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Blanchard Project
Research by Don Taylor

Photo of Don Taylor with cat Nasi.It is so good when everything comes together during an initial inquiry into an ancestor. To me, an initial inquiry includes finding birth, marriage, and death records for the individual, plus following the individual through all of the census records during their life. I was able to do so for Albert Chase, a great-grandfather in my Blanchard Project. While doing this basic information, I look for possible conflicting individuals with the same or similar names, places, and times. Although there are several people named Albert Chase, there only appears to one Albert B. Chase in Maine. This knowledge is very helpful when I further expand research.

Blanchard Project – Ancestor #14

List of Grandparents

  • Grandmother: Annie Evelyn Chase (1908-1976)
  • 1st Great-grandfather: Albert Bardsen Chase (1878-1958)
  • 2nd Great-grandfather: William F. Chase (1846-____)

Albert Bardsen[i] Chase (1878-1958)


Albert was born on 13 Dec 1878 in Patten, Penobscot County, Maine. He was the second of four children born to William F and Ruth Ann (Ash) Chase. Patten, in the 1880s, was “the center of extensive lumbering operations. The lumber cut in that vicinity [was] very much above average and probably never before have the woods thereabouts been the scene of so much business.”[ii]


I am sure that growing up in the small community of Patten, (Population 716 in 1880) with three sisters and no brothers was difficult.

The 1880 Census finds Albert living with his parents and his sister, Ida. His father was a farmer and his mother kept house. Sometime before 1900 his older sister, Ida, died.

The 1900 Census[iii] indicates that he apparently went to school as the 1900 census indicates he could read and write. His two other sisters, Lottie and Lucina, are attending school. Albert is working as a farm laborer.


On 1 November 1905, Albert married Sadie A. Waters in a civil ceremony performed by Daniel Scribner, Justice of Peace. The two quickly began a family and had nine children.

Children of Albert Bardsen and Sadie A (Waters) Chase

Hilda B. Chase 24 Aug 1906
Annie Evelyn Chase 24 May 1908
Leita M Chase 18 Jun 1909
Fred Chase 02 May 1911
Floyd Chase 11 Feb 1913
Franklin William Chase[iv] 20 Oct 1914

All of Albert & Sadie’s children were born in Patten, Penobscot County, Maine.


The 1910 Census shows Albert as a farmer owning his mortgaged farm. His wife, Sadie, is keeping house for their three young daughters.

The 1920 Census shows Albert as a farmer owning his mortgaged home. With him are his wife, three daughters and three sons. All the children, but five-year-old Franklin, are attending school.

Sometime between 1920 and 1930 Albert and Sadie moved from Patten, Penobscot County, to Monmouth, Kennebec County, about 175 miles south of Patten.

The 1930 Census then finds Albert owning his farm. With him are his wife and their two youngest children, Floyd and Franklin.

In 1935, were living in the “Same Place” as they would be in 1940, indicating they moved again sometime between 1935 and 1940.

The 1940 Census finds Albert and Sadie living at “Village Corner”[v]. With them is a lodger, Walter Cushman.

Death & Burial

Albert died in 1958, presumably in Monmouth, Kennebeck County, Maine. According to the Faylene Hutton Cemetery Collection, he was buried at the [Monmouth] Ridge Cemetery. I created a memorial for him (#201226016) at Find-a-Grave based upon that information[vi] and have requested a photo.

Events by Location

  • Patten, Penobscot County, Maine – Birth, childhood, marriage, six children born – Birth to about 46 (+-5).
  • Monmouth, Kennebec, Maine –Death, burial — Age 46 (+-5) to 79.

Further Actions / Follow-up

  • With the basics complete, continue researching Albert B. Chase’s life.
  • Research the death dates for Albert’s children.

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[i] There is only one record which uses his middle name “Bardsen.”  That is a late birth registration, registered in 1944, 66 years after his birth, by his aunt Mary.

[ii] Internet – Maine: An Encyclopedia – Patten – report of the Industrial Journal, 1887.

[iii] There is no 1890 Census available for Maine.

[iv] William Franklin Chase in many records.

[v] I have been unable to locate “Village Corner” in Monmouth using current maps.


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