welches hierdurch
bescheinigt wird
H. O. Bruss
ev. Luth Pastor

Clarence Ediard Huber
John of Heren Johann Huber
and wife Bertha born Trumpi
born 24th december 1909
gu Elberta, Baldwin Co, Ala.
on 26th May 1910
in the home of the parent s daselbit

in the name of the

Triune God
been baptized

sponsors were
Maria Bruss
Karl Keller

which thereby
is to certify
H. O. Bruss
ev. Luth Pastor