In the News – Francis Welch Celebrates

In the News” is my report of newly discovered newspaper articles and advertising regarding ancestors I am researching. The information found in newspapers ofte provides fresh insight to understanding an ancestor’s life.

This week’s news is from the Biddeford Saco Journal (Biddeford, ME), dated Feb 24, 1922.


Little Friends Join In Observing the Day at Home of Grandparents.

Image of newspaper article

   Master Francis Welch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Welch of Shevenell’s court, celebrated his fourth birthday last night at the home of his grandparents, Mrs. and Mrs. Timothy Daley of Pool street. During the evening a handsome birthday cake was cut by Master Francis. The table was prettily decorated in pink and white. Dainty refreshments were served and Master Francis received many nice gifts.

I confirmed Francis Welch’s birth as Feb 1918.

I also learned that he and his parents lived at Shevenell’s court. That is across the street and down three houses or so from 30 Green Street where the Welch’s were living in the 1920 Census.

It also confirms that Timothy and Mary (Lyons) Daley/Daly lived on Pool Street in 1923 (The 1920 Census placed them at 73 Pool Street.)


Thank you Newspapers.Com for access to this clipping.

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