Ancestor Sketch – Bernhart Trumpi (1817-1879)

Howell/Darling Research
Darling-Huber-Trümpi Line
By Don Taylor

Darling Ancestor #60

Following Bernhard Trümpi of Glarus, Switzerland, is somewhat difficult.

  • First, there is Bernhard (1891-1961), the brother of my wife’s great-grandmother, Bertha Barbara Trumpi (1884-1968).
  • Next is Bernhard (1844-1913), my wife’s 2nd great-grandfather.
  • Then there is Bernhard (1817-1879), my wife’s 3rd great-grandfather.
  • And Bernhard (1776-1848), my wife’s 4th great-grandfather.

Finally, there are many other Bernhard Trümpi who lived in Glarus, including:

  • Bernhard (1800-1806)
  • Bernhard (1871-1941)
  • Bernhard (1878-1947)
  • Bernhard (1911-____)

Disentangling them is always tricky. Additionally, I don’t read Swiss-German, making it difficult to find and follow my wife’s Trümpi ancestors. But here is what I think I know.

List of Grandparents

  • Grandmother: 7.  Florence Wilma Huber Darling (1908-1934)
  • 1st Great-grandmother: 15,  Bertha Barbara Trümpi Huber (1884-1968)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: 30.  Bernhead Trumpi (1844-1913)
  • 3rd Great-grandfather: 60.  Bernhart Trumpi (1817-1879)
  • 4th Great-grandfather: 120. Bernhard Trümpi (1776-1848)
  • 5th Great-grandfather: 240. Fridolin Trümpy (1732-1801)
  • 6th Great-grandfather: 480. Johan Heinrich Trümpy (1704-1779)
  • 7th Great-grandfather: 960. Fridolin Trümpy (1658-1714)
  • 8th Great-grandfather: 1920. Hans Thomas Trümpy (1626-1694)

Bernhard Trümpy (1817-1879) is found in 27 Ancestry Public Trees[1] and is Family Search profile LTQV-JFS.


Arial photo of Glarus, Switzerland (today).
Arial view of Glarus, Canton Glarus, Switzerland Photo by Samuel Trümpy Photography
[CC 2.0]. No changes made.

Bernhard Trümpi was born on 9 February 1817 in Ennetbühls, Glarus Canton, Switzerland.  He was the youngest of five children of Bernhard and Anna Maria (Dürst) Trümpi. Bernhard was born during a time of unrest. The Swiss Civil War ended the Helvetic Republic, and a loose confederacy was reestablished with 22 cantons. An emigration of thousands of Swiss to the Americas occurred in 1817 as well. But the Trümpi family stayed in Glarus.

Children of Bernhard and Anna Maria (Dürst) Trümpi

Fridolin1806Magdalena Trümpi1868
Rosin1808Status Unknown[2]1877
Joachim1814Status Unknown1892
Bernhard1817Anna Maria Oertli1879

Marriage of Bernhard Trümpi and Anna Marie Oertli[3]

Bernhard and Anna Maria Oertli married on 13 January 1844 in Enneda, Glarus Canton, Switzerland.

Children of Bernhard and Anna Maria (Oertli) Trümpi.

Bernhard1844Regula Stüssi
Bertha Koch
Maria Margaretha1846N/A1847
John Frederick1852Katherine Eubley1917


Bernhard was a textile printer in the Heinrich Brunner textile factory.


Bernhard drowned on 20 Mar 1879 in Ennetbühls, Glarus, Switzerland. The story about his death is that out of grief over an unjust dismissal from the Brunner factory due to a minor cause, he threw himself into the factory canal of Johannes Heer and drowned.

Events by Location

Ennenda is a former municipality in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. In 2011, it became part of the municipality of Glarus. Ennetbühls is a hamlet in Ennenda. So, Ennetbühls, Ennenda, and Glarus are all now Glarus in the Canton of Glarus.

  • Switzerland, Glarus Canton, Glarus Birth (1817), Marriage (1844), and Death (1879).

I have found no records suggesting that Bernard ever left Glarus.


The Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1872 (Ancestry.Com) indicates that a Bernhard Trumpe arrived in Baltimore on 8 Jun 1843 aboard the ship Marianne. It indicates that Bernhard’s place of Origin was Forden. Wikipedia shows a Forden, Wales, but not any other places. (Except förden is the German word for fjord.) It also indicates that Bernhard is 21 years old, indicating his birthdate of 1821 or 1822, which is 4-5 years younger than my Bernhard. Finally, it showed his destination was Cincinnati. My Bernhard doesn’t have any known connections to Cincinnati. So, I do not believe this Bernhard Trümpi (1817-1879) is mine.

Some researchers suggest that Bernd Hinr Trimpe, who was baptized on 31 Mar 1823 in Bersengrück, Hannover, Germany, is this same Bernhard. However, the source record suggests his mother is Cathr Eisabein Trimpe. My Bernhard’s mother was Anna Maria (Dürst) Trümpi. This is probably an excellent candidate for the Bernard who went to Baltimore in 1843.

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., Passenger Lists, 1813-1963 lists a 28-year-old Bernh Trumpe who arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana on 6 Nov 1854 aboard the Heamann. Again, this Bernhard would be seven years too young to be my Bernhard.


Geneanet Community Trees Index. Paris, France: Geneanet concurs with my findings regarding Bernhard Trümpi, which include the following:

  • He was born 9 Feb 1817 in Ennethbühis, Glarus, Switzerland.
  • His parents were Bernhard Trümpy and Anna Marie Dürst.
  • He married Anna Maria Oertli, and they had three children.
    • Bernhard
    • Fridolin (Fredrick)
    • Maria Magdalene
  • He died 20 Mar 1879 in Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland.


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[1] As of the date of this posting.

[2] Status Unknown means I have no record of a marriage, however, they did live to adulthood.

[3] Bernhard Trümpi’s mother was Anna Maria Dürst; his wife was Anna Maria Oertli. It is easy to confuse Bernard and Anna Maria with his parents, Bernard and Anna Maria.

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