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Montran Monday
By Don Taylor

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This week for Montran Monday[i], I found the following article from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) – 7 Jun 1933 via

Midweek Junior Eagle

If you are planning a trip in the near future, do not be like the man in the ten-credit puzzle that appeared in the Junior Eagle on May 7, and at the last minute find you have mislaid something. The man is searching for his “wallet.” When he finds it, the family will start. The five-credit puzzle in which you had to piece out the linoleum was easy, for you just had to cut through the squares that were misfits and then turn your square around. In the picture to color, the maid’s feather duster was missing. Next Sunday you will find something new on the back page of the Junior Eagle with which to win credits. Work it out and mail you finished work to me for credits. In next Sunday’s Junior Eagle the pupils of Public School 55 will find their school Honor Roll. If your name appears in the list today, underline it, cut out the list and mail it to me for your credits.

                  Aunt Jean



… Charlotte Montran….

There were similar articles in the 17 May and 14 June 1933 issues of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. The 17 May issue also indicated that Charlotte Montran was a member of the Puzzle Club.

I learned:

There was a young girl named Charlotte Montran who lived in New York, probably Staten Island[ii], in 1933, and she may have attended Public School 55.


[i] Montran Monday – My grandmother’s father was John Montran. She used the surname, as a young child and again when she began in show business. The name is uncommon and most of the Montrans I see in the newspapers are my grandmother during her early vaudeville career. However, with the constant flow of newly digitized material, I often learn of new articles which contain the Montran name. I pay attention to the finding and try to determine a possible relationship of any Montrans to Donna’s father, John Montran.

[ii] Public School 55 is the Henry M. Boehm School in the Eltingville neighborhood of Staten Island. Internet: Wikipedia – List of public elementary schools in New York City.

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